Don't do these if you want Wrinkle Free Skin

1. Excessive sugar
If you have a sugar tooth, you need to watch out because you could be unknowingly triggering the wrinkles and making your skin age faster. Too much of sugar intake causes our skin to become dull and wrinkled. Excessive sugar in our bloodstream attaches itself to the proteins in our body and forms harmful advanced glycation end products or AGE. The AGE attacks the collagen and the elastin in our skin, making it wrinkled and saggy.

2. Too little fat in your food
In our bid to stay ramp fit (quite an obsession these days), we often try and do away with every bit of fat from our diet. If that's what you are doing too, you could be hurting your skin and getting wrinkles earlier than you should. Fat is not as bad as it has been labeled. In fact, it is necessary for our body and the right amount of fat in your food is quite beneficial. Fat enables our body to absorb antioxidants and vitamins even better. And fat is also responsible for strengthening the top layer of our skin called epidermis, making it look smoother and brighter. Lack of fat in diet can cause damage to the epidermis, making your skin wrinkled. So, for a healthy and younger looking skin, you must incorporate some healthy fat in your diet in the form of nuts, olive oil, salmon, etc.

3. Fad and yo-yo dieting
We often fall prey to fad diets, resulting into unstable weight cycles, which mean we frequently lose and gain weight for years. This kind weight cycle can really damage our skin big time. This is because losing and gaining weight would cause our skin to stretch and the repeated stretching would permanently damage the skin as we tend to lose the skin elasticity that makes it look supple, firm, and youthful.

4. Smoking
We all know that smoking is injurious to health but very few know that smoking doesn't just harm our lungs but our skin as well. Smoking kick-starts skin ageing much faster, which causes it to wrinkle and look older than it is. In fact, some early wrinkling is found even in young smokers aged 20 or so, although this wrinkling is only visible under the microscope. However, the point is that smoking really causes the skin to age a lot faster.

5. Lack of sleep
Sleep is crucial for our body and mind to function well. A good night's sleep can really brighten up your face and give you a glowing skin. On the other hand, lack of sleep has damaging impact on it. If you are staying up late all too frequently and devoting little time for sleep and rest, there will be long-term damage to your skin. Less sleep means less rest for our body to rejuvenate, which leads to the release of the stress hormone cortisol. Cortisol actually breaks down the collagen that eventually causes the wrinkles. Therefore, if you want a healthy and younger-looking skin, which is wrinkle free, make sure you get your daily dose of beauty sleep.

6. Sleeping posture
Well, very few people are aware of the fact that the way they position their bodies while sleeping can also aggravate wrinkling. Researches indicate that one who sleeps with his/her face down can get more wrinkles than the people who sleep on their back. The reason is simple - the pillow or the bed puts more pressure on your skin, making it wrinkle. If you don't want those lines on your cheeks and forehead, do make sure that you sleep on your back.

7. Excessive exercise
Working out is said to be good for our body, as well as our skin. Yet too much of it can harm the skin quite seriously. This is because too much of exercise causes stress and the stress from exercise breaks down the skin's collagen, resulting into wrinkles. So just make sure you follow a good exercise routine, but don't overdo it. more  

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