Consumer Grievance with Medical Industry – Inputs on Solutions

Dear Friends:

Here is a list of the key issues as shared by you in the medical industry from a Consumer perspective.

1. Medicines and medical tests are getting expensive day by day
2. A nexus has developed between the hospitals/doctors and the path labs
3. Hospitals prescribe costly medicines which are never given but only billed
4. They charge for very costly tests which are either not necessary or not done & false reports generated by computerised forgery
5. The surgeons overcharge
6. Many surgeries are done by trainees under a senior doctor’s name
7. No standardized rates displayed in hospitals for the services offered
8. Doctors don’t prescribe generic medicines which are much cheaper
9. Generic medicines are hard to find in the market
10. Absence of senior doctors from government hospitals
11. Patients are misbehaved with in government hospitals
12. Entry and exit formalities are very poor in government hospitals
13. Prescribed medicines are available only in the nearby stores and not around the city
14. Reimbursement of medical bills by insurance companies is another big issue
15. Patients are prescribed unnecessary tests to get kickbacks
16. Modern treatment facilities are not available in public hospital
17. No Transparency in treatment
18. Patients are kept in ICU for getting higher room rents
19. Treatments are extended for indoor patients for keeping the beds occupied and maximizing returns
20. If a patient has mediclaim, he is charged extra compared to a patient without insurance cover
21. Unhygienic conditions prevail in most clinics/ hospital complexes
22. Dubious clinics still carry out unauthorized organ selling, surrogacy, abortion of the girl child, etc.
23. All health centres and Super specialities are in cities. How can rural consumer afford city rates of healthcare & lodging?
24. Banned drugs continue to be available in the markets.

Based on these issues highlighted, all members are requested to help identify solutions. Our objective is to propose action oriented solutions to the related Government Departments/Ministries so actions can be taken to address some of the key issues from a citizen perspective.

Looking forward to your inputs!

Rajendra Pratap Gupta more  

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The Hospital authorities do not :
A1. Allow the PATIENTS to take the DETAILS of the TREATMENT PROCESS and PROCEDURE followed by the Doctors during the TREATMENT nor do they ALLOW the PATIENTS to bring their OWN consultants in case of NO RECOVERY or SECOND OPINIONS .
A2. GIVE the DETAILS of the ON GOING TREATMENT in case of NON SATISFACTORY RECOVERY, to enable the patient's kin to try any other ALTERNATIVE.
B. There is TEDIOUS Mechanism to file complaints of NEGLIGENCE against the concerned Hospital/ doctor.
C. For BPL patients, there are VERY few Doctors available, whatever are supposed to be there , are NORMALLY NOT PRESENT at the Hospitals/ Clinics.
Most of them are REFERRED to Near city Hospitals . For these people to run from pillar to post to get the basic treatment is big TORTURE.
D. From the near city Hospitals , regular visit by Sr Doctors should be recommended to visit the RURAL Areas.
E. Path Labs recognized by Authorities should be opened in the Rural areas, for early analysis and quick treatment to Villagers and rural population. more  
Fully agree on this. Regarding medical area many clinics became cheating places and as a common we were not aware on this and other end govt hospitals are pathetic with facilities. Only Modi can take some actions for the benefits of common. Similarly educational field also functioning like a looting area and common persons like us are suffering a lot. None bothered on feeding good education to students but interested to loot money from parents. more  
State of the medical industry - Solutions

1. Regulatory mechanism and legislation to define simple, complex and rare tests and adequate price fixation.
2. Government and private hospital pricing on medical tests should be nearly the same.
3. Increase vigilance on hospitals, private clinics, and path labs to unearth the unholy nexus to rob patients smartly.
4. Ensure proper identification checks while issuing medicines and bills. PAN details should be sought from everyone, if the bills issues exceed a certain amount.
5. Fast track courts should be set up to dispose off medical disputes.
6. Rates of surgeries should be defined by legislation and implemented across hospitals and clinics in the country.
7. Every surgeon's registration number should be recorded before any surgery, thus preventing trainees from doing it on behalf of their superiors. Anything goes wrong, the registered surgeon should be held accountable.
8. Every hospital should display the rates of surgeries and tests apart from room and other charges. Legislation should be brought in to implement this.
9. Strict laws should be enforced to make doctors give cheaper generic medicines to patients.
10. Pharmaceutical industry should be provided time-bound incentives to produce generic medicines.
11. Ensure strict vigilance on all doctors and staff in all government hospitals. They need to be disciplined.
12. Strictly enforce simple entry and exit formalities in government hospitals. Discharge processes, especially in case of deaths, need to be simplified. While families of patients seek a dignified funeral for their dear ones, hospital staff keep delaying the release of the dead body.
13. Some mechanism has to be evolved through which common people can log complaints against errant doctors. Separate patient grievance redressal cells should be set up in government health departments which would hear complaints against public and private practitioners and take action against them.
14. Medical insurance companies should be issued strict guidelines to do away too much of profiteering that they currently adhere to and speed up reimbursements.
15. Strict cleanliness parameters should be set for hospitals. Any hospital found flouting the norms should be penalized.
16. A massive crack down is required on unauthorized hospitals and path labs who are into illegal organ selling, surrogacy, abortion of the girl child, etc.
17. Rural healthcare system needs a complete overhaul with latest equipment and medicines made available to the poor masses.
18. Regular surprise raids should be conducted on chemist shops to unearth the sale of banned drugs. more  
Medical services in the name of technology development has become most CORRUPT MEDICAL INDUSTRY running in collusion with clinical labs, clinical equipment manufacturers as well as pharma manufacturers.
GOVT. alone can't help this "MEDICAL COBRA" to dance to its tunes, there should be some sort of mechanism, to bring under control whereby a medical practioner should be forced to give in writing "DIAGNOSIS DECLARATION"along with medicine prescription, and that diagnosis should have legal binding on the practioner. more  
Rajendra Guptas solutions very good idea I will implement the same if irregularities found will report the matter to authorities more  
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