Shouldn’t India move to 60 hour work weeks

It is heartening to see Rajesh Suri ji’s post on how PM Modi told Ministers yesterday to improve work ethics, not work from home but be in office and on time.

I think the private sector employees need similar work ethics. We are a young country who has to achieve great things and we shouldnt hesitate to change laws and have 60 hour work weeks.

Also employees that are lethargic, arrive late, leave early, spend time watching videos and facebooking or tik tokinh at work regularly must be given one warning and terminated. We cant afford low productivity. Only then we will have proper work culture.

Firing 10 tax officers was a great step and the nation should be on its toes and working hard if we want to achieve great things.

Poor work ethics need to be replaced with pay for peformance.

Like everyone’s views. more  

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On Thu, 13 Jun 2019, 10:30 am Vishal Khanna, <>

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2nd & 4th Saturdays weekly off for Banks, etc. shld be withdrawn. Other than big festivals like Durga Puja, Lakshmi Puja, Saraswati Puja, Diwali, Holi, Eid, Christmas Day, Independence Day & Republic Day all other holidays shld be withdrawn. more  
My suggestion is all seven days working but an employee must get two days weakly off & work 40 hrs in a weak i.e. 8 hrs per day even in PMO secretriate if PM wants to work 16 hrs a day then why not he deploy two team per day ,no body is indispensible. more  
No. Straight forward no.
60 hours a week means 12 hours a day for 5 days or 10 hour a day for 6 days. Add 3 hours a day in traveling if leaving in a metro cities. Doctors suggest for minimum 6 hours sleep to be healthy. 2 hours for exercise and get ready for office.
If you are going for 5 days then only 1 hour is left for your dinner/wife/children/social activities.
If going for 6 days a week you have 3 hours for your dinner/wife/children/social activity. But in this case you will have only one day weekend to spend with your family, friends and household work to be completed.
This way there will be no increase in output.
Though there are still many places where employee are harassed to work for more than time asked at the time of joining. We should remove this trend and give employee a good work culture. more  
My view is entirely different. Two major changes I did in my departent in the PSU are:
1. Announced that nobody is indispensable! Hence, leave must not be denied to anyone, except in an emergency. Leave is granted to only confirm that the person is not as indispensable for the organisation as thought by him/ her!!!

2. No one shall stay beyond duty hours of 8 hrs!

All this worked fine.

It is my observation, people try to stay beyond duty hours to show to their boss that they are doing a good, dedicated job. All this is nonsence. I told my team that working beyond duty hours is a sign of inefficiency!

If you analyse th style of working in India, people come late, go early, spend lot of time in socialising during duty hours, taking 2 hrs. Lunch break, instead of 1 hr., etc. All this takes a heavy toll on efficiency.

The western world is already going with 5 day a week but we have 6 days a week work schedule.
They are now thinking of 4 days a week. It is all a thing of efficiency and good governance.

India needs to emphasise on punctuality, effective utilisation of time and good governance. Regrettably, we have incompetent Bara Baboos in offices and corrupt ministers....... that cut at the base of our efficienct. more  
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