Time to enlighten the common man with contact program

Vicious campaign by the political parties
I, like many other vocifurous supporters of BJP and our PM Modiji on their thumping victory could not relish the happiness for long due to the malicious Media campaign and almost all other political parties joining hand and oppose and pass drastic comments on the Government's functioning day in and day out.

The lies spread by these people who do not think of the welfare of the country and the people and only think of their success in the last few months are:-
1. The Govt. is anti minority and is encouraging Hindutva organisations to attack people of minority religions.
May be certain comments made by some of the BJP leaders and other units could have been avoided. Overall the audacity of these so called minority leaders, supported by the so called secular parties needs to be curbed and certain amount of such talks and actions are really required. Ghar Vapsi programme is not an evil as portrayed by these elements as especially Christians have done and have been doing mass conversions of Hindus. The failure of the media to broadcast the truth behind church attacks, earlier attributed to Hindutva parties and widely so portrayed shows them in poor light. Tolerance has some limits, but when things are going this way for long, isn't it necessary for the Govt. to react strongly and make statements to the public to spread awareness of the truth behind.
2. Even the speech given by President Obama in Town Hall Delhi was entirely incorrect with regard to so called religious intolerance in India. He could have been a tall leader, an admirer of our PM and well wisher of India, but he made a wrong statement and the GOI has not gone on record refuting it, which is not right.
3. Again early this month, certain US forum for religious harmony made a comment that in India there have been many incidents of church attacks and religious intolerance, which was totally untrue. RSS leader has dismissed the views expressed by the forum by a detailed statement. But we supporters of the Govt. are still wondering why GOI left the job to be done by RSS after a few days instead of itself issuing a statement. Such statement should have been made by the Govt. spontaneously.
4. The GOI's crackdown on erring NGOs is a commendable action. They did not care for the big name and such action is long overdue. But the excessive and unnecessary comments by the US Ambassador to India, Mr Richard Verma on this action by GOI and his sermon to GOI needed to be condemned by the Govt. and failure to do so has hurt supporters like us. When GOI could condemn the action of Pak High Commissioner for having talks with Hurriyat leaders, the least the Govt. could have done in this case is to correct the Ambassador's statement immediately.
5. The Govt. amended UPA Govt's land bill by doing away with 'consent' clause so that people (not necessarily the farmers) with vested interest instigated by the so called activists will not obstruct the project. This was a good move coupled with increased sale consideration (four times its value). When it comes to actual acquisition, we feel an average farmer would be happy to sell the land. But all the parties, especially Congress twisted the facts saying that BJP is trying to loot the farmers. Lesser parties like JDU, RJD and SP joined ranks with Congress in accusing the move as anti farmer, utilising the opportunity. Congress held many rallies spreading falsehood to farmer community. It is a moot point how much farmers got carried away with this malicious campaign. It was pitiable to see the Parliamentary affairs Minister Sri Venkaiah Naidu defending the land bill with a lament that the opposition do not want the suffering farmers to become richer and move to other vocations. Anna Hazare also made announcement of opposing the land bill calling Sri Modi as anti farmer. In one of the Congress rallies, ex UPA minister Jairam Ramesh stooped to such a low level raising slogan ; Narendra Modi, Kissan Virodhi'. It was funny and irritating sight to see BJP spokesmen defending the bill in TV media in most of the useless debates.

