Speed Money for Clearances

Speed Money for clearances has been a common practice used by Indian companies and multinationals.

While some companies have engaged in this directly, majority have used consultants to pay these bribes.

We would like to seek your inputs on how the concept of speed money can be eliminated in India. What is the role that market regulators and industry bodies can play in this regards.

We look forward to your inputs!
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1.There is no punishment for delay or not working.punishment only for mistakes. no work no mistake. 2.no one gives complaint for fear of police and court. 3 the corrupt are not afraid of cases as cases will not be settled for generations or at least till their retirement. Now the trend is FAST FOOD,FAST RESULT AND FAST AND EASY MONEY. Long live fast trend. more  
- Why are payments to state and central govt not online. For e.g my insurance renewal with a national insurance carrier - they refuse payment online. Either they don't have the facility or they don't want the transparency. - Once the payment is made there should be a time bound period for resolution or giving required approvals. All rejections should be scrutinized by an independent board on request of the person. If wrong has been done the officer should be penalized and punished. - Accountability and transparency sadly lacking therefore the govt officials take advantage of the people and ask for bribes. - Fast track punishment should be given and all property and funds should be seized. - Currently the law does not freeze the illegal gains of the criminals. They get bail within a few days and go back to enjoying a luxurious life and buying their freedom. - Make online transactions mandatory, remove middlemen, resolution should be time bound, punishment should be swift. more  
Accountability Or Termination, ACB with help of common man caught, red handed cases r pending & common man r troubled as mentioned by Mr. Shankar Saran. OR such babus / corrupt persons should be handed over to common man. OR this day young generation will bring coz. of frustration (Past / Present record & fact of all govt. r same). more  
'Speed money' can be stopped only if the giver takes the help of the ACB and gets the taker caught red-handed. But who is going to do this in business and endanger his own business prospects?I got one doctor arrested for taking Rs 2000/= bribe for issuing a certificate.I had to spend Rs 2,000/= in fuel and attend 4 hearings and waste several days of my time, not to mention the risk to my life. I suggested to the P.M. that (i) at least the govt. should reimburse my expenses. Regrettably, no action was taken. (ii) Govt. must announce big cash awards for people who get corrupt people arrested for corrupt practices. There will be an avalanche of such initiatives by the citizens of this country. Regrettably, no action was taken. After all, the customs people get rewarded for seizing contraband items.Why on the same logic citizens cannot be rewarded? Regrettably, no action has been taken on my good suggestions. I tell you, we are living in a stupid country with cheats and terrorists at various levels of the govt. itself. How can you bring change unless the government is live to the demands of the society? You write to the govt. official. He / she will just not reply! They do not have the courtesy or sensitivity to consider it their obligation to reply. These corrupt people in the government, judiciary, income tax, legislatures etc. do not want corrupt practices to be banished from the face of this country. That is why I say, a revolution is required and a benevolent despot has to rise up in the society to command this country for at least a decade to pull us out from the filthy condition in which we all are living today. more  
Unless we make all compliances web based and with very simple forms, with no discretion with the officer, meaning that either they are accepted or rejected through artificial intelligence, the practice will never stop. This is also true in taxation where despite the forms being cleared, there is again a physical audit and one has to file a physical challan instead of online payment and later the challan is to be again uploaded. Such procedures merely lead to appointment of consultants who offer to do it on your behalf and companies find that a better way to be certain with compliance or obtaining licenses permits and so on. Again many licenses are to be renewed annually with again filing of forms and so on. They can go the automatic renewal route, with may be only a renewal fees, if necessary. more  
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