i am taking 5 lit. of water and half of the normal food quantity to reduce BS more  

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You can attend our Madhur Madhumeh camp to learn how to control and manage diabetes effectively. Please be in touch with madhurmadhumeh@gmail.com. more  
i am taking vindi in water gel in the morning, Sugabalanz twice in empty
stomach, madhunashini twice. i am saying all these to Doctors. They some
time wonder how can i control it within 10 days. they are saying me to go
for whole blood test instead of cbg. Fasting or supressing craze for food
is the best. i try to keep the food qty low in all the serving when the BS
count shoots up.

On Tue, Aug 23, 2016 at 8:04 PM, VINOD SAHNI <support@localcirclesmail.com>

> more  
Oral BS lowering allopathic medicines have lots of side effects including heart problem.
Oral Ayurvedic medicines like Madunashni of Patanjali is good and gives good results in curing diabetes, especially if treatment is started early.

By adding healthy lifestyle, healthy diet, Yog Pranayam one can lead near normal life.

Diabetes is MOTHER of ALL AILMENTS. If spoils the basic body elements i.e. Body Cells and results on effect on Heart, Kidneys, Eyes, Teeth, sex life due to impotency in males and Nervous system. SO PLEASE TREAT THE ENEMY WITH ALL VIGOR FROM DAY ONE. LET NOT THE SILENT KILLER ACT. more  
Perhaps Okra (Bhindi) method is more effective to control diabetics as has been experienced by Mr.Prem Hejmadi. more  
Thanks Venkat for yr valuable comment. Okra method is worth following. But how much time we can give for trials. Still i dont have symptoms associated with diabetes like polyurination etc. Its one year since diagnosis of diabetese I have not used medicines. I have taken trial on myself of many natural remedies and results are as follows-

-Eating Karela- No or very less impact on sugar
- Eating Neem Leaves- No or very less impact on sugar
- Eating methi- some impact by reducing sugar 20-30 mg/ dL on avg
- Eating fruits at 5:00 pm (apple, orange tried every sunday)- drastic effect in reducing pp sugar after dinner (this was amaging but it comes true every sunday i dont know why)
- Tried metformin 1 gm for 15 days as advised by doctor- It resulted in loss of appetite in dinner time so i stopped taking it.

Some peaple saying BGR-34 is very effective. I hv not tried the same till date.
Anyody have experience. more  
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