Postings and Transfer Corruption - Inputs Sought

Of late, there have been posts by some members about corruption in State Government transfers and postings. We therefore would like to revisit this subject and seek everyone's inputs on what you or your family/friends have experienced/observed in this regard.

If you have a matter that is sensitive, you may do a new post with Post Anonymously option checked. That will keep your identity confidential.

We look forward to your inputs and look forward to taking up this matter to drive transparency in Govt Postings/Transfers.

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Not only a transfer or posting or promotion materialises without someone responsible in the process of promotion or benefit of some kind or the other being bribed . Any type of illicit earning results in either lavish spending or investment beyond known, legal sources of income.

Those who resort to lavish spending may be captured by recording in a video spending on occasions like wedding, birthday, anniversary, festival day etc.or even when the transfer of money or advantage passes from one hand to another (the recipient of benefit) by use of a free-of-cost App whereby secretly video is taken which gets transmitted automatically into the computer of ACB for ACB to launch proceedings against the beneficiary of corruption.

When the illicit earning is large enough for the benefit to invest the amount thereof in a property or gold or ornaments or company shares or similar valuable, arrangements must be made with the vendors thereof or Authorities maintaining records of acquisition of such Assets (like Sub-registrar of Assurances) to keep the ACB informed of the acquisition. Investigation and prosecution may be launched priority of attention being devoted on the basis of descending value. more  
This perhaps is the greatest evil in Indian administration.
I don't know if the rules for posting are available to the public.
Please let me know and direct me to this link.
Before I make any further comments, I would like to make myself aware of the mechanism of posting.
However, it is common knowledge that particular posts are auctioned for value of earnings it may produce.

If a lay person like me with no contacts in administration can think like this then this surely must be one of the most corrupting practice in Administration.

Best regards

Mohan Sangha

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Corruption is going unabated in States in all fields what to talk about postings/transfers/promotions. Corruption in the form of cash, kind and sexual
favours are in vogue. There are more givers thank takers. People want to
get the work done by hook or crook. The political parties do not want to make
policy about such jobs so that they can do it whimsically. There are 150-200%
man power in State HQ or near big cities but it remote areas, the man power is
20-50%. There is no independent body to check this imbalance to affects the
service delivery and education of children. People first get the job by using all
fair/unfair means and then look for comfortable place of posting for the rest of life.
There is no system in place to check the contribution/performance of any official
on monthly basis as the tax payers money for paying salaries/perks/pensions comes
for free. Unless the salaries are linked to performance, this menace will continue to
flourish. more  
In present scenario, corruption is like polluted air. It is impossible to get even a daily necessity like veg etc without paying bribery. It requires a very very strong acts and mass co-operation even to minimise corruption. more  
Postings and Transfer Corruption - Inputs Sought
Of course we know it is there. It is always demanded in cash. So demonetize and create a cashless society. more  
1. If election expenses/expenditures of MPs, MLAs, MLCs, Municipal Elections and Panchayat elections can be controlled strictly, the transfer and posting corruption cab be reduced drastically.
2. Maximum 3 years tenure should be strictly adhered to.
3. Complaints, corruption cases should be settled on priority basis outside our normal courts say CAT, and punishment should be immediate.
4. Some special/arbitrary powers of officers must be exercised by senior level.
5. Barring for class I or senior officers, transfers and postings for class II officers should be done by Departmental head. For third & fourth class staff it should be done at still lower level.
6. Those on medical leave during transfers & postings should be physically verified at home or hospitals, which if not found may be hospitalized. more  
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