Serious & Frank Thought Process

As many might have seen, and read, Im an ardent supporter of the BJP, and cant see my party loosing. But, Im begining to ask myself the following questions, which r wide ranging:

01. Why, though, as we all know that, Shri Modiji himself and much of his Cabinet r totally Non-Corrupt, were we not being able to catch the imagination of the Delhi voters?

02. What is the big single difference between Kejriwal and the various Delhi BJP leaders? What does he have which they dont?

03. Kiran Bedi has an unblemished career. Top of the line. No 2 opinions of that. She is leagues ahead of Kejriwal, which even the Aam Aadmi know. Why did we still loose then? If the same Kiran Bedi wud have accepted Kejriwal's proposal of joining AAP and being their CM candidate in 2013, AAP wud have stormed to power in 2013 itself.

04. If the same Kiran Bedi wud have joined Congress now, then Congress wud have definitely managed to recover a lot of lost ground. Such is her unblemished record. Why did she become a liability to the BJP then? As, it is clear now, that, she had.

Im trying to compile some sort of sensible replies to myself. Which r as below:

01. For some reason, when AAP got 28 seats in Delhi in 2013, since then, BJP Delhi unit got spooked or afraid of him. Actually, BJP was not expecting the loss in 2013. Everything was tailor made for them. 15 years of total corruption in Delhi, anti-incumbency, Rahul Gandhi, nepotism, etc. Heck, the corruption in Delhi won us the elections in the entire country in 2014, but we cud not win Delhi itself in 2013. That made the Delhi BJP unit fear Kejriwal. Which showed heavily in 2015.

02. After the massive landslide sweep of all 6 Lok Sabha seats in Delhi, the Delhi unit went to sleep. Depending on Modi to win the elections for them. Instead of regular contact with the voters, they got so much immersed in Shri Modiji's powers, that, they forgot, that, elections r won thro mass contact, and not by sleeping.

03. When u r in politics, and aspire to wear the white cloth, then, we shud be careful not to sit near an open drain. Kejriwal opened his attack by referring to Satish Upadhyay's Electricity Meters being supplied by his company. And no effort made by him to counter it.

04. Somehow, I cant get over my anger at the media taking sides. I think the media single handedly destroyed Ms.Bedi's persona. Specially that guy called Arnab Goswami.

05. AAP resorted to dirt cheap guerrilla tactics as regards campaigning. I mean, putting thousands of posters on rickshaws calling her an 'Opportunist' was bad. Really bad. Im surprised, why no street action was taken against them. A Street fight wud have hyped the issue and built some opinion on their below their belt campaign. Rather, like nice people, we went to the EC for a complain.

06. We did not put up posters of Sheila Dikshit or Raja or etc as Corrupt, or any name calling. Everything was restricted to rallies.

07. We did not respond when he called us 'Sab BJP Chor Hain'. That is serious. He and entire AAP including Media accused BJP of getting personal. But, he accused entire BJP of being thieves. How personal can it be, more then this statement? How personal can it be more then calling Ms. Bedi an 'Opportunist'? We shud have hauled his to court. Immediately!!!! That wud have stopped him dead on his tracks. Ditto Satish Upadhyay. The day they accused him of supplying fast moving meters, he shud have taken them to court. What were we waiting for? Were we waiting, for he or his team to call us as Pro..tutes and to take legal action??? Sorry for my language.

08. Finally, 2 more points..We shud take issue of corruption more seriously. I dont know why, issue of corruption doesnt open a fire in our belly, as it does to Kejriwal? I asked myself, in my 2nd question. What is the single big difference between Kejriwal and us??? This is the difference. We all want corruption to go. But, we dont allow corruption to fire up our belly as it has fired him. From where he has gained inspiration to fight the mighty BJP and Shri Modiji on the streets.

09. If one wud compare Delhi, it is like a single gully in a city called India. Winning a gully where u r born and brought up as compared to going to the numerous thousand gullies of the city with their own neighborhoods and backgrounds and winning them is serious business. Winning a city and trying to replicate the same on an entire state, and many such states is serious business. If it were so easy, the Shiv Sena wud have ruled Maharashtra non-stop since 30yrs, though they r ruling the BMC non-stop for the same period. They never came close to ruling Maharshtra ever on their own. And now, it seems they never will.

