Rear Seat Belt Mandatory

Shouldnt the Government first make all seats seat belt mandatory enforcement for every politician, official and Govt employee. Walk the talk and if you all follow it for 3 months, enforce on the nation.

Anyways those who are aware will start doing so voluntarily but the worst violators are netas babus and sarkari karamcharis. See in the case of masking compliance more  

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All are talking only about seat belts which come into play only when an accident happens. What about prevention of accidents? In the case of Cyrus Mistry's car accident, definitely the accident could have been avoided. 1. Was 140km/h speed needed? 2. Why was the truck on right lane? 3. Overtaking was done from left side of the truck, which restricts the car driver's front vision on left. 4. After overtaking, why did the car have to hit the divider? It appears, the car swerved suddenly to the right at high speed. Obviously, there must have been another car on the left lane in front which was visible only very late for the car driver. The road traffic officers have to formulate rules to cover all the above, not for just safety after occurrence of accident. It is equally important to avoid/prevent/eliminate accidents more  
You see the quality and wisdom of our rulers. When great "visionary" Laloo Prasad was ruling Bihar, his attention was drawn towards pit on roads. He replied that if these pits are filled, people will run vehicles at high speed which will lead to more fatal accidents. The rulers do not want the public to follow rules. So is the King so are the objects. Who should be blamed ? more  
I agree with point raised & comments by R Patil. My view this is one way of earning for Government as well for authorities further more for "TRAFFIC CONTROLLING AUTHORITIES like Police" by way of tips and challans. NOW Question: does all car have 5 seat belts OR belts as per passenger number authorized in car like: Maruta ERTIGA and many cars are 6 & 7 seater more  
dear chandrasekher wishful thinking and I think there is not a single person in his right senses and educated will have any good words for any politicians and majority of people employed in govt offices who hardly work but take home fat salary.They should be accountable. more  
But first make the roads worth driving. more  
Road condition has nothing to do with belt and helmet. more  
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