UPA govt trying to interfere in investigations against RIL gas price scam

The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) strongly condemns the desperate attempts by the Congress-led UPA’s central government to influence the ongoing investigation into the multi-crore natural gas price hike scam by Delhi government’s Anti-Corruption Branch.

The opinion by a central government’s law officer (Solicitor General) reported in the media is shocking and clearly establishes collusion between the petroleum ministry and the Reliance Industries Limited, which is aimed at providing this company an unjustified gain of Rs 54,500 crore every year.

The Solicitor General (SG) appears to be trying to create an erroneous impression that even if any central minister allegedly commits a crime in Delhi, then no action can be taken against such a minister.

The timing of the SG’s opinion is questionable and raises suspicion that the UPA government, which is about to demit office in a month’s time is using its law officers to avoid facing the law, once it is out of power.

What was least expected from a law officer was to have taken into account the fact that the Election Commission has deferred the central government’s decision to double the prices of natural gas from April 1.

Why has the opinion been rendered nearly two months after the FIR was registered by the Anti-Corruption wing ?

What is surprising is that the SG has used the language quite similar to that of the BJP leadership in raising a false and unjustified bogey of federalism in their combined attempt to bail out the RIL and support the petroleum ministry’s move to double the prices of natural gas.

The clear proof of Congress-led UPA and the BJP are together in bailing out the RIL was their decision to vote together in the Delhi assembly on February 14 to defeat the AAP government’s Janlokpal bill. This took place merely three days after the Arvind Kejriwal government had directed the Anti-Corruption Wing to register an FIR against the RIL and petroleum minister M Veerappa Moily, among others.

Why are the Congress and the BJP, both, shying away from revealing the amount of funds they have received for the Lok Sabha elections ? Can these parties declare that they have not received any funds from the RIL ?

The SG’s opinion raises serious questions about professional ethics also. He is the same law officer, who on April 3 tried to defend the centre’s decision to double the prices of natural gas before the Supreme Court.

Is it justified for a law officer who has been consistently taking a pro-RIL stance in his opinions/submissions to comment on the alleged criminality of the same company, which hobnobbed with the UPA government to impose a huge financial hike on the people ? more  

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नमस्कार आपको करके
अपनी बात कहने की
आगया चाहता हु

आगे अपनी बात कह देता हु
दिल से कह देता हु

थपड कोई नहीं ,गाँधी जी ही खा सकते है
एक गiल पर खाकर ,दूसरा भी आगे कर देते है
चाहते तो गाँधी भी मार सकते थे
मार देते तब बापू नहीं कहला पाते

गाँधी का वारिस बही हो सकता है
जो करे काम गाँधी जैसा
गाँधी का वारिस बन सकता है

टोपी को धारद करके, थापद खाके
आप ने दिखला दिया ,
गाँधी का वारिस कोई और नहीं
अरविन्द केजरीवाल ही बन सकता है

हम कर क्या नहीं सकते
थापद का जबाब क्या
पत्थर से नहीं दे सकते

लेकिन क्या हमे पत्थर मरने चाहिए
या केजरीवाल का साथ निभाना चाहिए
साथ अगर हम केजरीवाल का देंगे
गाँधी एक और ज़माने मै, सहायक हम होंगे
नीव के पत्थर बन कर विदा ज़माने से लेंगे

गाँधी एक और ज़माने मै, सहायक हम होंगे
नीव के पत्थर बन कर विदा ज़माने से लेंगे more  
Dear Shiv Avtar Agarwal,
Looking at your short appreciation I am enthused to give an apt response. BJPs manifesto contains details of all the 21 scams in details with financial loss to the country. Just when Amit Shaw's hate speech and BJP manifesto manifested their ideas on good governance, muslims got afraid of BJP and Modi and looking for shelter rediscovered open arms of the corrupt Congress. You will have filariasis (swollen legs) for sure, you can only decide on which leg you want to enjoy the disease right (Congress) and left (BJP). What is wrong with a new party? Do they lack administrative skills? What happened when BJP first ruled India or Congress adorned the armour? were they skilled in the job? In fact, administartion is done by not the Netas or ministers but the IAS, IFS, IPS and other similar cadres. They are supposed to be apolitical like our army. Netas or ministers can bring new ideas/plans but the feasibility/practicability of implementing and actual implementation is done by Administrative officers and not by the Netas/ministers who take the full credit for them. How do you think Lalu or his wife must have done their commendable work without knowing what governmental administration is ? Above all why to give a second chance to a contestant or party with criminal background? When we know clearly that 70% of the contestants have criminal background or cases registered against them why should any electorate support them? In a country with more than 80 million voters can't we get 542 clean, educated (not just literate), cultured, humble (like Ms Medha Patkar), transparent, sincere, development oriented, and service-minded (not self-serving) political leaders to contest elections. we should make people understand that giving chance to new party or candidate is not a crime when compared to electing a known criminal because at least we do not make and perpetuate criminality and "goondgardhi" giving an undemocratic base to our administration and national governance. When you select even one criminal contestant or contestant he will be guarded and supported by a chain and ring of criminals who in turn will keep another flock of supporters by criminal ways or threat or by buying them. If you vote or select even one criminal politician or contestant, you sow the seeds of anarchy, inequality, and threat to society annihilating peace, social order, right and progressive economy, liberty, equality, and fratenity, all the basic pillars on which democracy stands!
The need of the hour is to explain in newspaers in local languages (even in dialects) the pros and cons of electing criminals to parliament and ow to choose a good leader or contestant? House to house campaigning not just for elections but to educate them on the power of their votes (which election Commission should have done years ago) is a must. It is not the party or leader that is important, it is the ideology or philosophy of the party that is more important. Providing employment/occupation, food (including water), shelter, clothing, electricity, primary health centres, education and support to farmers and small scale industries will have to be prioritized in manifestos of parties (released at least a month before elections) and they have to explain how they are going to achieve them (road map) and how they are going to involve common man and communities (including tribals and marginalized castes/tribes/communities). Just asking votes on communal (secular) basis and pin-pointing the mistakes of other parties or their leaders is a national and anti-democratic shame. Fight elections on your merit and your progressive and inclusive ideology! more  
The SG might have also got huge benifits from RIL to save them. more  
Keep trying. Results will come.

From: support@localcirclesmail.com
To: bhatiakanwal@hotmail.com
Subject: New post "UPA govt trying to interf..." in [Aam Aadmi Party Delhi/NCR]
Date: Mon, 7 Apr 2014 09:43:29 +0000 more  
Against Sonia Gandhi there is no AAP candidate
Against the hero of 2G scandal no AAP candidate
Against the son of our great finance minister P Chidambaram - no AAP candidateAgainst Mr Salman Khursid who ate d money of poor handicapped ppl - no AAP candidate
Against Adarsh scam legend Ashok Chavan - no AAP candidate
Against Owais Siddique who is popular for his hatred speech against Hindus - no AAP candidate
Now u should judge whether Mr Kejriwal n his AAP grp is fighting against corruption n anti national elements or working agents of Congress to divide votes of BJP..
Still its not too late.. Spread Awareness...
On Monday, 7 April 2014 12:41 PM, Aam Aadmi Party <support@localcirclesmail.com> wrote: more  
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