Warning bells -Eluru is the tip of ice berg

We have a knee jerk reaction to all calamities like the one in AP this week.
All hustle buzzle untill it wanes like soda gas fizz which just fizzles out .It is almost confirmed that heavy metals and insecticides dumped indiscriminately in water bodies ,canals and sewerage has seeped in to systems or have been consumed by rural areas and the resultant crops grown, fish,prawns, crabs consumed from such sources apart from dairy products bred in such surroundings .
Population had the result of indescriminate degradation .
At what cost ? Are we safe now?
Any number of scientific committees can not wipe the tears of scores of scared people only mitigation of suffering by treating them and compensating them politically.
This is a wake up
Call to all Indian Citizens including the neighbouring state of T.
State of Hussain sagar , all ponds , lakes under which all our vegetables and fruits are being grown and sold , the fish, prawns and crabs harvested in the Musi bed,the Uppal bed .and all lakes .
It is scary though it has been in the knowledge of the ruling powers.
It is an emergency to bring laws , control of use of pesticides and chemical effluent disposal and prevent horticultural and agri activities under such riparian areas .
Other wise we are doomed , soon we must face similar calamity about to happen.
What is the role of Pollution control board?
What is the priority of the Government ?
All right minded citizens, NGOs must react , opine, debate, make people aware and finally form a green brigade under PCB not corrupt GHMC to act post haste .
God save the poor citizens !
If we do not react now , we may have to regret later.
Jaihind more  

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When may deaths are reported in the print and TV news, as a result of the water contamination, is it right to state that the information is not authentic ? People elect and give their mandate to members to rule them with a fond hope that the Governance is transparent and their schemes are people welfare oriented which ultimately for the last many decades proved to be otherwise as per the series of events that are taking place wherein the common people are hit below the belt. As long as public do not get actively engaged and voice their concerns with the local law making representatives, things wont improve. more  
All wrong information and bogus news is spread by the media with their own business interests. When a new calamity surfaced, people need patience to get necessary investigations are undertaken by CONCERNED bodies. I am wondering to see comments of doctors on farm pesticide poisoning. They have 0 knowledge and the right agency is ICAR National Project on Pesticide Residues. They are doing research last 2 decades and have data and information also. It is totally neglected. Let us not reach conclusions without taking proper approach. Even Covid-19 also similar approach is taken. Doctors will not have knowledge on RNA viruses and diseases since they are new and not present in the curriculum of MBBS. Another surprising thing is that we have very few epidemiologists and they were almost neglected to know from them. Govt doctors, being subordinates can not say that they have no knowledge and give some answer, which will be spread by irresponsible media. Funny is that basic biology and behaviour of covid virus not taken seriously and shame to copy CDC, USA, when the RNA strain in India is altogether different. Govt agencies are carried away with information given by half baked knowledged professionals. Sorry to be very frank, but needs to be taken my comments for real issues. Eg. When soap water is the BEST disinfectant, total pharma industry and doctors are recommending different formulations of disinfectants - an act of Pharma mafia. more  
Nothing will change till 1000-more years.. The reason is, we all Middle-class & Low-Class Families in India are used to it... When we oppose the Central or State Government, they simply says, you all are Desh-drohis and if not interested go to Pakistan... In America, Europe, Japan or other developed countries are much worried about its Citizens, weather they belong to any Caste, Creed and Colour... If India wants to save Nature, Humanity, than we all come to in Single Platform to destroy such Evil-Policies of Government and its Agencies (Industries)..which produces Fertilizer, Fake-Medicine, Fake-Eatable Products, which is harmful to the Life of Citizen of India.. Jai-Hind.. more  
Fully agree with the issues being faced and the state of affairs in our country. the The points mentioned by Prabhakara are very valid. Successive Govts have failed to raise against such issues... Politicians have always played petty vote bank politics and politics of appeasement. Such issues have never received any serious thought.. more  
True. It is time we as consumers of agri products have to work with farmers and governments to make it a national movement about improving farmer yield with less chemicals and more soil quality this saving generations of people from Ill-health more  
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