13 Incredible Health Benefits of Cabbage

Did you know that the common and inexpensive cabbage is practically a miracle-worker? Cabbage can prevent or cure a whole range of conditions, such as stomach ulcers, Alzheimer’s disease, eczema, jaundice, gout, and arthritis.
1. It's a Great Source of Vitamin C

2. It's Rich in Sulfur. Sulfur is a highly useful nutrient because it is used to fight infections, and a deficiency can increase the time wounds take to heal, and also put you at a much higher risk of contracting a microbial infection.
3. It's a Fantastic Source of Fiber
4. It Can Help Prevent Cancer. Cabbage contains a good amount of anti-cancer compounds, such as sinigrin, sulforaphane, and lupeol, that are known to inhibit the growth of dangerous tumors.
5. It's Loaded with Anti-Inflammatory Properties

6. It Can Help You Lose Weight

7. It Keeps Your Brain Healthy

8. It Regulates Your Blood Pressure. The potassium found within cabbage can help you to lower your blood pressure, thereby decreasing the risk of strokes and heart attacks.
9. It Promotes Good Eye Health

10. It Prevents Premature Aging

11. It Strengthens the Bones

12. It Eases Muscle Aches

13. It Can Help Detoxify Your Body. By getting rid of free radicals and uric acid, cabbage can help to prevent gout, rheumatism, renal calculi, arthritis, skin diseases, and eczema. This detoxifying effect is due to the high amount of sulfur and Vitamin C that cabbage contains. more  

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Some time back there was a news that some type of insects have been found in cabbage. With the result many a people have stopped using cabbage. more  
Health Benefits of Cabbage - good and useful information. more  
Thanks for the info. Very encouraging. more  
Now a days huge quantity of pesticides (besides chemical fertilisers) are used while growing and protecting the crop as well as in storage. Further, I believe some spray is used by shops in storage to keep the vegetables look 'fresh'. Any way, as far as possible it is better to use seasonal locally available vegetables, as fresh as possible, to minimise the side effect of chemicals & pesticides. more  
green and leafy seasonal vegs are a good source of energy. each one of it contains highly nutritious value. more  
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