My thinking as well as that of most of BJP supporters are :-
1. BJP's Parliament election campaign was well conducted, but most of the credit goes to the active work of RSS cadres and the tireless work of Shi Amit Shah and Shri Modi. Why is the energy which we saw in those campaign days missing now.
2. Shri Subramaniam Swamy used to fire salvos to the detractors, I have seen earlier. Why are people like Shri Swamy in BJP made use of to make public aware of the welfare measures and the Government's line of thinking.
3. Under the leadership of ever efficient Shri Amit Shah, leaders should have been earmarked for different regions of the country and they should have held rallies, explaining the good intentions of the Govt.
4. BJP has been enrolling more and more members, but the best move would have been to combine the enrollment drive with setting tasks in this direction for the cadre, identifying leaders in the existing and new party cadres. It was Modiji who worked tirelessly during elections and after the Govt has started functioning, it is the duty of the party think tank to take over the campaign forward to sustain and grow the support base.
5. We have not seen any mass contact programmes during the last one year to spread awareness and truths, but only have been witnessing high pitched falsehood and anti Govt. rhetoric, drowning the voices of the Govt.
6. We do believe that under the leadership of Modiji, ministers work 16 hours a day, but that does not preclude them from participating in such contact programmes in various regions.
7. It was irritating to see the Govt.'s image being tarnished in TV and print media in the last few months, ably supported by almost silence of BJP leaders. I do not understand the strategy of remaining silent over a long time when mud is thrown at you, especially during present times when Gandhian thinking will not work.
8. In May 2014, BJP seized the moment to dethrone Congress and have been doing very good job in the direction of country's development and empowerment of people. But isn't it the party's duty to sustain the momentum and thrashout / knock out the opponents with bang.
9. It is amusing to see so many headlines such as 'Govt. is on back foot', 'Govt. has been cornered', 'Govt. goofed up' in the media. Most of the educated and elite understand that media is mostly bought out by Congress and vested interests, which can be seen in the comments to the blogs/news made by BJP supporters who outnumber those of Congress.
10. RAVINAR an ardent supporter of BJP, who writes in 'Mediacrooks' has vented out in his latest blog his feelings at the party's failing to rise up and prevent spreading of the false hood by Congress and others. If you happen to read comments on various articles in electronic media, most of the commentators are perplexed in seeing their refuting misleading articles, not supported and complemented by dissemination of truth to average citizen of India
11. Time lost can not be gained and this inaction from Govt against the malicious campaign is slowly bringing frustration and restlessness to BJP supporters like me. It is high time that the confidence of common supporters like us is restored at the earliest
12. It was heartening to see young Ministers like Mrs Smriti Irani and Mrs Badal Brar recently taking on Rahul Gandhi in the parliament. Taking the fight to the opposition is the right way.
13. CBI action against the wrong doings of Vadhra and action against other wrong doings of the dynasty and IT defaults of a major Media group are overdue and after so much of hesitation Vadhra probe is commenced. No further time should be lost and similar action commenced at once.
14. News is spread that all decision making in PMO centric and the work of the ministries remain stagnant. Knowing Modiji from his Gujarat days, he is well experienced in handling Govt. affairs using Corporate management methods. Steps should be taken to dispel this wrong opinion among people
15. In sports arena it is always said that complacence should not creep in and it holds good more so in politics.

It was announced that a detailed white paper will be given to all BJP MPs who would then visit their constituency and explain the people on the completion of one year of BJP's rule. But I wonder why this should not have started immediately at the conclusion of the budget session.

The sooner it is done it is better and would augur well for the grand long term vision of our great Prime Minister. Any bungling in this area by the party's think tank would be doing worst disservice to that brilliant visionary more  

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I understand that, as long as BJP is doing the right things for the development of the country, there is no need to look at others' comments. more  
1. Time to enlighten the common man with contact programs. It is essential. 2. The case of Delhi is deplorable. Delhi state chief must restrain and discuss with colleagues before making instant comments. Sometimes such comments reflect political immaturity. It is giving negative feeling about the BJP. 3. What's need of criticizing AAP Govt instantly on their foolish acts. Wait and then express agreement with some public figure from common man. 4. I repeat, 10 crore membership drive may prove a balloon that may burst any time in the absence of connect up with common man. more  
My comment on the article has been reviewed as per mail of 17.05.2015 as not worth to earn any point. But the same views/comments on, as per the mail on the following day, have been given 3 points. I am a little confused of the reason for such evaluation. Request clarification for my future guidance. more  
You have come out in the open, Thank you for the verve with which you have written this. Very true, it is high time we meet every single farmer to explain the focus of the bill and how it is beneficial to the farmer. Party workers need to be educated about the neo middle class rising up to sell their lands and come over to cities looking for greener pastures, what their aspirations are, how the bill benefits the agrarian coolie who works for wages in the farms and how to talk convincingly to them. Imagine our plight in TN where literally no work is taken up--how can you expect victory where language and Dravidian parties are still greater issues. more  
The article is good and quite comprehensive. We must however realise that the role of the opposition, in the Present scenario, the Congress Party would like to bounce back to the power. It is now for the BJP and other supporting Parties to take the fight more to villages, and Jhuggi clusters. It is, whether we accept it or not, a fact that these are decisive forces in any election whether for Centre and or states. The BJP in particular must not believe in GOOD FEEL FACTOR, going by the information in the Media-National or International, or the clustre of the the Business Houses. The Party must spread the highlights of its Policies and its likely effect on people, through paper media, electronic media and social sites very emphatically- whether it the Land Acquisition or GST or any other important bill/s and also on the other measures initiated by the government. BJP if fail in it, it may cost dearly to it, as we saw in the past. more  
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