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OUR system does not let law abiding survive with dignity, the criminals are thriving as they are not afraid of law. People are made consistently to believe that criminality is the proper way for better survival. Ask yourself or anyone around you, whether you will get prompt and effective justice if you are offended by a rich criminal, when you go to police, or if you go to court, or even if you approach the Prime Minister or the President of India or even the media to expose the injustice, every one favors rich criminals. The present system is just impotent to help the weaker common man, you will be forced to migrate, or suffer mutely till you avoid suicide.
Judicial reforms with responsibility and accountability onto judges/advocates to stand to rule of law is the basic immediate necessity for our survival now. Majority of us are without adequate time and money required to obtain justice. The delivery of justice, if at all it exists, just outlives you. The government is just without any effective governance. It is as if meant for the rich criminals only.
If we have to survive we need an effective judicial system that assures us justice. We need to eliminate the system that exploits our grievances as somebody’s means for survival like vultures on ailing carcass.
Take my case as an example in our system. I have worked without a single complaint as per orders of a judicial system under statute in the interest of Bank of India, who is supposed to be state with fiduciary capacity. My appointment terms have never been challenged and legally disturbed. We have special aims/objectives of public policy of India to protect right to wages, and right to minimum wages in time. I have been granted an award as per special mechanism with exclusive jurisdiction to ensure delayed payment speedily as a matter of right as per arbitral proceedings of special enactment ' The Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises Development Act, 2006'. The award has been upheld by all appellate courts. The high court granted addnl 5 lacs but still it is in the name of the 'Hon'ble Supreme Court of India' that the partially executed award, passed as per arbitral proceedings that had attained finality in eyes of law and no when judicial intervention is explicitly not permitted as per 'The Arbitration and Conciliation Act 1996', has been set aside by order dated 5.12.2017 in CA5150/17 to favor of face value of a senior counsel Mr Dushyant Dave of 'Hon'ble Supreme Court of India' without an IOTA of merit. I had borrowed heavily to invest on the assignment and to repay that I had to evade the suicide option but to pursue the case to logical end. Estranged from regular life, earnings and peaceful living, I was continuously following it on day to day basis for last eleven years.
The judges of Supreme Court just crushed my fundamental rights to favor a senior counsel to earn out of it, daringly & easily as like a high class professional expert, bcoz order of 'Hon'ble Supreme Court of India' cannot be effectively challenged. There is nothing that one can effectively do against the judges or the orders however, illegal and brutal they may be. My review 777/18 was placed as a procedure before the same judges who having passed the order themselves, had predetermined concepts and preconceived intentions knowingly dismissed it. And I cannot file curative bcoz that access of justice is open only to those who can afford to buy a certificate from senior counsel to be attached along with curative, and I cannot afford it.
This has happened in presence of special public policy of India, special enactments, before a judicial process that is meant to deliver justice, in interest of a nationalized Bank who is state in terms of article 12 of Constitution of India and my rights have been crushed by the 'Hon'ble Supreme Court of India' who is the apex court of land to ensure justice.
I have been complaining several times to Chief Justice of India, law minister, Speaker of loksabha, prime Minister and the president for last nine months, everywhere matter has been accepted, is pending but no effective decision as yet.
And to add to fuel to it, the executioner court who had partially delivered me my accumulated wages, has, being afraid of 'Hon'ble Supreme Court of India', acted beyond the decree/award/authority /jurisdiction and ordered to repay back not only as per order of 'Hon'ble Supreme Court of India', but something more than that, failing which an order to arrest and imprison me has been passed. Means where instead of receiving my legitimate payment I have been running from pillar to post to get the illegal arrest warrant cancelled.
Friends this is an exemplary case, I would be happy if you go into details to understand the severity of lack of justice in Indian judiciary. Nothing in the submission is wrong or misleading, and if u find any I shall willingly accepts punishment in multiple times of what is prescribed in our system. Despite working sincerely without a complaint, I have been rendered vulnerable to unbearable and intolerable survival. I am surviving somehow to recover to repay my borrowings otherwise I would have committed suicide long back.
But it is necessary for all of us to realize that a system to ensure justice, law & order, atleast binding accountability/punishment to adhere to rule of law onto judges/advocates, is required immediately or it’s the end.
Please submit ur comment, contact details to add to our submissions b4 President/Prime Minister/ Loksabha Speaker.
1 Government/judiciary should be solely responsible to entertain every complaint without a lawyer within specified time, preferably on the basis of two independent internal reports to judicial authority on record specifying offences, defenses, claims and comments only with reference to specific rule of law.
2 Services of lawyer should be allowed only if advocate takes responsibility/punishment in case of failure to aid effective and prompt justice by screening out illegalities/untenable/unreasonable pleas. Advocate should undertake cases only after he is fully briefed and No adjournment to be allowed to an advocate for any reason other than inability of court to proceed in the matter. Every lapse/ unreasonable/illegal/untenable plea is an offence on other party for no mistake of his and therefore should be invariably unpunished and compensated in every order.
3 Every order should specify punishment to advocate/parties for failed untenable/illegal pleas.
4 Every order should automatically proceed for execution/dismissal after appeal period with or without support of winning party.
5 Every order to be forwarded by the registrar at lower court along with addnl compliance/submission of aggrieved party to appellate authority. the subject of jurisdiction/limitation or waiver condo nation thereof to be decided, but appealable with penalty in case of failure, first by registrar at lower court
6 Every order dismissing/allowing appeal should invariably mention penalty to the party/advocate/judge for flaw in the order. Such penalties to be cumulatively accrued till right to appeal are waived.
7 Public grading/details of advocates should be available as regards the cases that he has represented in various capacity and the results thereof, and there should also mention if any civil/criminal cases are pending against him?
8 All parties in person/litigant should have access to libraries, waiting rooms, toilets, parking places and canteens in the courts on par with advocates if not on preference. No special cabins/sitting places to be availed to advocates in court premises.
9 All filing counters should avail a sample copy of each type of suit, appeal, writ petition, Interim application, MCA, etc. with or without cost.
Etc etc mainly to fasten liability on professional expertise if it is used without offending the rights of other party. And to bring seriousness with responsibility in the process.
The Petition was also marked to:
2013 July last week to ACB, EC, CBI, CEC, EVC , 2nd August, the President of India were urged by me bringing all relevant issues requesting their Intervention without giving chance to Maoists etc., Groups ; or a Marshal to takeover .
The speech of Honourable President on the Eve of Independence Day of '13, covered all issues including Education , Political and Social leaders, as well as he advised public to awake and urge in time . more  
Sep 15

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