Vision Statement- Aam Aadmi Party

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Ravi Kakar ji, Parties manifestos are also like promises and eggs which are bound to broken. See tha manifestos of all the parties, even a single idea of menifesto has not been implemented by any party. After elections min common programee has to be implemented by the government. AAP menifesto only can give results only When AAP will come into power otherwise there is no dofference in between EMs of thoert parties and EM of AAP. more  
Thanx for sharing the Party's Manifesto. Not everything in it is practical but a Vision is a Vision. Strangely, I saw shades of late Rajiv Gandhi's thoughts in it especially pertaining to the Panchaiti raj and local Governance. more  
All power of Ministers should be decentralized so that they wont be able to give favors to ADANIs, AMBANIs without approval from larger interest of common people secured. Hence Country will have right price of natural resources and due to low corruption , will have more money to be SECURE from enemies and not repeat KARGIL, KANDHAR like incidents. more  
Mr. Garg,
Often than never, suggestions are aplenty but course of action to realise the desired in terms of security, justice and dignity of living is a distant dream in the light of rampant corruption practiced.

Civil society is vigilant against corruption by protesting, complaining. Annaji raised voice against corruption - Action taken by Govt. police and/or judiciary is far from any relief under the present scenario that has been inherited from the British Raj (As rightly stated by one member, it is not independence that India achieved but "TRANFER OF POWER IN FAVOR OF CERTAIN VESTED INTERESTS" who are bleeding the great democracy of India.

Anticorruption is not the only plank to address these issues, and to give freedom from the possible penal action of stringent nature is a healthy one for the society and not a deterrent unless the perpetrator is in the wrong doinng. If there is no fear of catastrophic penal action, then there is no meaning for promulgating any Law which becomes purely academic to adorn the shelves in a Library

What the growing democracy of India needs is the strongest Law for enforcement with the highest of penal action based even on prima facie evidence. As one Retired Commissioner of Police Delhi stated in the matter of suspending a few tainted (exposed) police officers; they ought to have been terminated from service and not just suspended.

Anti corruption may remain in the top rung of any redresal activity and is not a negative factor for any developmental activity. If the Govt. or the officials are doing the right things without snatching or depriving the COMMON MAN but are benefiting their livelihood, then where is the question of any fear of interference or law suit? more  
Mr Ramakrishna,

A vision statement is very important. And for central government, the most important objective is to make this country secure, wealthier, and create conditions for social mobility of all sections of the society.

I full endorse the desire of civil society to be vigilant against corruption. The civil society has a right to take action against corruption as Mr Anna has done. However one must remember that this issue should not become a millstone around the neck of this country, to stop all development and progress.

If this issue becomes too prominent and the only significant objective, as it has become in the case of AAP, no politician or civil servant will take any decisions for execution of developmental projects, due to fear of interference and lawsuits. more  
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