Response to Ms.Barkha Dutt & MSM

Dear Ms. Barkha,

Gone through your letter to our PM. Word by word. Para by Para. Are you sure Ms.Barkha that, you have included the entire gamut of points/issues which you should have, in your letter to none less then our PM? All issues which need to be raised in a letter to the Nation's PM. A Nation which is among the 5 most Powerful Nations in the World. Which makes him among the 5 most Powerful men in the World.

Or, have u been selective again? Again, and again and again and again. You and your ilk have continued this farce for more then 2 decades now, and it is we not Mr.Modi who are sick and tired of this farce.

I cannot but fathom, that, you people simply dont see the writing on the wall for yourselves? Mr.Modi has come today, he may go tomorrow. But, I wont even touch his reference while addressing you and your ilk today.

Coming back to your letter, it has appalled me when you referred to your coverage of Kargil as one of your main achievements, when, the fact is, you have been officially listed by our Indian Army, as one of the persons responsible for revealing the critical positions of our Bofors Guns and troop positions. In this time of National and Anti National debate, you were the 1st person who was stopped short of being termed one (anti-national) by none less then the Indian Army 2 decades back. And, the BJP wasnt even remotely involved in this narrative. You might come out with an argument that, the Indian Army has issued a clarification, etc, etc, etc. But, nothing removes the truth that, there is a strong section in the Indian Army, some who might have retired now, or in higher positions now since those days 2 decades back, who directly blame you for the loss of life of our brave hearts. To remind you, you yourself had to come out with your clarifications on these allegations on you.

Media!! What is the meaning of the word Media??? What should have been the role of Media in India??? Finally, what Media is actually doing in India??

Media by definition means 'Means of Communication', and also means the plural of 'Medium'. It (the word Media), was first coined 2 centuries ago, where it was seen as a singular form or Medium of Communication to the general population about distant happenings which otherwise they wouldnt know about for days, months or even years.

Ideal example is this 'Opinion' of mine. I strongly feel about a certain issue, and I want to convey this to the masses. I search for a Medium to do this. Hence, this Medium is the Media. The same goes for hundreds of Opinions you post on your website or which are regularly posted on the Print Media or other Media House websites on a regular if not daily basis.

Thats it. This is the function of Media. This is and should be the A to Z of Media. From where did Media graduate from Opinions to Questioning??? Like you are shouting from the Roof Tops today that, 'Will you give us a certificate of Nationalism?', I am questioning you all, who has given you the right to question?? From conveying Opinions to questioning, this gradual transition has been achieved and funded by whom?

Your job ideally should have been to just convey us the news, then later your Opinion (if need be), and then leave it to us, the viewer, about what is good or what is bad. What is wrong, what is right. Who is right or who is wrong. Which Political Party is right, or which one is wrong. But, it seems, you have taken it on yourself to guide us as who is right or who is wrong. I question why??? What is your stake in trying to guide us to form our Opinion?


Here again, there is a big difference. You are just the Medium. You are the Medium where you will employ certain individuals called as Journalists who will just cover and convey their opinions. And most importantly, you wont be selective in your coverage or your opinions. At times you will also convey opinions of eminent personalities or columnists.

Those were the days, when people had to wait for the next development of a certain situation for 24 hours. But, now, you have the 24x7 situation. Which means, your job and profession becomes all the more responsible. Prime Time today, resembles a fight to death among Lions in the Masai, between rival Media houses, with all of you openly displaying the TRPs of rivals. The target audience for you being the gullible Indian.

The Country is in chaos. And, you are to be blamed. Like you, I wont be selective in naming anyone. There are basically 6-7 of you responsible for this deadly situation. Yourself, Vikram Chandra, Rajdeep, Sagarika, Bhupendra Chaubey, Rahul Kanwal & a few others. By trying to question in your worthless debates and news coverage, you are assuming that the average Indian, whether he is farmer, stone cutter, or Software Professional does not know how to form an Opinion.

Let us refer to the Patiala House incident which all of you are so shocked that, and which has made you ignore the core issue of anti-national sloganeering at JNU. I will best answer this by quoting an incident involving your own kind, the famous or infamous Rajdeep Sardesai while covering an event of our PM in USA. He was heckled by some supporters of Modi while he was interviewing people outside the venue. What does he do, which the actual videos later reveal, is, he himself physically assaults one of them. Which was initially conveyed as he was initially assaulted. Now, if taking physical action has to be condemned as you people are shouting over the roof tops, then who will castigate Mr.Sardesai. In fact, forget about castigating him, he received a word of sympathy from the PM himself. If Sardesai was right, so were the lawyers. If the lawyers are wrong, so was Mr.Sardesai. Under US Law, a physical
assault amounts to a serious charge, which could lead someone to the slammer starting from a few months to even a few years. I wont even delve into the consequences if the person (Hindu bigot as termed by Mr.Sardesai's wife) who was physically assaulted by Mr.Sardesai would have pressed charges against him.

