Farmers must be taxed

The tax system is currently design to squeeze the middle class. This must change. We are India’s most abused tax payers. more  

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"a section of farmers" like there are FARMERS in MUMBAI who are earning Rs. 100 Lacs (Minimum) to several Crors /PA BUT are exempted for decades.

As against this "a section of farmers" ranging from 3000 to 3500 (Declared Official Figure) who are committed Suicides - almost every year and years together - apart from their dependents.

Without comparing, Simple logic to state that Authorities also well aware about these facts and figures, But unable to do anything -due to Influences.

Should the farmers taxed burdened, additional Hardship, Harassment & Embarrassments will be faced, may result in to Multi-fold results in above lines.


As against this - Frauds, Scams and such other looting with Help & Assistance of Banks, Financial Institutions and Other Authorities are well evident, required to be taken care.

Only in a year figure already crossed Lac Crors rupees and recovery is Not crossed single digit.

In a given Example of Fraud estimated Rs. 53,98,00,000/- Rs. 27,000/- of cash along with Gold chain worth Rs. 1.56 lac is the recovery since past SEVEN YEARS and some of Wanted culprits NOT EVEN interrogated, till date though Openly roaming and present and represented in Court of Law for Bail & Anticipatory Bail.

The Chairperson/s of Nationalized & Pvt. Bank/s having Fraud worth Rs. 14,000 Crs. & Rs. 4600 Crs are still at large on Bail and recovery part is not even two digit.

Basic Perception is WRONG which required to be changed.

Just ask &/or face situation wherein Layman approached to file FIR even for Cognizable offences for years together will never get Registered even after Clear and ample verdicts of Apex & High Courts BUT Fraud get SAHARA worth Rs. 40,000 Crs. for decades. So also KING - Fisher

This is the PICTURE.
ANY SOLUTION?????? more  
There are big big farmers and are very well off.These farmers do not pay any tax.Where as a poor citizen earning Approx Rs 21000/-pm has to shell out tax and is gross injustice.Such farmers must be taxed. more  
The purpose here is not to tax all farmers As the exemptions or exceptions provided to salaried class, farmers too can be classified. Is it not true that people having large size of lands are not paying taxes. If one recalls Mr. Sankar sing waghela's statement when he toppled a ruling govt. and asked how he got such money, he replied all that is agriculture income. In recent times, one chief minister of a state claimed that he earned one crore per acre by cultivating varieties of crops. Is he should not be taxed! True, industrialists are avoiding or evading repayments, does not mean that other sectors too should be allowed without tax.
But it is true, there should be rationale for taxing any sector which is not covered till now. more  
there is a need to classify the farming community, i do believe, a section of farmers can be taxed, as such money is going for infra building, many reforms for farmers itself. All farmers can not be, same time, we need to debate on the parameter of classification. more  
"Who is the real farmer?

The squatter on government land getting work done by hired migrants available in plenty in and around Delhi and NCR?
Lal dora land used to be rich agricultural land in Delhi, gifted by British to selected few ,to till the land and to look after their cattle and to grow vegetables
This was about 100 years ago
Little dots in red colour were put on the map of Delhi, hundred years ago
Name Lal dora is to signify those dotted areas of fertile land as precious gifts from British
Corporation rules are not applicable, acceding to the deal made,hundred years ago
Within past 30 years plus, there's immense growth of vertical structures as residential units on Lal dora land which kept splitting up as the generations grew
For certain communities in Delhi, land is be all
They aren't farmers and they send their kids abroad for higher studies or get government jobs through reservations
Besides jobs ,these mighty landowners enjoy free electricity and other benefits for being farmers on paper
Migrants, the real hard working lot who are relocated from native places ,keep hopping from one field to another, if at all ,any place is left to grow crops
Or migrants are forced to take up any jobs in the factotories in the unorganized sector
Poor remain poor and illiterate ,despite free education and health care provided by the government through vans in every Lal dora land which totals to 2000 plus in Delhi
Maybe things are better in other states ??
Do give sympathy to the poor person who is tilling the land ,despite having No Do Bigha Zameen for him
We can offer only sympathies
Real butter and puddings are lapped up by the farmers on paper
Carry on government
Give freebies to the mighty
We are waiting for the government who doesn't compete with opposition parties during the war of distribution of freebies
Middle class is forced to pay taxes,direct and indirect
Higher classes and lower classes are happy with status quo
It does hurt, when the money earned through efforts of middle class is used to buy votes at the cost of ruining the soul of gen today and gen next. more  
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