Pro performance attitude of Minidters in Narendabhai's Cabnet.

The pro performance attitude of the Ministers named as reported is most commendable and should bear fruits in due course. As one who has witnessed these misdeeds of Ministers and their cronies from close quarters, while working as Joint Adviser on deputation from IAAS with the Bureau of Public Enterprises from 1976-1982 and later as Director Finance of FCI and CCI from 1982-86, I can vouch that procrastination on part of PSU executives to fulfill desires and fancies of ministers and senior officials in the ministries resulted in financial ruin of many of the public sector companies. In fact this is one reason why the Government should not be in the business of running business houses itself. All existing PSUs need to be privatised keeping only bare minimum share holding and allowing full autonomy of operation to professionals with proper accountability to the share holders including Government. more  

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Sir, My sincere thinking is that with so many labour unions and vested interested political parties in play, pivatisation of PSUs though welcome move would not be easy.
The Govt defenitely would be doing this in phases more  
*Elected Assembly is the Mother of Government / Governance & it is the
supreme. It is the most empowered Body. *


*The Assembly consists of Citizens. **Let us consider as to what is the
status & quality of the present Citizenship? Define the scope & elaborate
the quality?*

*Is the Government properly & appropriately represented?*

* What kind of Governance is desired by the community with reference to
what is existing on the ground?*

*What element of refinement process is suitably desired in the short &
long term, with periodicity of review to measure extent of implementation
as per social relevance to suite the happiness and well being of all?*

*In case we fulfill the fitness of an affectionate & loving MOTHER,
then, supremacy can be earned to be bestowed & crowned as a supreme Mother
in the Governance of her children in the society in order to become
responsible, cooperative , happy in a collective relationship in the
society at large.*

*All this put together well mixed & grinded to a better taste will
ultimately empower the Assembly as a body to be a Mother in supreme m
position to experience comfort & satisfaction in community governance.*

*This is socio-economic & spiritual empowerment to be of a great Nation
of exemplanery cadre for others to imbibe the greatness in achieving the
universal happiness. Restoration of past glory.*

*To reach this destination of Motherhood, we need to culture the ideas &
thoughts from basics & fundamentals, to explore the path of implementation
in the given circumstances & in the prevailing environment. *

*The revised systems & processes to be put in place, with fixed time
frame , under review to achieve targets to touch & feel the ultimate
resultant social benefits that accrue to ensure satisfaction, goodness &
greatness that reach the people**. This is the most vital element to
get at it.*

*Govind Rao adapa*

* <>*

Warm Regards,

Govind Rao Adapa
Corporate Consultant
Vizag Information Technology Association- India more  

On Monday, June 9, 2014 11:18 PM, D. K. Jain Jain <> wrote: more  
All Indians are suggesters to find doers to make Dear Nardra bhai to breath
to preserve & possess the desires of community at large, it takes time &
Givnd rao adapa

Govind Rao Adapa
Corporate Consultant
Vizag Information Technology Association- India more  
Quality controls and certifications to be implemented rigorously so that
prevention of
errors & delays can ensure efficient service to society.
Govind rao adapa

Govind Rao Adapa
Corporate Consultant
Vizag Information Technology Association- India more  
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