Fraudelent Practice of hiding MFD Date when selling Food Items post expiry dates

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You must have come across several instances & got tempted to buying items being sold at discount sometimes even at 50% or so , items either on last day of expiry of the product or post expiry date . What is the normal ractice being followed these retailers is to fix a Discount Slip over the MFD Date & Batch no etc . which is against the very Rules of Pacaging as fixed by FSSAI as below pl
FSSAI Guidelines on Labelling of Food Products

Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) is an autonomous body established by the Government of India under the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare. It usually sets standards for food so that there is no chaos in the minds of consumers, traders, manufacturers and investors.

In the food and beverage packaging, there is one important aspect called food labelling. On the food labelling, there are crucial aspects related to the product and even of the producer. The information is usually for the safety of the consumer and it is mandatory that every packaged food article has to be labeled and it shall provide the following information

In this article, we shall discuss on "FSSAI Guidelines on Labelling of Food Products". Hence, the various characteristics which should be mentioned are:

• Name of the food:
Name of the food/product is one of the first FSSAI Guidelines on Labelling of Food Products. As the name suggests, the name of the food product should be in clear format on the packaged product in clear font.

• List of Ingredients:
List of Ingredients means the elements which have been utilized for making the final product. It is very necessary that the manufacturer mentions all the ingredients fairly and do not cheat the end-consumer. The manufacturer can land in problem if tends to cheat the consumer.

• Nutritional Information:
Nutritional Information means the calories which gets from fats, saturated fat, trans fat, cholesterol, sodium, carbohydrates, dietary fiber, sugars, protein, vitamin A, vitamin C, calcium, and iron present in the product. The calories are mentioned on all the products labels.

• Declaration regarding Vegetarian or Non-Vegetarian:
India is land where the eating of non-vegetarian for some is against the religious practices. Hence, according to the FSSAI Guidelines on Labelling of Food Products, the manufacturer on the label should mention whether the product is vegetarian or non-vegetarian.

Whether the product is vegetarian or non-vegetarian can easily be known by just looking at the small sign present on the corner of the label. Green colour indicates the product being vegetarian and red colour indicates that the product is non-vegetarian.

• Declaration regarding Food Additives:
Food additives are substances which are added to food in order to preserve flavor or enhance its taste and appearance. Hence, it is very necessary to give a declaration regarding the additives added on the label or the package.

• Name and Address of the Manufacturer:
In this, the name of the manufacturer and place of the manufacturing is usually mentioned. The manufacturer has to give complete address of his factory which includes street address, city, state, and zip code. Without mentioning any of these, products can be considered fake in the market.

• Net Quantity:
Net Quantity is also FSSAI Guidelines on Labelling of Food Products. Net Quantity here refers to the weight of the product. The weight of the product and the packaging weight are usually combined together and then mentioned in the Net Quantity.

• Code No./Lot No./Batch No:
A batch number or code number or lot number is a mark of recognition through which the food can be found in the manufacture and even recognized in the distribution. Therefore, the Code No./Lot No./Batch No should be definitely mentioned by the manufacturer according to FSSAI Guidelines on Labelling of Food Products.

• Date of Manufacture and Best Before & Use By Date:
The date of manufacture is when the product has been manufactured and Best Before & Use By Date means by what date and month should the product be consumed. If the product is consumed after expiry date, it usually can harm the health of the human.

– Labelling
General Requirements

Every prepackaged food shall carry a label containing information as required here under unless otherwise provided, namely,—
The particulars of declaration required under these Regulations to be specified on the label shall be in English or Hindi in Devnagri script:
Provided that nothing herein contained shall prevent the use of any other language in addition to the language required under this regulation
Pre-packaged food shall not be described or presented on any label or in any labelling manner that is false, misleading or deceptive or is likely to create an erroneous impression regarding its character in any respect;
Label in pre-packaged foods shall be applied in such a manner that they will not become separated from the container;
Contents on the label shall be clear, prominent, indelible and readily legible by the consumer under normal conditions of purchase and use;
Where the container is covered by a wrapper, the wrapper shall carry the necessary information or the label on the container shall be readily legible through the outer wrapper and not obscured by it;

& Batch details more  

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Fraudulent practice is a common affair in business. Let FSSAI take care of the deviations. more  
Any offers made on Food itemes,public should be cautious, & expiration should be checked by the Enforcement Authority without Any Corruption & Compromise. more  
Another allied problem of deceit by merchants is that a product like a liquid floor cleaner that I bought at 20% rebate was having very low specific gravity/ diluted compared to the normal supply which is quite thick. I had suggested in an earlier posting that FSSAI must make it mandatory for the sp. gravity of all liquid products to be written along with the volume or weight of the product. This will enable consumers to take an informed decision and not get cheated into buying a product that is actually being sold at the same price by being diluted. more  
On Feb 5, 2019 10:05 AM, "S.P JAIN" <> wrote: more  
Thanks indeed for providing these details - "FSSAI Guidelines on Labelling of Food Products". Very useful to all our members. more  
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