If he has got an argument that he was heckled and he lost his patience, which can be a very plausible explanation, then, the lawyers too can claim that, they too were instigated by incidents at JNU and also a certain instigation even at the Court Premises. Did anyone care to interview the lawyers immediately on the aftermath of the incident? The answer is no! Why? Why because, out of fear that, if these lawyers r interviewed, they will give their version, which, right or wrong has to be aired by you. Definitely, these lawyers will give a version supporting their actions. Which you will be forced to air. This will definitely lead to a certain opinion formulation from viewers. Which is what you dont want. So, what do you guys do instead? You give non-stop coverage exceeding 24x7 of this incident and make these lawyers look like villians. And, then gradually go after one week and take their views, which by now, you are aware are irrelevant, due to your non-stop coverage of the incident.

Where did your slogan of bringing news by the hour, and by the minute go?

What you guys have tried to achieve meanwhile?

- To divert the attention of the nation from the more critical JNU Anti-National sloganeering.
- Turned the debate into a Freedom of Speech, National-Anti National debate.
- Turned the debate into a debate on doctored-undoctored videos.

Where-as, the debate should have been only and only on the JNU Anti-National Sloganeering, has turned into a Media Circus where the audiences range from the elite to the dumb.

Coming to the issue of 'Doctored Video' of Kanhaiya Kumar, you guys have been doctoring Opinions, views, incidents and proofs since more then 2 decades. In fact, most of you, if not all of you have made your valuable high profile careers based on Doctoring of News. And, you shout yourself hoarse about a single doctored video. Let us assume for a moment that, the video of Kanhaiya was doctored. But, was the entire JNU incident doctored? What about the doctoring of proofs & opinions on the Ishrat Jahan & Godhra case. Where an entire establishment and media used all it's might towards fabricating proof against just one person? That too not for a week, one month or one year. But almost 15 years. How many lives you guys have destroyed in the process? Your continuous harping on Kanhaiya's doctored video is akin to a dreaded Mafia Boss seeking justice from the law for someone puncturing his car's tyre. Silly!!! Downright silly!!

Do u know when does a Dreaded Mafia Boss come wailing to a Police Station to complain about his Car Tyre? It is when he realizes that his game is up. His days have been numbered. His hegemony has been challenged and he has been left alone to fend for himself. Which is now your situation.

Finally, coming to your letter itself, you obviously feel like a Marvel Comics heroine while indulging in this letter. But, where was your heroism when the nation was subjected to an unbelievable amount of scams during the 10 year reign of the UPA. Did any of you write an open letter to our ex-PM, Mr.MMS, when:

- The Coal Scam broke out?
- The Common wealth scam broke out?
- The 2G Scam broke out?
- When Italian Marines were allowed to run away after committing a crime?
- National Herald Case?
- Girl Child Trafficking in India?

Your continuous coverage on the Government's attempt to enforce the Beef ban, was extremely mischievous. You did not make any attempt to educate the people that, there is an existing Beef Ban in many states (in fact all the states except 2-3 states) since Independence, which was not being implemented by successive governments, and which the present government was trying to do. Rather, you made it look that, this was the Present Government's new rule which was being implemented or enforced. But, let us say it was a new rule, my query is, why dont u allow the Government to implement certain set of rules. Why dont you allow people to judge, what is good or bad? Why dont u allow them to take a call in the next elections whether they like the new rule or not? Why are you so hell bent on creating a narrative to oppose this new rule?

The Government surely has not got a mandate to rule the nation forever without going back to the people each five years. But, the Government has got a decisive mandate for 5 years. First time in decades. Doesnt it have the right to implement rules and legislation? If your argument is that, this government has not been elected to enforce bans, then, were the previous governments mandated or elected to enforce scams? Statistics say that, more people die due to heart disease of which consuming red meat is the major cause, then Car accidents in this world, or for the matter, in this country. The number of people who die of Heart Disease every year in the USA is approximately 750,000, as compared to 150,000 due to accidents. Which is approximately 5 times or more. Did you involve any nutritionists in any discussions on red meat (which includes beef), who might just end up saying that, this move to enforce the ban is actually a good one. I have many Muslim and Christian friends along with their families who have shunned Red Meat on a permanent basis.

