Stark warning by Chinese CDC on Deltacron

CDC China has issued Stark Warning On Deltacron (full report attached) It says 'The “Wolf” Is Indeed Coming' Recombination variant is a 'Grey Rhino' event (highly predictable, slowly emerging, obvious threat that is ignored or minimized by decision-makers) Past variants may not have been 'worst-case until now. I hope the Govt acts on the Localcircles report that says expand genome sequencing and enforce masking/social distancing and dont start flights from nations experiencing surge

China's CDC with their wealth of knowledge on Coronaviruses has decided to comment and release what appears to be a stark warning about Deltacron.

'No recombination events involving large genomic fragments (like “Deltacron”) have been found in SARS-CoV-2 before.'

The deeply respected and knowledgeable CHINESE scientists write about the Deltacron variant, that as professor Leon Kostrikis who first identified the variant warned, it has the spike of Omicron (infectivity) mixed with Delta (implying higher severity of disease)

'A total of 36 amino acid changes is found in the S protein compared to the prototype of SARS-CoV-2 . Among 36 amino acid mutations, 27 were found in BA.1, 5 mutations were found in AY.4, and 4 mutations were found in both AY.4 and BA.1'

They note that this is not the first time Sars2 has recombined, however, Deltacron is different...
'However, these inter-lineage recombination events only occurred in some loci of the genome. No recombination events involving large genomic fragments (like “Deltacron”) have been found in SARS-CoV-2 before.'

Indeed Deltacron is a first in this regard—a true hybrid variant..

They then talk about the possible future recombinations events given this new finding:
'The frequent genetic recombination of CoVs would lead to the emergence of novel viruses. Further, the most important threat of the emergence of these novel recombinant viruses is the possibility of cross-species transmission . The most recent example for that is two canine-feline recombinant alphacoronaviruses with extremely high genomic similarity (99.4%) have been isolated from humans by two independent research groups in different countries'

On past variants:
'Although the emergence and subsequent spread of these VOCs has had a huge impact on global health and economy, it may not have been the worst case until now, as recombination (a major mechanism bringing genetic diversity to coronaviruses) hasnot really emerged on a large scale and shown its power before the emergence of “Deltacron.”

The emergence of “Deltacron” is therefore a “grey rhino” rather than “black swan” event.

A 'grey rhino event' refers to 'a slowly emerging, obvious threat that is ignored or minimized by decision makers. The climate crisis and disruptive technologies are two examples of this type of threat. Grey rhinos are also called “known unknowns.”

A 'black swan event' typically means a massive out of nowhere catastrophe that nobody could've seen coming—Grey rhino means the opposite—catastrophe that everybody could see coming.

'Deltacron is just the beginning' they warn' This kind of uncertainty is doomed to increase the likelihood of generating a novel recombinant virus with unknown risk to humans.'

Unfortunately, rather than listening to the early warning given about Deltacron in January by Prof Kostrikis and others—the establishment criminal lying psychopaths decided to deny what was happening.

As such valuable time has been wasted—allowing for more and more Deltacron to spread—much of the Deltacron spread has largely gone undetected due to the fact it takes specialist equipment and knowledge to detect it.

Deltacron has since been detected in multiple countries—with india seeming to have somewhat of an outbreak of the variant already with 550+ cases reported already.

It's worth remembering of course, that Omicron and all the 'sub-variants' of it: BA1, BA2, BA3, are already as different from eachother as Alpha is from Delta—so the fact that BA1 would recombine in this manner with Delta is certainly not good news at all

Many have suggested that because Deltacron appears to have not picked up pace yet it's nothing to be too concerned about it—as the Chinese CDC has illustrated here: the opposite is true: in fact it opens up a whole new chapter in Sars 2 saga. more  

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People are now tired of hearing negative news of Covid. Better to talk on some other subjects sighting positive sides. more  
See yesterday Times of India , Economic times . Due to war & Boycott conditions the China Sea port is Full & there is No space. Hence COVID is existing now. foolish HINdians are still believing on Chinese propaganda News. more  
Continue to wear mask, keep distance, and be safe, notwithstanding the veracity of this post. more  
Harpal Sing Ji yes she does, and I have the freedom to point out my thoughts too. That most Indians would agree with me that listening to Chinese CDC is not the right thing to do. more  
You are really out there now, posting something from China CDC? Do you not have any idea that this is our enemy and they are the ones knowingly let this virus spread. They are the evil in the world. Stop posting this idiotic stuff. more  
The post is a misuse of the free facility of starting a topic with an information to which the members have as much access as she. more  
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