Read what a close aide of Mukesh Ambani had to say about Arvind Kejriwal

This is a super good one!

Four of us, Sunil, me, Mohit and Mohit were campaigning for AAP close to a mall, when
one gentleman, middle aged walked up to us and started speaking with us. He said he is
a fan of AAP and has been thinking of getting in touch with the campaign team. We
exchanged campaign ideas and ground situation for a bit. We then exchanged our
backgrounds and were listening to his when we were suddenly jolted by a line “I used to
work closely with Mukesh Ambani”.
We were gazing at him, wondering why, of all people, close aide to Mukesh Ambani
would be a fan of AAP. He said, corruption is so deep rooted in all of us, that fixing it will
require a disruptive force of the kind only AAP can provide. He narrated how crony
capitalism is the norm rather than the exception and he has seen almost every large
corporate indulge in corruption. When we asked him, what does he think of Reliance’s
role in this. He said, “the amount of information I have, is not even funny. I have seen
it all in front of my eyes through years.”
By this time, we had decided that today is going to be dedicated to this man. We listened
on. He narrated gory details about how top congress ministers circle around Mukesh
Bhai, touching his feat and even “seeking his permission before going to the loo.” And he
immediately added, “With Mukesh bhai, it’s not just congress, but BJP equally”. He then
told us how even the appointment of Modi as CM was consulted with Mukesh bhai, before being finalized. Our jaws dropped! Injecting Saurabh Patel, Mukesh’s cousin-inlaw,
into his ministry was part of the “deal”, he told us.
He said “A Raja’s son is right now working in Reliance in Mumbai sitting in this office
close by.” He told us about Milind Deora having worked in reliance and being
“essentially a useless guy”. On gas pricing, he said all this 4 $ , 8 $ and all are obviously
by Reliance pressure. He referred to Murali Deora and Veerappa Moily as puppets
(cannot use the original phrase here) of Mukesh bhai. He said, “Every bill that has
remotely anything to do with industry is first approved by Mukesh bhai before being
tabled in the parliament”.
Zapped by all this, Mohit asked “So, you mean to say that Mukesh Ambani essentially
runs a parallel government?”
He said “Parallel government? There is only one government.”

Our eyes remained wide, as we heard more. He took a deep breath and said “Mukesh
bhai is a gem of a person though.” We were like “Excuse me???” He explained.
Essentially the top 100 or so people in reliance are treated like family by him. He gave
example of how his father was unwell once, and without a minute wasted, was flown to
the best hospital in India and helped financially in all the treatments. Anything these
close people ever need, is fulfilled in a blink. Understandable, we thought.
But then came unexpected things. “Mukesh Ambani is not materialistic at all”, he said.
In my mind “materialism” is personified as Mukesh Ambani. Which saint lives in a 26
storey house, I wondered? “No, no, trust me. He works 16 hrs a day, and even in the
remaining 8 he magically replies to my notes. He would sit below in the parking and
share a sandwitch with me. Making money is just a habit for him. Just a number.”
He went on and on singing praises of how intelligent Mukesh is, how thorough in
business, engineering and sciences he is. And above all what a “nice person” he is. He
even went on to say that Arvind Kejriwal should meet him once, he would definitely like

Though, we weren’t convinced by this part of the conversation, it did become clear that
this man is, somehow, a fan of both Arvind and Mukesh. A dichotomy, I don’t know how
he resolves in his head.
I asked him “Ok, you think so highly of Mukesh and you also say that AAP is the only
hope for this country. What if your wish comes true and AAP comes to power and then
sends Mukesh Ambani to Jail. What will go through your mind?”
He said “That will be unfortunate. But if for the greater good this needs to happen, so be
it.” We could sense the emotion in his voice. “But you know what, this won’t happen.” He
added all of a sudden. “There is absolutely nothing Mukesh bhai himself has done that
can prove him culpable in a court of law. There are hundreds of people standing in a
queue, willing to go to jail for him. They have sold their souls to him.”

Interesting, I thought. We exchanged numbers. Next day he came to AAP office,
pledged to donate a thousand Aam Aadmi caps and went out with us to campaign. He
was very particular about “not wearing the cap or being seen as an AAP volunteer, as
Reliance guys are everywhere”. more  

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Dear Mr Mohan, I have gone through your post. I feel you will find this type of person who loves AAP iodology but at the same time will not forget the person like Mukesh Ambani who helped in his initial life by providing job and making him financially efficient.

He will never like to tell Mukesh Ambani should go to jail.I will also tell no, he should not.because definitely his knowledge on business has generated so much wealth for him. It is his hard work.He had the ERA when his family was able to manupulate & earn .But Now onwards as AAP and all citizen wants no corruption and if AAP came to power, we will not give any chance to do corruption, we will amend the law so that no corruption will happen. This should be our manifesto. Now we can only highlight all wrong doings but no need to tell the we will send anyone to jail etc.

We should be strategically strong to be in power and to do the most politically needed renovation.In DELHI we had a great Chance to show the world that, Yes AAP can do.I know Mr Kejriwal has that hungryness to change the face of politics and he and AAP will be able to. But this time we miss that Golden string of control because of fighting with these heavy weights. Hope all will understand my View.

We need only little bit Patience and strong strategy to get control and to do the things done perfectly.

Thank you. more  
AS the time passing we are founding the allegations made by Arvind ji are true. At the time while he was making allegations he may not submit proofs ,but what he was blaming are not gossips they are true allegations.Some examples: gas prices,foreign funding ,Ambanis etc.They may have some strategies that evidences are not kept at the time of allegations.We never live & dream in gossips.You may feel that most of the country has lived with gossips only created by the other political parties for the last 60 years .But AAP does not require gossips to have their say. more  
Dear Mr. K V R K VISWESWARA RAO, gossip must never be used to encourage supporters & well wishers of AAP. Gossip can only push them in to a dream world. I am also a well wisher of AAP and I am completly puit off by gossip. It is rather unfortunate that even our leader Mr. Arvind Kejriwal seems to indulge in gossip by making allegations without supporing evidence. This tendency must be stopped. AAP unfortunately seems to have made gossip as its USP. more  
Thanks Mr. Francis Dias for supporting my realistic view. I will not want to live in a dream world like some AAP members who keep harping that AAP will be the single largest party in 2014 elections?? more  
I agree with Vijay Manglani, not entirely though as all may not be gossip but certainly this looks like the figment of someone's imagination. To all of us AAP workers and fans and all such kind, we must harbor hope because the time for something like AAP has come. And when the time comes, there is nothing that can usurp the coming of things that are destined for that time.

My only thought is, none of us should be disheartened if AAP doesn't win big or enough seats. In my opinion, even if AAP wins just 10-20 seats that would be a beginning. Imagine a party just one year old winning this big! Be heartened by the fact that since the time has come, AAP must galvanise itself to be there all pervasively in every constituency and ready to go through the grind. By the time the next elections come, AAP will have also sifted through its ranks, to throw out the gravel and collect the wheat, so to say. Here's to good times folks. more  
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