Do you know the implications of writing a letter to the Nation's Prime Minister? It should be done with a sense of purpose and conviction. And you should back yourself up with facts and figures. And, you should be ready if his office gets back to you to question you the basis of your letter, and your previous history in similar such situations.

What is your qualification?? Masters in Mass Communication? Rajdeep is Master is Arts? Vikram Chandra has a 3 months Mass Communication course?? What are these qualifications? I am an Engineer. Are you more qualified then me? If you guys can see a sword. I can see the hand carrying the sword. I can see the body supporting the hand. I can see the head over this body. I can also see his mind entrenched in this head guiding his hand. I can also the see the other minds controlling this mind.

With this I end my attempt to make you see reason. I also take this opportunity for a live debate with you, Rajdeep, Rahul, Sagarika, Vikram & Chaubey all at one time and one location. You can pick the question and topic. I shall come empty handed. I will have just my head with me with my mind deeply and firmly entrenched in this head.

You can reach me at or

I am eagerly awaiting your acceptance to end this malice in our nation permanently.

Surya Rao more  

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रवीश कुमार, अब जनता @NDTV और आप जैसों की हिप्पोक्रेसी को समझने लगी है! वाह रवीश! आज एक अर्णव गोस्वामी, एक दीपक चौरसिया, एक रोहित सरदाना आपको टीवी का स्क्रीन ब्लैंक छोड़ने के लिए मजबूर कर रहा है! आज आपको टीवी एंकरों पर पश्चाताप हो रहा है! लेकिन जब आपके इसी एनडीटीवी की एक संपादक बरखा दत्त की रिपोर्टिंग के कारण कारगिल में जवान मरे, 26/11 में एनडीटीवी की रिपोर्टिंग से आतंकवादियों को सुरक्षाकर्मियों के एग्जेक्ट लोकेशन का पता चला, तब आपको ऐसी रिपोर्टिंग पर शर्म महसूस नहीं हुई! तब आपने खुद और अपनी एनडीटीवी को टीबी का शिकार नहीं बताया! रवीश, जब आपके ही चैनल के बरखा दत्त का नाम 2 जी स्पेक्ट्रम की दलाली में सामने आया और नीरा राडिया के साथ उनकी बातचीत के अॉडियो को देश ने सुना, तब आपने टीवी स्क्रीन अॉफ कर वो आवाज किसी को नहीं सुनाई, जैसा कि आज सुना रहे हैं! जब इसी एनडीटीवी पर पूर्व वित्तमंत्री पी चिदंबरम के 5000 करोड़ का काला धन हवाला के जरिए अपनी चैनल में लगाकर सफेद करने का केस चला तो न आपको शर्मिंन्दगी हुई और न पत्रकारिता को बेमौत मारने पर पश्चाताप हुआ! लेकिन आज हो रहा है, क्योंकि आज हर पत्रकार की अलग-अलग आवाज है, क्योंकि आज इशरत जहां को निर्दोष साबित करने के लिए पत्रकारिता का वह झुंड बंधा चेहरा सामने नहीं आ रहा है! रविश कुमार गमगीन आवाज में टीवी के पर्दे को काला कर पटियाला हाउस में पत्रकारों की पिटाई की घटना पर बोलना एक बात है, और उसके लिए निकाले मार्च में दांत निपोरते हुए सेल्फी-सेल्फी खेलना, बिल्कुल उसके उलट बात! मैं दिल्ली पत्रकार संघ का कार्रकारी सदस्य हूं! पिछले एक साल से मैं और मेरे पत्रकार साथी नेशनल यूनियन अॉफ जर्नलिस्ट के साथ मिलकर देश के अलग-अलग हिस्सों में पत्रकारों पर हो रहे हमले, उनकी हो रही हत्या के विरोध में मार्च निकाल रहे हैं, इस सरकार से पत्रकारों की सुरक्षा के लिए एक मजबूत कानून की मांग कर रहे हैं! अभी-अभी आजतक के एक पत्रकार की उप्र में निर्दयता पूर्वक हत्या हुई, उसके विरोध में हमने रैली निकाली, लेकिन उसमें न आप आए, न राजदीप सरदेसाई, न बरखा दत्त, न अभिसार, न सिद्धार्थ वरदराजन, न उर्मिलेश एवं वो अन्य जो आज पटियाला हाउस की घटना को पत्रकारिता पर हमला बता रहे हैं! रवीश वो एक पत्रकार की हत्या थी, और एक नहीं कई पत्रकारों की हत्या हुई, लेकिन बुलावा भेजने पर भी आपमें से कोई एलिट पत्रकार पत्रकारों की जान बचाने के लिए निकाली गई एक भी रैली में नहीं आया! फिर आज क्यों नहीं आप अभिजातवर्गीय पत्रकारों के झुंड को मुख्य मुद्दे से देश का ध्यान भटकाने की कोशिश में लगा हुआ माना जाए? मुख्य मुद्दा! 