Eye Care - 5 exercises

Exercises to help you care your eyes naturally

1. Blink your eyes: Sit comfortably and blink your eyes for around 10-15 times quickly. Close your eyes and relax for 20-25 seconds. Now focus on your breath and wait for few minutes. Repeat this exercise for about 5-6 times every day.

2. Rotational viewing: Sit and keep your head still. Focus your eyes on your right thumb and make a full circle with it. Repeat this exercise five times each in clockwise and anti-clockwise direction. Repeat this with your left thumb. Close your eyes and relax.

3. View sideways: Sit and look at a point straight in front of you. Keep your head straight and shift your vision to the extreme left side. Look straight for some time and shift your vision to the extreme right side. Repeat this exercise 10 to 20 times. Close your eyes and rest.

4. Near and distant viewing: Stand or sit near an open window with a clear view. Focus on the tip of your nose for 5-20 seconds. Repeat this for about 10 to 20 times. Close and relax your eyes. Also observe your breathing pattern during the process. Inhale during close viewing. Exhale during distant viewing.

5. Up and down viewing: Sit and raise your right thumb up keeping your arms straight. Follow the movement of your thumb with your eyes. When it raised to the maximum, bring it down slowly to the starting position. Keep focusing your thumb all the time. Repeat the same process with the left thumb. Practice this 3-5 times with each thumb. Close the eyes and relax. more  

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Excellent suggestions for better Eye care..... more  
You can also useful "Takflur" if excessive use of computer and mobile to relieve eyes. more  
Good information. Suggest some good eye drops also as lot of strain due to use of computer and mobile. more  
The same eye exercises as taught in Akhil Bhatiya Yoga Sansthan as well as few leading naturopathy centers with some minor changes in sequence and addition are as under. These can be better done in standing pose and also in sitting pose with back straight and head in vertical position 10-15 times with slight wait on extreme sides. Please note that head should not move with movement of eyes. 1. Move both eyes up seeing roof/sky and down as close as to your feet. 2. Move both eyes side ways as far as possible. If in room see your left and right walls respectively. 3. Move both eyes diagonally (If in room see your left top front corner then right back down corner) 4. Repeat both eyes movement on right top corner to left back down corner. 5. Rotate both eyes in anticlockwise direction. 6. Rotate both eyes in clockwise direction. 7. Stretch your right or left hand in horizontal position with fingers folded and thumb raised. See the thumb at distance. Now slightly move your thumb towards eyes with tip in between the brows. Please make sure that eyes remain open and only one thumb is visible (No double or blurred vision). 8. Rub both palms to create some heat between palms, close your eyes and put your palms on your both eyes for some time till little cooling. Remove your palms from eyes, slowly open your eyes for clear vision. This exercise is sufficient for 3 times instead of 10-15 times for other earlier exercises. The above is complete set of eye exercises. Indian Yoga and Naturopathy Sansthan (Jindal Naturopathy Center), Bangalore also taught few years back the following for reducing power of lenses for distance (short sighted) for children below 18 years of age as under. Do the above 8 exercises. Now lit a lamp with oil. Keep it at a distance of about 2-3 feet at eye level. See the flame without blinking the eyes as much as possible few times. Finally exercises no. 7 & 8 of eyes. The power of distant lenses may reduce. more  
Very helpful advice. Thanks more  
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