Wonderful news. When I was a child, my grandmother put a drop of this milk in the lower eye lid when i had itchy granular eruptions in my eye. A couple of applications cured me. This is as far as I am concerned. Other users may take proper advise before application. That this plant Euphorbia is edible is again a good news. And this is a freely available and wildly growing plant in bushes and on roadsides ! Other varieties of Euphorbia are Euphorbia Lathyris (called Gopher Plant or Caper Spurge) is supposed to be poisonous as per Homeopathic literature. Therefor caution is advised for use especially for eye application. Instead of outrightely rekecting the usage of this plant for itchy granular eyelids, some study by experts in the field is a must, as this is a very effective remedy and has absolutely no cost to it. j

Amman pacharisi is called Asthma-plant in English and it is a wonderful herb that we should all know about. It is native to India and you will find it growing abundantly everywhere. If you can identify amman pacharisi plant, I am sure you will find it everywhere. Especially after the rains you will find it growing in abundance. It grows up to 50 cm and the leaves are situated opposite to each other and they are a bit coarse to the touch. This plant's botanical name is Euphorbia Hirta. It is usually easy to identify plants that produce flowers, but with plants that does not produce flowers you have to be a bit careful, as many plants look alike. Apart from matching the plant with the pictures given, try to match the plant with their other unique characteristics. For amman pacharisi, if you break any part of the plant, white milky substance will flow out. Amman pacharisi is an edible plant and usually it is cooked along with lentils and had with rice for lunch along with little bit of homemade ghee for treating ulcers in the mouth. The best medicinal use of amman pacharisi is it's use in treating warts. In fact it is one of the best, natural treatments for treating warts. Just applying a drop of the milky substance on the wart everyday will soften the wart and then with regular application, it falls off on it's own. Please don't get scared to apply the milky substance on the skin, it does not burn or cause any allergies. This treatment has been used for many years in South India for treating warts. When doing this treatment apply the milk daily till it falls off, it might take a week or two depending on the size of the wart. The smaller the wart, the quicker it will fall off, when you are doing this treatment. more  

My request to Dr Narendra Kumar is simply which specie of Euphorbia has Dr Samar referred to so that the poisonous plant can be avoided. The specie which is shown above is non poisonous as my own experience is with that specie. Thanks for the additional information as regards preparation of medicines under various systems. And I am not going to prolong this discussion beyond this. Thanks Dr. Narendra. more  
We need to understand that allopathic medicines may be either derived from a plant or synthetically made in the laboratory; ayurvedic medicines are generally plant-placed (and the plant and/or its various parts can many-a-times be used as such); and homoeopathic medicines are distillations of plant/plant secretions.As such, making use of the plant product in its natural form and making use of its distillation product as a treatment means you are using an ayurvedic product in the first place and a homoeopathic product in the second place.Nothing more needs to be said...and in any case `there is no end to a discussion'!Dr. Narendra Kumar, Ophthacare Eye Centre more  
Can Dr. Narendra Kumar explain which variety of Euphorbia is referred to by Dr. Samar Basak? The one which is discussed above, or the one which is referred to in the Homeopathic literature. A drug called Euphorbia, in homeopathy is used for oedama of eyelids, erythema of skin followed by fine bran like desquamation, itchy skin forming deep ragged ulcers when scratched etc. and some other symptoms. more  
An article by Dr Samar Basak et al in Indian Journal of Ophthalmology, July-August 2009, reports the serious complications of accidental inoculation of Euphorbia's milky gel...and asks people not to take chances with its use as self-medication - Dr Narendra Kumar, Ophthacare Eye Centre more  
I request Dr Narendra Kumar to do some deep research on this topic and advise our members about this plant application. I personally used this plant for cure of itchy granular eye lids and I am perfectly alright now. more  
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