PIL for Investigation by SFIO in Supreme Court

Signed 2/3000
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Chief Justice of India
ILFS has been doing deals unfavorable to public, while enjoying funds from Govt. agencies. Caused illegal gratifications to public sector employees and caused huge loss to public exchequer.
This petition should be considered as PIL by Hon'ble Supreme Court and order investigation of all it's deals through SFIO
The Petition was also marked to:
Chief Justice of India
The main question is :-

Where is the MONEY?????? and why the culprits are speared till date????? more  
Oct 18

1) IDBI Bank moved the NCLT against the developer for non-payment of Rs 526 crore loan.
2) Private lender ICICI Bank has initiated insolvency proceedings against JAL over non-payment of Rs 1,200 crore.
3)Supreme Court (SC) disposed of homebuyers' applications against initiating insolvency proceedings against Jaypee Infratech and asked the National Company Law Tribunal (NCLT) to go ahead

4)Jaypee homebuyers, seeking compensation and possession, can move the National Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission (NCDRC) against Jaypee Infratech's parent company, Jaypee Associates Limited (JAL)"

TWO organisations in National Capital duped more than Rs. 2000 Crs to Banks and more than that (Rs4500 Crs) to the Consumers / Home buyers.
The Culprits are Scot free openly enjoying Luxurious life including Battery of Advocates and Air-trips at the cost of Society as the ultimate Burden shifted to society as Builder developer become defunct.

Oct 11
UNO General Secretary this week deeply regretted and cautioned the Countries to eradicate Corruption and Corrupt practices since this issue is the root cause of Torment/Torture, Affray/Assaults, uncertainty, Use of Arms/Terrorism, Drugs/Cheating, AND , ILLEGAL HUMAN TRANSPORT .
Corruption and Corrupt behaviour is increasing besides loot and misuse of wealth and Finances that to be set for ban. As UNO commented, the effect of Corruption and corrupt practices is resulting in deterioration of GDP by 5% .
1.Independency and empowerment of Judiciary
2. Media commitment for secured Government rule
3.Promoting Safeguarding Whistle blowers, Police informers

Tax Evasions, ; illegal transport/transfer of Currency, Funds, ; Misappropriation ; through strict vigilance shall be curbed. It require Accountability for Companies, Auditors and several Vigilance and Investigating AND checks on Funds Flow and Cash Flow as well as Mandating Cashless Transactions.

It is high time for India and need to reinstate strict norms and practices together with imposition of strict Rules and Regulations in the relevant Fields including Political Parties those are basically responsible ; Finance Departments and Banks those are Fundamentally responsible ; the Policing of all fields those are to be duty bound in enforcing Law and order ; guarding Law and Justice ; AND the Judiciary which entirely become responsible for JUSTICE, Social, Economic and Political and, for the Mandates of the Constitution.
This tenders inevitable implementation of Aadhaar Card and its linkage to Phones, Bank/PO A/cs, and all other IDs including the Voter List ;;; AND ;;; making Cashless Transactions inevitable restricting to Rs.1999/- for Sales, Purchases and Salaries ;; restricting to Rs.199/- for all other transactions of Govt. , Govt. Bodies , for any payments, Charges, Fines, Fees AND, for all sorts of payments to Healthcare and Educational institutions .
UNLESS THESE ARE ENFORCED WITHOUT ANY DEVIATION AND DILUTION, IT IS NOT POSSIBLE TO ERADICATE THE Ways, Means, and Sources of Corruption that increases Corrupt nature in the Country and result in multiple dangerous options and methods as identified by The General Secretary , UNO .

Further, the cognizant and most important is :
Sri Raghuram Rajan also concluded, reported that :- [1] NPAs were started during 2006 – 08 since the timely completion of power like Infra projects , Self sustainty in Economic Status were preferred by Banks in lending liberally on major projects and ventures .
[2] Banks also neglected self assessment of the project Estimates, Reports and did not observe/analyse the reasonable Investment of the Promoters while extending abnormal Loans . Banks also extended free hand in lending Such.
[3] Assumed that Corruption is also to some extent resulted in NPAs.
[4] These 3 cannot be individually set for the reasons of NPAs. But, it is obvious, the Banks acted on high Self-confidence and also did not Scrutinize the Technical and Commercial Project Reports of the Companies. For this, BANKS WERE RELAYED ON ‘ SBI Caps ; IDBI Bank and like opting Outsourcing ‘ . And, this is Dilution where by chances and means of influence and self interest of other’s gets increased.
[5] Cases where Frauds were identified though less than NPAs, Volume of cheating had been increasing due to NON COORDINATION between Banks and Vigilance Wings and said that he had initiated a Monitoring Cell while also forwarded a list of High Profile Cases to PMO .
[6] Sri Raghuram Rajan also said that he do not know whether there is any working on this Report/List AND SAID THAT THERE IS FAST NEED TO LOOK INTO TO ACT.
He also said that though RBI nominee’s existence in all PSBs, they will have no experience on the matters, issues, systems of Lending Business Loans .

ON THE WHOLE, the above reveal that there had been a wilful set aside of requisite Duty on the side of Lending Banks ; on the side of the Promoter’s investment Bank ; AND, MAINLY THE WILLFUL NEGLECT BY THE GOVERNMENTS .
These three are individually responsible for the VOLUME OF FRAUDS TAKEN PLACE, IDENTIFIED ; AND ; THE ISSUES OF NPAs already identified and , those still in Deep Freeze .
[7] Sri Raghuram Rajan suggested : A. To improve Governing responsibility in PSBs .
B. Improve Self Scrutiny of project proposals and periodical Analysis of conduct of Accounts,
C. To be vigilant on the Loan Repayments and dues of instalments
D. To keep Public Sector Banks away from Government
E. Strengthen Loan Recovery Process and practice etc., are to be ever Monitored. more  
Oct 11
Under the presently existent system in Nationalized Banks, Shares , Mutual Funds AND other Financial Institutions, there will be ever possibility to loot . The changed of comprehensive Audit System to eased practice of random check will never reveal the facts of Business/ Transactions . The eased system of Income Tax Assessment opting lottery system to pic a Company for Audit , also will never give way for finding the Tax Evasion and , Manipulations in presenting the Accounts .

Oct 04

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