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Many measures have been taken for putting a curb on corrupt practices but there is no change in mindset of all those who are involved. Those who want to indulge in corruption they will do at any cost , we have CID CBI and many such agencies look at their track record it is quite dismal. Government of INDIA has already diluted the prevention of corruption act it means no one is serious about eradicating corruption. Atrocity act which can give protection to certain people can also be misused for corrupt practices , the act has been made strong by our parliament.

Under such circumstances if any one gets a feeling that in India corruption is down and citizens are getting all services from Govt Dept in a smooth manner it is myth.

Actuall most of the services should be privatised Passport is a live example , Government has handed over the passport issuing job to TCS few years ago now people do not have to struggle to get passport. Like wise the following services should be immediately privatised .

1. Issuing birth death certificate - to be given to big reputed hospitals
2. Vehicle registration to be given to manufactureres
3. Building bunglow construction plan approval to occupancy certificate - To be given to architects and civil engineers of repute.
4. Road construction maintenance to be handed over to reputed corporate like Larsen and toubro, who will do tendering to completion full job such firms to be paid by imposing cess on vehicles sold and petrol diesel sold in each city more  

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Very true and there are many things which can be done online with digitisation, and that will help remove the corruption to great extend. Also public officers must be held accountable and any complaint of incident coming up, must be traced to sanctioning officers and they must be made party to the incident and inquiry there to... lets all work for removing the corruption from our general life more  
Yes efforts are made with some extent. The General Public is the only one who has to be very strict in applying the mind. Secondly the Children should be regularly taught about as to how you should do the service sincerely and honestly. Let us not guide them as they already see their parents and the lavish expenditure they incur if they are in receipt of Corrupt money. Take the case of all Politician and their wards. When they come up after the father talk of eradication of corruption and always speak about corruption because they know how to milk money. Yes all should voluntarily surrender the ill gotten wealth and come up in life. Then vote for them. Just mere say don't vote for them because his main aim will be to make money for his future generation. Otherwise NOTA. But vote. CBI and CID all take up the case to take the pressure out of the Public Mind. During the past 5 Years what has been done so many raids etc No one could be touched.or not keen to touch them after all they are political comrades. more  
I don't think any sincere effort has been made. more  
Factually & Practically there is NOTHING TILL DATE except the past procedue to ""curb on corruption".

On the controrary the very dept itself is devitiating from their very Duties and Responsibilities entrusted to them.

In a given matter the written complaint along with documentory supporting for ILLEGAL & UNAUTHORIZED TRANSFER of CAR (SUV) by RTO personnel's was lodged.
Even after THROO Years the complaint was NOT GOT REFISTERED.

Over &above the Very Complaint along with relevnt documents were OFFICIALLY passed to the culprits Dept,as if the (Anti) Curruption Dept is working under the RTO Dept.

The Hight of the episod is - even after FIVE years (Literally SIX Years) the Investigation is "still on" BUT the Properties worth sevral crors of rupees (More than Rs. 40 Crs) never ever get seized, securred, Confiscated - Reasons best known to benificieries and culprits are scotfree openly roaming since years.

Nearbaout 8 Bailable & Non Bailable warrents (NBW) are issued by various Courts BUT Accused are NOT FOUND/Not seen by/to Investigators (Roaming openly, even present & Represented in Court).

What we need today is honest officials with Proper Forum to knock the doors for Justice.

It does not mean to say that all are in the same boat, but the factual incidents well eveident more than volumes. more  
Privatization is no solution to eradicate/curb corruption. It is in our blood. Even in private companies it is widely prevailing. Unless we develop disciplinein our life from road to Parliament corruption would continue. Mr K C Rana is right to state that the state governments have to take initiative to curb corruption in offices under them. Under the present Govt. at the center, corruption has come down but in the states it is unabated. more  
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