Bhartiya Nyay Sanhita needs to be rolled back

In just 15 days, from the 01st of July, the Indian law system will be turned on its head.

The BNS is about to begin.

Bharatiya Nyay Sanhita (BNS) gives massive powers to local Police all over, and anyone can be picked up by the Police and locked up for weeks.

Actually, months.

No bail. For months. 😳

On the slightest suspicion, for anyone. Even regular dissent.

Remember this means any one of us can be locked up. And Police of all states are being "empowered" to do so.

So a vicious new round of crushing dissent will commence. Action. Counter. Action. Counter.

Needless. Senseless.

A huge diversion from real issues. A Police state.

Bad idea.

Will crush fundamental rights and load the legal system hugely.

Lets work on rolling it back. Don't let India slide into a dark new chapter of civil chaos.

Everyone will suffer, every single one. more  

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It's going to help citizens who are scared of approaching judiciary because of prolonged legal process and lawyers who charge heavily without ensuring justice to the affected person There's this murder convict who is roaming freely posing as a decent guy,during past 30 years because he is one of the accused of murdering widow living in kothie built by her husband Widow was murdered despite living with her 2 married sons and their families on 2 floors This guy was the damaad who's buying law and maybe paying to middlemen or authorities to take No action This murder was a headline news in Delhi because it happened in kothie, opposite posh colony year around 2000. This murder accused is involved in tons of other illegal activities His weapon is to ruin reputation of vulnerable widows and then backstab them by involving them in legal process against siblings He is adept at involving false representative as police personal, sending them to homes of residents living alone and to scare them through police and fake cases Why didn't police catch him ? Because judiciary is slow As a law abiding citizen, feel happy for judicial reforms more  
The BNS, for your information will be helping all the Indians to get rid of a couple of centuries old penal system designed by the Goras for the people of a slaved country. We are now going to have our own 'Nyay Sanhita' having the Rules / Laws laid down as per today's requirement and most importantly it is designed by our own government for its own people. Let's all support this. more  
@Ms Ruchika L Maheshwari could you explain the sections in BNS that gives powers to police to act in the way and circumstances, described in your post. Even in exsisting laws of emergency Police had used its powers in the way mentioned by you. more  
How much you are getting to start Propaganda ? Pl. share with us. Only High qualified urban naxals, scholars will start crying. The Criminals whoever may be in gender , sex, age , religion , caste should be sent to hurrey house after conducting all inquiry in that matter within 30 days time. Sharia law should be strictly followed here. more  
Propaganda machinery has started working overtime. Even if not so, we need change. All laws have been and are being (mis)used by all Governments in past and sometimes Courts have taken corrective action. Lets have new laws in place and then point out deficiency, to be corrected as required more  
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