Corruption every phase of life

We in India talks very long talk on corruption. Matter of fact corruption has increase every Step when you go out of your house and start walking corruption start at lowest level and highest level. It is difficult to get your work in any dept.
Govt Wants to collect various taxes from Public and give lucrative D.A to keep them happy.

What is condition of Senior citizen in India every one know and govt has withdrawn most of benefit to senior citizen and show rosy picture. Looks Other country how the take care of seniors
they treat them as Assets to country but in India govt treat them as burden .

Govt has written off 14 lac crore bad loans last nine years.
banks are failing in their duty .

Our country More than 95% elected members are criminals and even ruling Party award ticket to them .

Why Govt is giving so much benefit to these elected leader .
all benefits should be stopped. They are servant of public act as server.

First of all salaries to all these should be discontinued more  

Mahendra ji rightly said. Now a days Corruption is playing major role in all departments in all over India (Including all states) but the political leaders like CMs and other big leaders are giving speech in a public meeting that our state/country is corruption free, it is not correct. After Corona top to bottom all vendors and business people including government in India increased all prices (irrespective of the product) like anything still continuing no control on that. Regarding corruption in India all departments are fully involved with corruption, those who are having political influence they are managing the things, those who are not having influence they are becoming scapegoats'. Of course some section of people may not like this comment but it is true. more  
Monitoring corruption has to be by a central agency. If a person has a mediclaim throughout his service why the same cannot be continued with same premium until death? more  
It is a sustainability `problématique' — the inevitability of more and the reality of less. At the time of Independence, the Indian population was about 340 million, around a billion less than what it is now. In 2011, at the time of the last census, population density was 382 people per square kilometre, about 3.25 times more than 1951. India’s geographical area meanwhile has only increased by about 10,810 sq km because Sikkim, Goa and Daman and Diu joined the Indian Union. While the country is not growing geographically, the population and population density are. To most people, it is obvious that this is not sustainable because we will run out of space to produce food and to meet other human requirements. We will need more of everything — housing, consumer products, transportation, food and water, infrastructure, energy, waste disposal spaces and their capacity enhancement— when, in reality, we have a limited supply of resources. There is another sustainability problématique. The world is releasing more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere at an increasing rate while there is less space to do so without far-reaching consequences for global temperature rise. This is made possible due to large-scale use of fossil fuels,in particular the dirtier one,i.e coal and less of cleaner one (or less polluting),i.e natural gas - the primary aim should be to reduce the transfer of carbon to the atmosphere in absolute terms. From time to time, we have claimed success and congratulated each other. Starting with the Clean Development Mechanism to the operatio­n­alisation of the Loss and Damage Fund, we have celebrated the means while the end is not in sight. We keep talking in terms of reducing per capita consumption of fossil fuels, such as the dirtier one like coal(instead its use rises due to rise in power demand) while the number of people on the planet keeps growing, and of reducing the fossil-fuel based energy intensity of our economies while the economies keep expanding. The net result is rise of carbon dioxide concentration in the atmosphere and consequently the global average temperature are higher than when we began talking in 1995. The term, development, is more difficult to comprehend than it appears. Development could be a desirable state, a process, or deliberate action to change things for the better, such as overcoming ills that undermine human well-being like poverty, population growth, corruption, greed and intolerance. But development is often construed as increased human well-being over time and, thus, simplified into more of everything, for more and more people. With a global population of over eight billion, planetary boundaries are being breached in a way that could change the environment from a conducive to a hostile state. It may invite more defence and security spends from tax payers money. more  
Getting retired and being a Sr citizen is curse in India, unless one has made lucrative money by unethical means. Nothing one gets except EPFO pension... a small amount every month that too is from your funds Govt paying !! Whatever savings done from hard earned money gets eroded with high level of inflation. Worst part is GST being levied on Mediclaim, Income tax slab-no distinctive benefit, Service tax levied on all services and so on. It is high time Govt should think to make a scheme for 4% honest Salaried class tax payers - something like interest on I.T paid for 35-40 years span. Whatever lavish living standards being witnessed in general is majorly from Govt Sr officials, Bureaucrats ...even street vendors, tea kitlis do roaring business and runaway w/o paying any taxes plus Advocates, Doctors, Chartered Accountants have got birthright to make all sort of adjustments. Anyway, country is progressing well so we are very happy. more  
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