Stray dog menace

Productive discussions taking place in This thread on addressing the menace of stray dogs. My cousin got bit in Sector 93 market last year. Luckily there was a man with a stick and the bite wasnt deep enough to require injections.

Noida authority why is it so hard to do a tie up with Delhi NGOs for this or you open your own center and pick up service.

If the residents have to take a stick for morning walk or be scared, The administration has failed them. more  

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I certainly would support the suggestion made by Mr. Basant Bhatia. In addition I would also suggest that the SO-CALLED animal rights activists, have to take the responsibility of ensuring that ALL STRAY DOGS are STERILIZED within ONE YEAR. Alternatively the strays have to be eliminated. more  
What do you mean by Strays can be eliminated????????? Kindly explain and Ill have Ms Maneka Gandhi foundation deal with you directly then just because you are a senior citizen doesnt mean you cant say and do whatever you feel right !! It's the human population that is on the rise do we talk about that ?????It's humans who have used all the nature resources completely to be not left for future generation do you want to throw some light on that /????We will be short of water supply because of this are we doing anything about that ?????? BTW Sir a man raped one of our stray dogs last month , do you want to talk about that ???? Are we even concerned the atrocities happening with animals around ?? Such hypocrites we are that we pray to god the same god who has created animals wildlife and nature and BTW we are not SO CALLED ANIMAL ACTIVISTS UNLIKE YOU PEOPLE were are not just talking about human rights we also talk about human's duties !!! more  
Rachita, are you saying that Noida Authority need not act on complaints related to street dogs menace? They can have a meeting with animal rights activists on behalf of Noida citizens and persuade them to start stray dogs camps, plan sterilization campaigns and work out how best to utilize these animals. Let this be a citizen support service launched by Noida authority. Perhaps Mr Padam Law will like to support this suggestion. more  
Dear Mr Bhatia, animal lovers in particular area need to be proactive in contacting the spca Noida government organisation and ask them to sterilise and vaccinate the dogs in that area !!! Also please note that sterilisation process cannot be done entire year because it is harmful for dogs if done in particular season !! more  
Stray dog messiahs! Can you instead work on a support role or employee role in a center for stray animals and take them off the streets of Noida so our children dont get bit. more  
OH MY GOD how many children have got bitten what about children who throw stones on them do we teach them how to be compassionate towards other living beings created by GOD ???????? should I talk about such cases ???? I too have children and none of them have faced any issues with strays till date !! don't take one off cases and talk about it I have 100's of cases and pictures and videos to show how they are beaten up !!! YES We are messaihah's wish we had a place to keep them off the roads , which city in India does not have strays ???can you name one ??? You are talking as if you are living in China the only country where there are no strays because they eat them up more  
Depth of bite is not relevant. If a dog is Rabid, injections must be taken. I agree that stray dogs is a major menace. Strays are supposed to eb sterilised by the Municipality, but this never happens. At least I have never seen any team doing this. ANIMAL RIGHTS activists are a bigger problem than the stray dogs. Why don't they take these stray dogs to their homes and look after them? more  
Sector 49 (opposite police station) is another area with a number of street dogs who are biting the maids working in living area and also attacking the children. I had contacted the concerned supervisor in Noida Authority. He wanted me to accompany him to trace the stray dogs. I am a senior citizen (77.5 yrs) & can not be expected to walk around in the sector in search of street dogs. Will the Noida Authority caution their employees to do their assigned duties & not harass senior citizens? more  
This does not come under Noida Authority prevue , also Sir , please ask animal lover in your area to get them sterilised and vaccinated nothing more can be done as per Laws !! more  
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