BP Machines

Can some of the members in heart circle pls share their experience with various brand bp machines.

Which traditional machine brand works best?
Which electronic BP machine brand is best?

Radha more  

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Bay far ands large all Omron machines are calibrated. Hence do not worry. Do not forget to download a chart we placed on a fresh post recently and also check for the BP monitring principles. From: Niraj Kumar Tiwary Reply-To: "Cardiology and Heart Care in Delhi/..." www.send_post_comment++iytrfdgxmqiygx++bbmqaefdlkiy@localcirclesmail.com> Date: Tuesday, 29 March 2016 at 8:12 PM To: Admin Desk APT IN Subject: Commented on "BP Machines" in [Cardiology and Heart Care in Delhi/...] more  
Mr.Puneet : I am using HEM -7111 Omron device not listed above. I saw this device being used in a well known hospital so purchased it. more  
Ask your healthcare professional for advice in selecting and using a device to monitor your blood pressure at home. Also have the device checked by your healthcare provider when it's new and once a year to make sure the readings are accurate. AHA Recommendation The American Heart Association recommends an automatic, cuff-style, bicep (upper-arm) monitor. Wrist and finger monitors are not recommended because they yield less reliable readings. Here are some other tips to follow when shopping for a blood pressure monitor. Choose a validated monitor. Make sure the monitor has been tested, validated and approved by the Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation, the British Hypertension Society and the International Protocol for the Validation of Automated BP Measuring Devices. Ensure the monitor is suitable for your special needs. When selecting a blood pressure monitor for the elderly, pregnant women or children, make sure it is validated for these conditions. Make sure the cuff fits. Children and adults with smaller or larger than average-sized arms may need special-sized cuffs. They are available in some pharmacies, from medical supply companies and by direct order from companies that sell blood pressure cuffs. Measure around your upper arm and choose a monitor that comes with the correct size cuff. some models with international protocol verified are: Omron R6 *(D) 100.00 International Protocol Omron M7 (HEM-780-E) 100.00 BHS A/A, International Protocol Omron R5-I (HEM-630-E) 100.00 International Protocol Omron MIT Elite (HEM-7300-WE) 100.00 International Protocol Omron Elite 7300W 100.00 International Protocol Oregon Scientific BPU 330 119.00 International Protocol A&D UA-767PC 120.00 BHS A/A Omron MIT Elite Plus (HEM-7301-ITKE) *(D) 120.00 International Protocol Omron RS8 (HEM-6310F-E) 120.00 International Protocol 2010 Omron R7 (HEM-637-IT) 120.00 International Protocol Omron i-C10 (HEM-7070-E) *(D) 122.00 BHS A/A Omron i-Q132 138.00 International Protocol Proton Healthcare 868BF *(D) 140.00 International Protocol Omron 705-CPII (HEM-759-E2) *(D) 150.00 International Protocol Omron 637-IT (R7 HEM-637-E2 {EU}) 150.00 International Protocol A&D UA-767BT 177.00 BHS A/A A&D BP UB-543 Unknown International Protocol 2010 more  
You are right Niraj ji, now the BP is checked by a nurse or a clerk in every private hospital and not by the doctor himself and therefore, they are given digital BP machines which do not require any expertise. I have also seen the news item giving statement of Dr Trehan but do you know, it is being practiced in his own hospital in Gurgaon also. Therefore, his statement does not mean that he does not follow this practice and I think he is the person responsible for bringing commercialism in the health industry when he resigned from Escort hospital and started his own Medanta hospital. more  
Keep a set of brand new cells ready , in case Omron BP machine is suspected to give a wrong reading , drainage of battery is fast ,even if machine is not used but cells kept in it. Mercury BP apparatus & mercury Thermometer is banned by Govt. due to pollution/poisoning caused by Mercury by items thrown away. Our patients become a party to the checking doctor when he/she can see the reading ,something which is not possible with old fashioned apparatus. more  
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