Weekly or Monthly Bribes to Administration

There are many small businesses/services that operate/prosper by paying a set weekly/monthly amount to police, municipal authorities, district administration.

This translates into increased cost of goods/services for citizens and in many cases negatively impacts city life (traffic, garbage dumps, no space for pedestrian walk, increased crime, no parkings, etc)

With this post we seek your inputs on various examples of such corruption and how its impacting your daily life.

We look forward to your inputs!
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- A lot of shop owners or businesses are run in illegal buildings, stores, footpath etc. These owners pay a sum as bribe to concerned officials like municipal officials, police, etc. They in turn protect them and despite complaints raised against such illegal buildings and businesses no action is taken. - There are parking areas in apartments that have been converted into godowns where packing material is stored - these are potentially cause for fires and danger to lives. These are also illegal and against the building permissions given by the municipality. - These businesses throw their garbage into manholes, on the roadside and build illegal ramps causing water logging, overflowing sewers etc. - They illegally tap electricity in connivance with the electricity dept. This causes an overload of the transformers and frequent power cuts due to the transformer tripping. - They bribe the water dept to regularly supply them with water tankers that are meant for the slums and other water troubled areas. - Illegal restaurants are potential health hazards with rotting food and meat being thrown into the sewers and drains. With fire hazard concerns due to floor and walls covered with grease and no safety precautions at all. - As these people are in illegal establishments or on the footpath their customers park on the road or on the footpath causing traffic issues for vehicles and for pedestrians. - A lot of these establishments serve liquor illegally and are a major concern for the safety of the residents and the old people living in this area. - Unfortunately the people living in these spaces are also equally to be blamed. Most people have an excuse to look the other way and pretend they can't see what is happening, a lot are scared of taking on these people as not only are the various govt depts protecting them but they also have contacts with the underworld, many believe that if one does not bribe things don't move or get done - therefore going with the flow is easier than taking a stand. more  
I wrote this to MCD(text below). Except for the acknowledgement, sweet nothing has happened so far, neither will. I formally complained to CVC against an Engineer 'Mr Mishra from PWD', for being corrupt . Sweet nothing has happened, neither will. a few years back SC sealed all such encroachers. Govt made SC shut up through the lollipop called 'Mixed Use Policy' and the black business goes on as usual with elevated muscle and money power. I had been getting threats to my life from the RWA President and one of the enchroachers selling old cars. He uses the busiest junction on outer ring road on as a showroom for his sale/purchase routine. Madhuban chowk is a prostitution center. The colony is a heaven for thieves, drunkards, gamblers, and all other such related trades. Parking space gets prioritized in favor of the bullies. Extra in-out gates provided by the RWA Managers, as luxury to the enchroachers, add to the traffic chaos. With due support from RWA Managers, they won't let a security wall come up around the colony. Words can't explain the horrifying state of traffic here, simply because come what may happen, business must go on. Pedestrians have died in accidents. Traffic police has a well tugged in and well camouflaged post better structured than a military bunker. Once in a while 2 or three traffic police constables can be seen concentrating more on chatting rather than traffic. Administratively well provided and professionally ill equipped policemen can be conveniently seen lazying there. to sum up they are generally conspicuous by their absence. Police beat constable does no better There are no supervisory and senior level on ground checks on them. Their timings and charter of duties are never made public. Encroachers bribe RWA Managers, MCD, Police, Traffic Police, PWD even the residents and anybody else who may matter, to stay anchored since the colony came into being in 83. Most of the formal DDA market shops bang on the junction itself, are lying sealed since 82. It is the time when the Market came into being. There are no takers. Obviously encroached business works out much cheaper and it hurts no one except the tax payer. This is a brief description of entire Delhi ! nay India. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- MCD on line RTI format is non-functional since ages. Subjects of the Grievance is also dictated by the drop down menu which does not have 'ILLEGAL ENCHROACHMENT OF RESIDENTIAL SPACE BY COMMERCIAL JOINTS' as the menu option. the colony is located bang on the busiest traffic junction 'Madhuban Chowk', epicenter of Rohini and pitampura. MCD to me Show more 16 Aug This e-mail is an automated notification. You have recently submitted a grievance/complaint. Details of this grievance are given below: Grievance Id: GRV/RHZ/2016/082125 Subject: Unauthorised Advertisement Boards Grievance Filed Date and Time: 8/16/16 10:21 AM Submitted by: Writer Engr Col Rajender Singh Nitvair Khalsa Grievance Description: As per the mixed use policy, Non Residents can not carry out Commercial activities in Residential space. I on behalf of all residents of ED Block Plead that :-- 1. All Non Residents' Illegal encroachments of the Residential Space of ED Block may please be Got Vacated with immediate effect. 2. Disciplinary action against the offenders be taken. 3. Since all the Profit earned by the offenders is Illegal and Black. It may please be confiscated and deposited in Govt Treasury. 4. Explanation may please be sought from all Govt/Private agencies as to why these enchroachers were provided with civic services like telephone and Electricity etc Grievance Location Details: Zone: Rohini Ward: Pitampura (South) Colony: NA Address: Same as above Please do not reply to this email. Replies to this email are routed to an unmonitored mailbox. Sincerely, MCD IT Team me to aapdelhi14@gmail.com Show more 16 Aug … 0 New more  
Dear sir , It is well known fact that this practice is rampant unless you are some body out of the normal society! Daily you walk around the small businesses you will witness it .one need not ask people like us to enumerate . Police constables in the airport allotting taxis and autos to passengers . Police constables collecting from hawkers ,foot oath dealers , food carts ,fruit sellers,markets . Traffic police for various offences not to book. Excise constables from liquor shops . Passport police report constables demanding from applicants to give police reports . Crime station writers ,to file FIR Inspectors to investigate cases Commercial tax ,sales tax,,income tax bill collectors Municipal property tax assessment staff. All municipal staff for all favours including house plan approval. Water and sewerage board officials for giving tap connections Registration staff and officers Safari karmacharys after work. Telephone line men, Electricity board line men Rta clerks for favours throughagentsin the office , Drivinglicence exam car ,veh registration are known places .Driving schools close to from students to get students pass the driving examination FCI all employees in market yards ,store houses . Cotton corporation .tobacco board ,mirchi buyers market all collect openly to fix prices. Revenue officials,surveyors even despatch clerks .Civil service staff MRO,Tahsildar ,food grains dealers ,inspectors Birth and death certificate issuing clerk and the officerdemand( I have paid for my mothers death after she died in my hospital) They collect and the big loot is distributed from top level to the bottom on prorata basis. more  
@ J Toprani: It's easy to say don't pay bribe but when your child is sick and the only way to get a bed in hospital is by bribing the tout would you say I won't bribe? This is reality! So we must hunt and erase the very root of criminals and corruption... And that is the government run by criminals, let us not dream but be realistic. Find a possible solution to replace criminal government with true republic more  
Are you proud of being Indian ? If you do not accept the system of bribing then you may not progress for sometime but remember if you keep trying it will work ! All of us try for short cuts - try the real road for a change and see how it works !!!!!! you should have confidence on yourself and keep going down the honest path and people will join to get these govt. employee who think nobody can touch them. If Modibhai can make PM due to his performance - I think we have a fair chance to prove our part. Make a ring of honest and let us see who would like to ask for a bribe from us ! more  
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