Law of Justice is searching for Rule of Law

* Convicts in Parliament and Legislatures are about 36%
* Contempt of Court Cases in each State are above 2,400
* Fake Certificate holders in Law and Justice are above 30%
* Fake Certificate holders found in AP Secretariat are above 72
* Fake Certificate holders in Tamilnadu Professors, Asst Professos are above 50
** Criminals terrorising Law and Order.
** Criminals Frightening Judges , Purchasing them for Benefits on their Cases
*** Criminals Frightening Judges and even resorting to Murdering the Judges

**** FAILURE OF E.C. in inducting MLAs MPs of good Conduct and Character ;
**** FAILURE OF EXECUTIVE in maintaining Justified Rule ;
**** FAILURE OF POLICING and Law and Order ;
**** NON IMPLEMENTATION OF IPC Sections on Offences Relating to Elections ; Public Tranquility ; Religious Offences ; Murders and Assassinations ; AND VARIOUS OTHER Criminal Offences ARE THE ROOT CAUSES OF SOCIAL AND NATIONAL CRIMES

H'ble Supreme Court and Indian Executive to work Jointly to set right this willfully Practiced Criminal Candidature .
***** Localcircles Management is requested to move Stakeholders suitably and Regularise . more  

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* Election Commission of India is not caring Conduct Character Responsibility Accountability of Elected Members. EC is not disqualifying Convicts and those facing Criminal Cases of Offences pertaining to Society and Nation including Fiscal Frauds. * Election Commission need to Reform laws and Regulations imbibing Responsibility for Justified and Accountable Rule in adherence to Constitution and Indian Penal Code. * H'ble Supreme Court though opined, is silent since 2019 on the issue of needed Regulations of Electioneering Authority of EC, and Performance of Elected Members. A Public Interest Petition PIL need to be moved in Supreme Court also Representing to H'ble President of India. more  
Government under Article 12 has vested Duty to Implement and Enforce Articles 51 -A ( e and f ) , 45, 46,15 (4) and IPC . * Education to be Free and Compulsory upto 10 th Class under Article 45. Teaching shall be in Mother Language upto 8 th Class considering Articles 46 , 15 (4) and illiterate , majority Poor who cannot afford English Schools. ( These are Constitutionally mandated ) * Profession and Businesses of Clubs, Pubs, Beauty Parlours, Gyms, Holiday Events at Cottages , Shall be promptly Regulated and even Banned Because POLICING FINDING DEBAUCHERY BEING CONDUCTED IN MANY OF SUCH Professional Businesses. ( This is Constitutional Mandate under Article 51-A ( e and f ) * Eve Teasing , Ragging at Schools and colleges must be Banned Strictly following norms of Fraternity. These and TV Channels Episodes Instigating especially youth towards BLIND LOVE , Acid Attacks , Suicides and even Murders. ( These are prohibited under various Sections of IPC on Public Tranquility , Decency , Modesty etc ) * These 3 are the Root Causes of unrest and diversion in the Society resulting in various Offences, Calamities, Agonies in general Public destroying and Challenging Indian Culture , Heritage and Composit Culture contemplated in Clauses ( e ) and ( f ) of Article 51- A . more  
People Representation Act must be amended by the parliament to weed out the criminals but how criminals sitting there will do this. On top of it, still people elect criminals knowing the criminal activities by the candidates. Same is the case in Judicial and police reforms. For example, we are aware of the pending cases in lacs at courts across which is due to 1. Vacancy of judges not filled in by the government in time 2. Blatant adjournments given by adjournments. 3. Corruptions prevail at courts at various levels. 4. Too many holidays. 5. Existence of Criminals lawyers in the system. Similarly, police department has different level of playing field. Even people who violate, pay small amount as bribe to police to avoid big fines. Many criminals are found in police. So government & people have play their respective roles diligently for the upliftment of India to have a New face. more  
Main reason is that H'ble Supreme Court is not honouring and or following its own Precious Judgements on method of Rule and Constitutional Provisions.
SC need to understand and interfere at National Interest more  
The Decades together carried Practice shall be stopped. * Codes and Regulations for Police Force and Investigation Force shall be Separate and comprehensive. * Election Commission and Supreme Court must Codify Candidature Strictly disqualifying Convicts and or those Summoned by Competent Court on Criminal Cases. * Policing must be Centralised and made independent more  
Anti National Rule of Congress Party : * Congress Party Rule did not carry Directives of Article 51-A setting aside Precise of Indian National and Social ideals ; leaving off Citizen Responsibilities. * They didn't Implement Citizenship Articles 5 to 10 and increased Separatists, invaders and infiltrators who became Terror mongers. * Congress Rule didn't care Prompt Implementation of Religious Articles 25 etc and IPC Sections 295 to 298 ; Perfect Enforcement of Articles 16, 340, the objective of Backward Classes and Weaker Sections. * They did not Enforce Education and Earning Directives of Article 45 and 46 and thus ruined the fate of People. * Congress Party Rule did not care proper implementation, carry of Equality Directive of Article 14 as well as Article 19 ( 2 to 4 ) thus distressed General Public. * They did not Control Corruption, Increasing Black Money, Concentrating illegal Wealth smashing Livelihood and Growth of People. * Congress Party Rule diluted, diversified Judiciary decades together and set Justice far away from the Concept of Judiciary. * They have Cornered Policing , Failed Implementation of IPC Decades together doing total injustice to the innocent Voters. " CONGRESS MUKTHA BHARAT" IS A MUST IN THE FUTURE OF INDIA, the Bharat. more  
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