Rating the Modi Govt

In case you are not in the Modi circle, they are doing 1 year poll there. Let us give them reality check so its not all Ra Ra..I mean give them as things are. I see NO CHANGE in last 1 year. Do you?

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Bhagat Singh ji,
Excellent comment by u on Modi govt.
He is now motivating poor people for insurance and pay the premium, to fill the coffers of corporates.
Subrata Guha more  
Is one year very short period to provide safety in railways, Should we wait for another 15 years because one year is very short period to bring such types of changes,HaS BJP Govt seen the infrastructure in NDMC schools, toilet facilities. meal qualities,Are such types of developments require 15 years.Our youth is not getting the proper employment.If these youth are appointed as contract workers in different Govt organization, they are not getting their salary in time,Why Insurance bill for farmers are still pending.Is this type of activities take 15 years.Why still BJP has not given Delhi as full state hood status,Is such type of activities require q5 years .

I am not a biased person, I also think about the betterment of unorganized sector & their immediate demand is about their shelter, good education & medical facilities

We have to make the reforms in their lifetime & not after their lives.

I tried my best to give some no. to BJP Govy, but I am failed to do so, more  
Amit Mishra ji, I partly agree with you, because things have worsened
instead of improving.
I rate the running Govt below satisfactory because only best thing was done
is relation with other nations by our PM. Otherwise it is fail at all
fields taken an example of telling grand lie ie In first rally of Mr Modi
at Rewari during 2013 he promised all soldiers (ex-servicemen and their
families to be looked after and sanction of one rank one pension which was
foretasted again and again but in vain.
In the mission of clean India, nothing happened more than making all of us
In the field of opening bank account and providing insurance to each poor,
is also totally false. All employees, pensioner were account holder, all
businessmen had their account in bank and most of farmers who took loan
from banks and got compensation in any form had bank account to en-cash
their cheque. Please see how much families remained without having bank
account in India. Bank accounts at 0 amount were opened afresh for who
have already bank account to represent grand success and now banks are
closing the accounts who have more than one account in the same bank.
Secondly no insurance is provided without paying any installment which was
promised/advertised. Now banks are compulsorily deducting money from bank
account for showing their progress on the name of insurance which are
totally non beneficial. No interest/bonus is paid on the premium money
while a person remains alive. Thus scheme is beneficial only for corporate
houses who are insurance company owners.
Soldiers are still awaiting for self respect as promised before elections
ie everyday they laid their lives as pronounced that we will bring many
heads, but in vain.
Till now no a single day came as good day.
Nothing became cheap as claimed by the Govt other than life of human being.
Rate of Crude oil in the international market came down, but in comparison
rate of oil did not reduced, but on reverse, increased. Thus there may be
very very big scam in providing benefit to these oil companies by sucking
the red blood of poor.
No job increased as promised.
Present govt expended a lot of money on the name of clean India, bank
accounts opening and on self advertisement which is worst being a self
praise out of tax money collected from all of us Indians. This may be
biggest scam of Independent India.which should be inquired by a independent

Farmers bore police cannon when they requested for fertilizers.
Land bill is totally against farmers and in favor of corporate houses.
Present govt is responsible for dividing the society on the name of
religion or caste or . .. . which is most worse for India.
Employees are grand victims of policies of current rulers.
There are so many other issues to be mentioned but good days are still
awaited more  
Dear All,
We should all feel proud of our PM Modi, as he has to his credit a welcome Indian new Map by China in which Arunachal Pradesh and J& K found not belonging to India.

I also quote an old quotation on this forum to refresh u all once again(quoted earlier by Sunil Aggarwal ji )

Subject: क्या मिडिया इन सवालोँ को छापेगा और टीवी वाले अपना ब्रेकिँग न्यूज बनायेंगे ?.
1. मोदी जी अमेरिकी गेस्ट हाउस मेँ ना रुक , 15 लाख प्रतिदिन किराये वाले होटल मेँ रूके ।

2. दूरदर्शन के कर्मचारी को गलत उच्चारण के लिए नौकरी से निकाला गया तो मोदी अमेरिका मेँ अब तक अपने भाषणोँ मेँ 9 बार गलत तथ्य पेश कर चुके है।

3. मोदी अपने पेड वालेँटियर द्वारा गुणगान करवा रहे है मोदी मोदी।

4. मोदी एयरपोर्ट से होटल तक अपनी गाड़ी से गये थे , बिना अमेरिकन सुरक्षा व्यवस्था के।

5. अमेरिका दौरेँ का पूरा खर्चा भारतीय दूतावास उठा रहा है।

6. न्यूयॉर्क टाईम्स अखबार मेँ मोदी के आने तक का खबर नहीँ छपा , 2002 के दँगोँ के कारण कोर्ट द्वारा समन दिए जाने की खबर जरुर थी।

7. वाशिँगटन पोस्ट ने मोदी की तुलना अमेरिकन नाचने गाने वालोँ से की है।

8. मेडिसन स्कवायर गार्डन को भारतीय भाजपाई बिजनेस मैनोँ ने कियाये पे लिया था।

9. पत्रकार राजदीप के साथ मारपीट की घटना पर एक शब्द भी मोदी नहीँ बोले।

10. शहिद भगत सिँह की याद मेँ एक लाईन भी मोदी ने 20 हजार को नहीँ बताया।

11. अमेरिका मेँ हजारोँ के सँख्या मेँ जगह जगह मोदी का विरोध हो रहा है।

12. भारत से सैँकड़ोँ लोग किसके पैसेँ पे मोदी साथ अमेरिका गये है ।

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I was also watching TV and matched my own calculations and was really happy to see the achievements of current Government.I have been watching various Governments and news papers in past few years and believe me none other government in recent years was bold or transparent and worked towards betterment with vision comparing to this government. Of-course opposition is united and they do not have any major issue against this government so they talk of some non-issues like 10 Lakh suit of Prime Minister or terming him a terrorist Hindu. Prime minister has controlled corruption, brought structural changes on which train of development have started moving . this has been recognized by even foreign watchdogs like S&P etc. I can easily give this government 08/10. more  
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