10 Warning Signs That Indicate Too Much Sugar In Your Diet

1. You feel tired and lack energy:

If you often find yourself feeling tired or fatigued, one of the main causes could be too much sugar in your diet. This may sound contradictory, as high-sugar foods are known give you a carbohydrate boost and temporarily boost your energy - a feeling that often lasts for just a couple of minutes.

2. You often get sugar and carbohydrate cravings:
If you find yourself craving something sweet throughout the day on a daily basis, you are likely a sugar addict. Consuming sugar regularly can create a chain reaction of sugar cravings. The same concept applies to a carb craving, which may also indicate a sugar addiction.

3. You frequently get ill:

If you have noticed yourself getting sick on a regular basis, one of the causes could be excessive sugar in your diet. Consuming too much sugar can dampen your immune system, weakening your body's natural ability to fight colds, flu viruses, and chronic diseases.
4. You suffer from anxiety or depression:
Consuming too much sugar can cause your body to physically crash, which can affect you on an emotional basis too. While sugar is temporarily energy-boosting, once its effects have worn off, the physical fatigue that arises may also be accompanied by psychological fatigue, causing feelings associated with depression such as lethargy, sadness, and social withdrawal. If you are often anxious, nervous or constantly worried, it may also be a sign that your sugar-filled diet needs adjustment.
5. You have issues with your skin:

Inflammatory related flare-ups like acne or eczema, as well as skin that is oily or dry and dark circles under the eyes - could be a result of a diet rich in sugar. Cutting sugar may greatly improve your skin issues, as well as your overall health. Furthermore, sugar's inflammatory properties may also have an effect on your feet, causing conditions such as Plantar fasciitis. This causes pain in the thick band of tissue that runs across the bottom of your foot, in your heel or elsewhere in the foot.
6. You are overweight:
While the human body can cope with limited amounts of sugar, loading up on sugar calories will cause the body to convert the sugar and store it as body fat instead. Unsurprisingly, this can quickly lead to weight problems like obesity - causing a host of problems including high cholesterol, cardiac problems, sleep apnea and more.
7. You have high blood pressure:
The general consensus says that high blood pressure is caused by sodium in your diet, rather than sugar. In one study, conducted in 2010 at the University of Colorado, Denver, more than 4,500 adults were studied and the data gathered showed that there was a link between high blood pressure and excessive sugar consumption.
8. You have dental problems:
It is a well-known fact that sugar is no good for your teeth. If you often get cavities, and require fillings or root canals, sugar could be the cause of your problems.
9. You have diabetes:

Consuming too much sugary foods can cause you to gain weight, upping your risk for developing type II diabetes. While you may not be diabetic, most people tend to be pre-diabetic. So, if you find yourself constantly thirsty or hungry, despite eating and drinking frequently, if you feel flushed after a sugar binge, or weak whenever you skip a meal, you should talk to your doctor about your risk for diabetes.
10. You suffer from heart problems:
A study conducted on rats at Case Reserve Western University concluded that a high-sucrose diet was found to hasten death and increase the risk of cardiac issues, even more so than high-fructose, high-fat, or high-starch diets. more  

Useful information more  
In this Corona period when most of the activities like walking etc have come to stand still and if you are diabetic. How to overcome diabetes? more  
Good highly informative. Blood sugar leads to diabetes and diabetes leads to certain other major health issues. more  
Is mango or chiku bad for diabetes patient ? more  
Both, mangoes n Chiku r rich in carbohydrates, hence better to avoid or think before a diabetes patient eats them. So also jack fruit n too ripe bananas. If taken in very small quantity, they need to burn through extra physical activity or walking. more  
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