Poor state of actions against polluters and concerns

This localcircles survey is super relevant. Whether u live in Delhi NCR or not u should read and share.

My concern is Center has passed a new law yesterday that dissolves EPCA (Bhure Lal) and the new commission is not up and running. In these circumstances who will holds these DMs accountable. Seems like a law with good intent and bad timing. It should have been brought in next February once pollution season was over. Only one boady was working for interest of citizens under Supreme Court orders which was EPCA and even thats gone now.


Details on the commission are attached. We need more action on ground. more  

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I agree. What was Good 73 years before for Delhi, may not be Good in the present circumstances. Industries may be shifted our side Delhi. These Industries must also have Treatment Plant for these Pollutant, at whatever cost it may involve. A similar exercise can be done for Mumbai also. A lot of Mill Lands are lying vacant and are Dens for Gundagardi and illegal activities. more  
Last year there was much improvement in climate and atmosphere due to fear of COVID and lock down. The public should learn and implement good practices. more  
There is only solution: Some brave heart in Delhi must move the S.C. on a PIL to pass orders closing all the polluting industries in and around Delhi. Neither the politicians nor the authorities in the Central Pollution Control board will do anything, nor have they done anything in the past 73 years of Independence to curb pollution of the land, air and water. This is what we mean by:MERA BHARAT MAHAN. more  
First learn spell check. more  
Celebrating Pollution We claim that in Bharat’, the most ancient of cultures is surviving even after centuries of division, inter domination and consequent subjugation by Islamic and British rulers. We survive because we imbibe and absorb any culture and faith in ours, the Vedic culture and the dharama, being based on the wisdom of the Shastras, is like an ocean. But then oceans too get polluted by the impurities poured into it by the rivers that flood many a lands in their passage with their powerful and voluminous assaults. Over the time the ocean does dilute these impurities and retain its own uniqueness. That is the way our culture has received these social impurities by way of alien practices & attitudes that have impinged on our celebrations. Such intrusions have rendered our gaiety filled seasonal & pious festivals into dangerously POLLUTED CELEBRATIONS. I am referring to the festivals like Dipawali and New year and many more. The pandemic Corona made us enjoy a quiet, clean and stress free ambience for months. We could see the blueness of our sky, a smoke-dust free air to breath, visitation by our cohabitant animals of the wild and variety of birds, not seen for a long time, turning up in our compounds to warble and frolic. All this had earlier disappeared because of pollutions caused by smokes, fumes, noise and suffocation caused by us humans. But our youth seems be obsessed with the idea that every celebration must be with bursting of fire crackers. The youth of today likes to have a lot of noise and glitter as if life is all that and cannot be enjoyed without it. Combined with their imbibed intoxicants it heightens their ‘pleasure’; mindless of the misery it brings to their families, sick neighbours, students, infants, elderly, animals, birds and even plants. This can easily be classed as OCD (Obsessive-Compulsive-Disorder). However, the same youth cannot withstand the mental stress brought about by setbacks-failures-rejections in their personal lives and some tend to even contemplate ‘suicides’. I am afraid to think of the future of our land and that of the world in the hands of this pusillanimous generation. Pyrotechnic (Fireworks) is a Chinese invention. It was introduced in our land by the Moghuls. They employed us, their poor slaves, to manufacture these from various toxic chemicals, putting us to health hazards, death & maiming due to accidental explosions. The British too enjoyed this flash-blast-glitter-fun providing artifact and encouraged it even more. After all it was not their lives which were at stake. Our self governments too never gave any thought to curb or ban it as they did for tobacco products. This ‘fun gadget’ causing acute pollution & death goes on being produced and our junta has got so much addicted to it that they cannot think of any celebration without it. The ‘DIPAWALI’ has become ‘PATTHAKEWALI’. The hypocrisy of heralding Rama’s return is that we are using an evil Chinese idea brought to us by Muslim rulers to honour our Lord of ‘Hindutva’, by sacrificing hundreds of lives of poor men, women and children every year to produce this artifact of fun. Consider the following statistics. 1. Statistical data of 10 years confirms 3447 deaths and many more injured across the country due to fireworks related accidents. In the same decade, the death toll from Dengue, for which the government and corporates spend Crores, is less than half of it. 2. On April 10, 2019 a massive fire from firecrackers claimed 109 lives and over a hundred injured at Puttingal temple at Paravaur (Kollam District), Kerala. 3. Diwali revelry took a tragic turn in Kolkata when a five-year-old boy, Adi Das and 40-year-old Deep Kumar Koley died when they were hit on the neck by fragments of clay flowerpot crackers. Eyewitnesses claimed that the child was not lighting the firework and was only passing by when the explosion took place and he was hit by the shrapnel. Mr Koley, on the other hand, was himself lighting the firework, a police officer said. 4. Every year during Diwali, the air pollution level rises to alarming levels due to widespread use of firecrackers. The human habitats are exposed to extremely hazardous air and noise pollution level during this festival. The toxic particles in the air increase by 5 to 7 times the safe limits and deadly chemicals remain in the air for days. 5. Firecrackers industry illegally employs women & children, where they work in hazardous conditions. We buy these happily, most of which are made under unsafe conditions causing many deaths and maiming of workers. 