10. Having said that, this loss shud drive BJP around the bend and emerge much stronger. We shud have more leaders who have anti-corruption fires raging in their bellies. All said and done, whatever impact Shri Modiji can do at the Centre, which he is doing greatly, what matters to the common man is his daily life. more  

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Bjp could not atract Delhi public inspite of image of Modi and clean sweep of party in few states. BJP should fulfill their promises, made during elections. Seats allocation shall be for best people who do not have criminal cases against them and having less property/middle income group. I think people of Delhi is not satisfied with the performance of BJP Govt at centre.However BJP should try hard in future and polical leaders shall have to be honest and work for people
G.K.Naidu, Hyderabad more  
While I agree with a few conclusions like complescence of workers after parliamentary wins and lack of appetite for fighting corruption, I think a very critical factor of tactical shift of Muslim votes enblock from congress to AAP is the key to the victory of AAP, not so much the other factors. Having Muslims on BJP side is not easy given the vicious propaganda of all other parties to bag that vote bank. Slum dwellers and auto rickshaw wala were already with them which BJP failed to make dent into. Distribution of tickets has also contributed to morale of workers adversely. With this it is futile to search for reasons which are frivolous and may lead to wrong actions. more  
I have written it earlier also and writing it again -
1. BJP made it a fight against AK while AAP made it a fight against BJP
2. BJP always remained defensive against the offensive AAP. Take some example - If posters on auto were put 'AK Vs Jagdish Mukhi' - BJP/Mukhi retaliated by going to court/EC. Imagine if BJP would have put same poster with ''Oppurtinist" below AK's picture and "Experienced" below JM's poster - what a positive rebuttal it would have been. Similarly when AAP put posters of AK & KB with Honest Vs Opportunist, had BJP placed the same poster with "Honest & Inexperiened Vs Honest & Experienced, the impact could have been quite positive. It would also have given BJP spokepersons some convincing points during media discussions.
3. Against Free water and subsidized electricity, BJP should have questioned on the resource crunch and then Modi's vision on "Increasing resource and decreasing cost". This would have gone well for BJP. Modi touched it in his address at Ramlila maidan, but BJP failed to encash it.
4. BJP's MLAs (32) did not keep their ears on ground and remained complacent about Modi wave. They should have worked with MCD and locals while spending 4 Cr and should have marketed it well.
5. KB's entry at the last moment without consulting BJP leaders was against BJP's own policies (cadre-based party). Calling MPs at her house even before being declared CM candidate and not waiting for even Harsh vardhan who was late by few minutes must have angered every party worker, leave alone the MPs. She should have been trained well on how to get aligned with own party leaders before being nominated.
6. BJP could not handle Modi Suite issue well. It didn't question who put the cost to 10L and the necessity of Indian PM to be different in front of the president of the world's wealtiest and mightiest country and also that Modi donates his earnings to poors and that ultimately its auction with fetch money for NGO working for poors. Whether it was a small issue or big, it is not important what Modi is, at election time it is more important how he is percieved to be. And BJP could not tackle the negative perception.

Some advises now for BJP:-

1. Make it essential that whoever joins party from other parties has to work for the party for at least 6 months before assigning any responsibility. They need to be trained on party ideology and learn to mix with those who have been their opponents thill they joined the party.
2. All contestants whether won or lost, must remain in touch with their local population and MCD. They should speak loudly along with people to force AAP Govt to either fulfill the promises (which looks impossible) or get exposed. They should make disgust visible.
3. Central Govt should take actions to make its delivery of promise visible. For example, One rank one pay for Ex-servicemen was the first promise that Modi did when he took up the electioneering is yet to be fulfilled - the Dharna of Ex-servicement on 01Feb must have made negative impact. Similarly, with falling oil prices, it must regulate the transportation cost and bring them down. more  
Please read this very informative article, which reveals the truth about all AAP's lies. I do not know how these untruthful people can use Mahatma Gandhi's name in their campaign. more  
I got a clipping from some of my friends on AAP. Mainly the Congress and other parties votes have gone to AAP whereas BJP votes were intact. may be .50 percent less. please see the clippings. It is to be debated. more  
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