Does Drinking Beer Cause Diabetes?

-Beer is an alcoholic beverage which is consumed avidly since long worldwide.

-Beer contains alcohol, though in less quantity (about 5%), which amounts to about 150 calories.

-A 350 ml bottle of beer contains 13 grams carbohydrates.

-Excess intake of any alcoholic beverage reduces the sensitivity of body towards insulin.

-In the presence of alcohol, the hormone insulin does not perform its activity of breaking down glucose, resulting in elevated blood sugar levels. A persistent rise can lead to diabetes.

-Moreover, alcohol intake also causes chronic pancreatitis and the patients suffering from chronic pancreatitis show diabetes as a common health complication.

-Therefore, alcohol/ beer directly as well as indirectly can lead to development of diabetes in the long run.

-It is best to limit the intake to one drink a day.

Take care of your sugar, liver and enjoy a Healthy Life!! more  

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Very good discussion. I add-
In India alcohol is highly misunderstood subject. It is taboo due to lack of manners protocol of drunks. Let us admit that noise and bulldozing into ones position is a general trait here. This is released to open when drunk as there is no manners protocol for drunks, but perceived as a licence for such release of agitation. With this in mind I report
When alcohol is released to blood stream it reaches liver. Here it is converted to acetate. This conversion release lot of heat which warms the body. The warmth relaxes the nerves to give the feel good affect. It also breaks down fatty sludge in the alimentary canal that aids digestion and enhanced water absorption. So a drunk needs more water to avoid dehydration. This is the chemistry of drinks.
Alcohol is not broken down by pancreas but by liver enzymes. But some sugar is released in the process before it is converted to acetate. So a daily dose in excess of 2 pegs is harmful due to sugar spiking. Once in 3 to 6 months is even beneficial to body.
If you live in cold climate like winter Delhi or HP, the cold immediately vanishes after 2 pegs of alcohol. A person caught in a snow storm can be revived by 2 pegs of brandy. In fact the doctors do it as first aid when temperature dips to zero degree. Acute Morning sickness in pregnancy is regulated by half an ounce of there are benefits too in controlled intake. Yes control and moderation are the watchwords. If you don't have it better run away from bottle for the good of everybody. more  
Sh Duaji, please note I am also a diabetic patient like you, and am not a doctor by profession. I just posted some second-hand information for the benefit of the group. You should consult experts for removing your doubts. I can still suggest that a low calorie diet devoid of sugar and fat balanced with active stress-free lifestyle will help you fight diabetes better. more  
Sh Mahapatra ji, I am suffering from Type II diabetes for last more than 25 years. As far as I know, a minimum of 30 minutes brisk walk is required daily for effectiveness. A 10 minute stroll after meal may in help at all in managing diabetes. more  
Thanks to All more  
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