'भारत की बर्बादी तक, जंग चलेगी-जंग चलेगी!' 'भारत तेरे टुकड़े होंगे, इंशाअल्लाह-इंशाअल्लाह!' एक बार भी आपके बंद टीवी स्क्रीन पर सुनाई जा रही अॉडियो में इन नारों की आवाज सुनाई नहीं दी! देती भी कैसे? यही तो हिप्पोक्रेसी है! यही पाखंड है! आप कहते हैं अदालत का निर्णय आने से पहले ही कन्हैया और उमर को देशद्रोही साबित कर दिया गया! आपने भी तो अदालत के निर्णय से पहले पटियाला हाउस के वकीलों को गुंडा करार दिया! पटियाला हाउस की घटना पर आप कह रहे हैं कि दुनिया ने देखा और जेएनयू की घटना पर आप कह रहे हैं कि वीडियो से छेड़छाड़ हुई! रवीश आप कब पत्रकार से जज बन गए आपको पता चला? इशरत जहां और सोहराबुद्दीन मुठभेड़ की अपने चैनल की रिपोर्टिंग व आपकी एंकरिंग आपको याद है या याद दिलाऊँ श्रीमान जज रविश कुमार! फैसला तो उस पर भी नहीं आया है, लेकिन टीवी स्टूडियो में इशरत को मासूम, निर्दोष और शहीद कबका करार दिया जा चुका है! रवीश, सोशल मीडिया ने जब आप लोगों से जज बनने का अधिकार छीन लिया, पत्रकारों व एंकरों पर सही रिपोर्टिंग के लिए दबाब बनाना शुरू किया तो झुंड बांधकर एक लाइन पर हो रही रिपोर्टिंग का दौर समाप्त हुआ! अभिजातवर्गीय पत्रकारों का एकाधिकार टूटा! तो आप जैसों को सोशल मीडिया और अलग लाइन लेने वाले पत्रकारों से दिक्कत होने लगी! रवीश असली समस्या पाखंड और पाखंडी पत्रकारिता व पत्रकारों के उजागर होने का है और यह मैं एक पत्रकार की हैसियत से जान-समझ कर यह कह रहा हूं। मेरा भी 15 साल की पत्रकारिता का अनुभव है और बड़े आखबारों का अनुभव है! यह इसलिए कह रहा हूं कि जो आपके गिरोह का नहीं, आप लोग उसे पत्रकार मानते ही नहीं! आज पत्रकारिता के गिरोह टूटने का दर्द एनडीटीवी के ब्लैक स्क्रीन और आपकी गमगीन आवाज से जाहिर हो गया! अब पत्रकारिता मठाधीशों के चंगुल से आजाद है! और यही जनतांत्रिक पत्रकारिता आप, Aroon Purie , Prasun Bajpai , Rahul Kanwal ,Karan Thapar ,राजदीप और बरखा जैसों को दर्द दे रहा है! #SandeepDeo #संदीपदेवPhone more  
She needs no introduction ;but irony is that she instead of being discarded for ever , bounces back. Strong back up -- certainly not pro-nation . more  
I want to add one more person who got affected and not even single coverage on him. He is Mr. Nambi Narayanan who was scientist in ISRO & got his career ruined due to one of the police officer atrocity. Independent Journalist Ms. Madhu Kishwar covered it and interviewed him. This is the link Later this police officer got very close with UPA regime (I read in some article). more  
Like of her some journalists during 2002 Guj riots took 5 Million dollars each from saudi arabia to cover only Muslim areas and discredit the country . They are Sonia stooges anti nationals working day & night to pull down Govt . who were bribed by UPA Govt to prevent BJP to come to power .They are permanent anti Modi journalists brigade stationed in Aajtak , NDTV CNN India Today . more  
 Unable to read contents. When *more.*.. is clicked, page of some Col Raja Chandra opens. Get rectified.Please. . On Thursday, February 25, 2016 7:35 PM, Surya Rao wrote: more  
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