The complications of cataract surgery? Very rarely.

Can you describe the complications of cataract surgery?

I am having cataract surgery in a few weeks. Can you describe the possible complications?
A cataract is a clouding of the normally clear lens of the eye. As the condition worsens, you may experience blurred or dim vision, increased glare, double vision, nearsightedness and worsening night vision.
Surgery is the only effective cure. During cataract surgery, the doctor removes the clouded lens and replaces it with a clear artificial lens. Cataract surgery is generally very safe. I know, because I’ve had it. But all operations involve some risk. Following are some potential complications:
EYE INFECTION. You will receive antibiotics before, during and after surgery to minimize this risk. If you do develop an infection (symptoms include red, swollen, painful eyes and a decline in vision), see your doctor right away.
SWELLING AND FLUID IN THE RETINA. Symptoms include blurred or reduced central vision. This can be treated with steroid injections or non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drops.
SWELLING OF THE CLEAR COVERING OF THE EYE (THE CORNEA). You may notice blurred vision or halos around lights. This complication is often temporary.
BLEEDING INSIDE THE EYE. You may see blood or have blurred vision and floaters. Bleeding often clears on its own. Occasionally, surgery is needed to clear the bleeding.
RETINAL DETACHMENT. This rare complication, in which the retina pulls away from the blood vessels that supply it, is an emergency. It can be treated successfully if brought immediately to the attention of the eye doctor.
INCREASED GLARE. This can be temporary or permanent.
DISLOCATION OF THE REPLACEMENT LENS. If the lens shifts out of place, it may need to be repositioned during a second surgical procedure.
CLOUDING OF THE LENS CAPSULE. The capsule is the thin, clear membrane that surrounds the lens. It’s the pouch inside of which the lens sits. Clouding of this membrane is usually not a significant problem and can be treated with laser surgery, if needed.
INCREASED PRESSURE IN THE EYE. Medications can usually control the pressure.
ASTIGMATISM. Distorted images, caused by irregular curving of the cornea, can be managed with glasses or surgery.
STRABISMUS. Your eyes will be crossed, they won’t focus on the same object at the same time, or you’ll have double vision. This is sometimes temporary. If it is permanent, it can be treated with eyeglass modifications or, rarely, eye muscle surgery.
DROOPING OF THE UPPER EYELID. If the drooping is severe, it can be treated with lid muscle surgery.
Maybe you read this list of possible complications and thought, “It sounds like the surgery does more harm than good!” Don’t get cold feet. These complications are unusual and treatable. When I had cataract surgery, I didn’t have any of these complications — and nor do most people.
Cataract surgery


The ophthalmologist makes a small incision about an eighth of an inch long in the side of the cornea.


Using a small, needle-like probe called a phacoemulsifier, the doctor directs high-frequency sound waves through the lens to break it into small pieces, which are then gently suctioned out through the probe.


The artificial lens, which is folded to fit inside the probe, is inserted through the same incision.


The new lens unfolds inside the lens capsule and is held in place by tiny loops called haptics. more  

This seems to be going too far on a forum like this where the aim is to provide basic information on eye care issues...and to carry the message forward that `it's important to go in for periodic professional eye examination' - Dr Narendra Kumar, Ophthacare Eye Centre more  
Complications of ReLEx SMILE include: suction-loss during surgery epithelial abrasions small tears at the incision site difficult lenticule extraction perforated cap cap tear transient epithelial dryness interface inflammation diffuse lamellar keratitis (DLK) corneal abrasion corneal edema interface infiltrates loss of best corrected visual acuity ghost images blurred vision haze undercorrection overcorrection induced astigmatism FemtoSecond Laser assisted surgery Complications:- Caution for Glaucoma patient, Myopic patient,any retina or macula pathology. An increase in intraocular pressure (> 65 mm Hg.) during suction, (b) an acoustic shock wave during laser ablation, and (c) a rapid lowering of intraocular pressure when the suction ring is decompressed. These mechanical stressors have the potential to damage the vitreous, retina, and macula. Many patients report increased floaters (posterior vitreous detachment) Read more Complications of femtosecond laser?assisted cataract surgery ( The complications were as follows: suction break (2%), conjunctival redness or hemorrhage (34%), capsule tags and bridges (20%), anterior tear (4%), miosis (32%), and endothelial damage due to cut within the endothelial layer (3%). Capsular block syndrome associated with femtosecond laser?assisted cataract surgery(Journal of Cataract & Refractive Surgery Volume 37, Issue 11, November 2011, Pages 2068?2070) Suction loss during femtosecond laser-assisted cataract surgery.J Cataract Refract Surg. 2014 Mar;40(3):493-5. doi: 10.1016/j.jcrs.2013.12.004. Epub 2014 Jan 27. Intraocular pressure profiles during femtosecond laser-assisted cataract surgery.J Cataract Refract Surg. 2014 Nov;40(11):1784-9. doi: 10.1016/j.jcrs.2014.04.026. Epub 2014 Sep 24.(The increase in IOP during the suction phase of femtosecond laser-assisted cataract surgery was statistically significant compared with the baseline IOP. Caution should be taken in patients with ocular conditions that are vulnerable to IOP fluctuation.) more  
For more information you can visit more  
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