Twin Tower demolition

Friends though I am at my parents place in Kolkata, here are the do’s don’ts i received from a friend for those near by 1 km radius of twin towers. Also a video shot by a fellow ats resident is attached educating on whats happening.


Close the windows and the doors tightly at the time of the blast and do not open unless required for ‘a few days’ after the blast. Unless the rain gods are kind, or the high wind speed disperses the dust, the particles can remain in the air for many days. The dust particles that enter your home settles on the floor, furniture, upholstery, curtains, floor mats, carpets etc. Please ensure you clean all the surfaces – daily at least once, or even multiple times if you see the dust visibly. Do not do dusting with a cloth or duster, try wet mopping or vacuum cleaning only. Because dusting will only disperse the settled dust back into the air. To remove the dust permanently from your house, use wet mopping or vacuum cleaning. Wash all the linen and curtains a day after the demolition. It will be good if you can roll up and store the carpets for a couple of days after the demolition. If you have an air purifier, plug it on. Else switch on the ACs, if you live close by. Make sure you clean the filter before and a couple of days after the blast.

If the pollution levels are high people may experience sore throat, itching in the eyes, nose, and skin. Some senior citizens may experience lethargy and feverish feeling. You may experience general body aches and pains as well for a few days. The patients on Inhalers may feel chest congestion, increased cough, runny nose, nasal congestion, sore throat etc. General mood swings and irritation may be observed.

As an individual, please take all your existing medications for your BP, Diabetes, Asthma or any other medication that you may be on as per your doctor’s instructions. Asthma, COPD, or other lung-related disease patients, who are on Inhalers, can take a few puffs for a few days following the demolition. more  

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Why can't authorities planned to sprinkle water by using helicopters in the radius on of one kilometer just after the blast so that all the dust particles come down and not spread much? more  
I have already written about the punishment to those who permitted the construction of these residences, quite some time back. But as usual such officials get scot free. more  
About 2-3 days back CEO, Noida Authority had visited the blast site where she was reported to have indicated that some action had been initiated to punish the officials who were responsible to let the illegal twin towers come up. But, there was nothing specific. more  
Kindly pray for safety of the towers just across the road. If the rubble mound is going to be four storeys high (about 12-15metres, conical shape) how much will be the spread at ground level. more  
It is fine that we would soon get rid of the two towers of corruption. How about those who let the towers to come up? Have they received the punishment they deserved? Is the demolition of towers would be a lesion to the builders of the day? more  
Such demolition is usually a highly controlled blast and not likely to affect any other building in the vicinity. So do not worry too much. Anyway it is a good idea to keep doors and windows closed. more  
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