6. Firecrackers’ blast may be fun for us but for our speechless pets, animals and birds, it is veritably a holocaust. During the bursting of crackers, watch the behaviour and body language of the animals. Their tails are between their legs, cowering in fear they try to hide themselves, unable to stand the din. Dogs and cats have highly sensitive hearing abilities. They hear sounds that the human ear cannot. That is why sounds of continuous loud bursts are literally nerve racking. They sense danger. Dogs may display psychological symptoms of stress like shivering, drooling, howling and excessive barking. Most of them hide under furniture or look for dark corners to hide. Some suffer from loss of bladder control. Others get gripped with diarrhea. Vets say that a sudden bright burst of light can result in partial or even permanent blindness in these animals. Many lose appetite. Many animals need to be constantly reassured when the noise level increases. Animals and birds see the ear-piercing explosive sounds as a life endangering event. That is why they aimlessly run around in panic. The crackers have been known to cause deafness in animals and disorient birds, making them fly out of their shelters into alien corners in search of safety. As most birds have poor vision, especially at night, they bump into unknown objects and injure themselves. The bright glare of burning crackers can also burn or permanently blind birds. Owls, kites and bats are the worst-affected. Vets also point out that the sound of crackers also affect milch cattle. As the cattle is scared, adrenalin is released in its body which inhibits the flow of oxytocin , a hormone which helps the milch cattle to release milk, thereby affecting the production of milk. ( WHAT IS PEOPLE FOR ANIMALS’ RESPONSE TO THIS?) Knowing all these evil effects if we still insist on using the fireworks for our jubilation then we are becoming a generation of barbarians who derive their joy from sacrificing & maiming other human beings and animals and birds to celebrate. We also behave like criminals who feel great breaking the laws for pollution set by authorities. Why are we sticking to these remnants of slavery? Would we be able to retain our uniqueness as Bharatiye if we start imitating the world in all aspects? By pursuing such evil practices do we ensure that the Utopia (Ram Rajya) would return to our land? We have to help Lord Ram to defeat this Ravana from the north. Some right thinking citizens of this land did submit their petition to the highest court of the nation. They desired a complete ban on the use and manufacture of fireworks. The petition filed in 2015 took 3 years for the SC to give judgement on 23 October 2018, in this case of Sri Arjun Gopal (father of two infants on their behalf) VS Union of India . (https://indiankanoon.org/doc/63024516/) The SC however refused to completely ban the manufacture and use of fireworks. But it gave the following guidelines to implement the partial ban. 1. The Supreme Court restricted the use of fireworks during Deepawali and other celebrations to an 8-10 pm window only. However, For New Year, the time slot allowed is half-an-hour, between 11.55 p.m. and half-past midnight. 2. The court banned crackers that are loud and toxic to man, animal and the environment. It banned the manufacture, sale and use of series crackers called ‘larhis’(chain). It held that they caused “huge air, noise and solid waste problems.” 3. It allowed the manufacture and sale of only “green” crackers. Sale of such crackers would be strictly through licensed traders. The court banned the online sale through e-commerce websites to individuals. Any e-commerce company selling crackers online would amount to contempt of court. 4. The court urged the Central and State governments to organize/permit “community” bursting of crackers during festivities in pre-designated areas. It directed that the public should be informed about the designated places at least a week before the festival. 5. Local police SHO would be held personally liable for contempt by the court for any violation of this judgment. 6. The court banned the use of toxic chemicals in fireworks. It entrusted the Petroleum and Explosives Safety Organisation (PESO) to ensure that only fireworks with permitted chemicals Called ‘Green Crackers’ are sold. It should also test and check the presence of banned chemicals like lithium/arsenic/antimony/lead/mercury/barium in fireworks. It has to ensure that crackers sold are with decibel levels of sound are within the limits. PESO has been empowered to suspend the licenses and appropriately dispose of stocks of manufacturers who violated these directions. 7. For ‘Green Crackers’ research was done by a network of CSIR labs viz. Central Electro Chemical Research Institute (CECRI), Indian Institute of Chemical Technology(IICT), National Botanical Research Institute(NBRI) & National Chemical Laboratory (NCL). CSIR is also testing the efficacy of ‘bijli e-crackers’ eliminating the use of smoke . These crackers are classified as Safe Water Releaser (SWAS), Safe Thermit Cracker (STAR) and Safe Minimal Aluminium (SAF-AL).These have the unique property of releasing water vapour as dust suppressant and diluents for gaseous emissions. The SC rejected arguments that bursting crackers was a fundamental right. It also ruled it out as being an essential practice during religious festivals like Diwali. It held that Article 25 (right to religion) is subject to Article 21 (right to life). So a religious practice that threatens the health and lives of people is not entitled to protection under Article 25. The ruling has thus struck a balance between two rights. The SC has given the above judgment along with a directive to the Central and State governments to issue necessary instructions to their administration machinery to implement the the rules as defined by this judgment and the Pollution Control Acts. Why have they not acted as yet? Is it not an act of defiance of the highest Judiciary of our nation and neglecting the wellbeing of its citizens? In order to jog their memory let me give a link on the net for them to see, study and act now. http://www.indiaenvironmentportal.org.in/files/file/Firecracker%20report,%20Oct.%202017.pdf I and the like minded citizens plead with the environmentalists and various intellectuals with influence, to pursue and prod our governments to give up their inertia and react now before this year’s festival season. The sale of fireworks should be only through licensed venders not in open stalls and not to individuals. Even the country which invented this hazardous practice is no more keen to use it. In traditional Chinese culture, firecrackers were originally used to scare away evil spirits. As the legend goes, a monster called Nian would come out to eat villagers and destroy their houses on each New Year’s Eve. The villagers discovered that burning dry plugged bamboo to produce an explosive sound scared away the monster. Since then, it has become a tradition at Chinese New Year. But for the sake of safety and environmental protection, cities across China have imposed bans or restrictions on the use of firecrackers during festivals and holidays. People can only set them off at designated venues. ARE WE LESS EDUCATED THAN CHINESE? DO WE NOT FEEL ASHAMED OF THIS UNHOLY WAY TO CELEBRATE OUR FESTIVALS? more  
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