AAP - Deserves 2nd chance

The Aam Aadmi Party is trying to recover its lost base, particularly among the urban electorate, through Delhi Dialogue. For a change, the party appears more sober, humble and mature in its approach. Conspicuously missing are the holier-than-thou attitude, the ‘my way or the high way' approach and the street-fighting ways and there's a constructive agenda visible. This may not be enough to undo the damage the party has inflicted upon itself in the last one year, but it's a good sign nevertheless.

The AAP should come to power in Delhi again. It not for the reason that the BJP or the Congress ought to be taught a lesson for their hubris, but for the simple reason that it is a fresh experiment that needs some space to play out. The verdict on the 49-day rule of the party is mixed. However, it's too small a period to judge anything. The party deserves a second chance to prove itself.

If this piece already sounds like part of a ‘Vote for AAP' campaign, hold on. It actually comes from the middle class dilemma over the party. What appealed most about AAP in the initial days was its middle class-ness. Its leaders could be related with, their anger against the politicians made sense and their rant against the system appeared justified. They promised change but were wholly impractical about it. They hated politicians but wanted to be in politics. They wanted to do too many things with no clue how to go about it. They looked foolish but it didn't matter.

Everyone loved them. Weren't they, after all, one of us. We, the middle class, crib too much about the world around us, we hate people above us in the economic ladder, we hate politicians, we blame everyone else but ourselves for the state we are in and we believe changes - quick and drastic - are possible. The AAP, through the personality of its leaders and the ideals it laid out, represented all that. Twenty-eight assembly seats on debut is no joke. The middle class made it possible. It wanted to be up there and throw a challenge to the entrenched interests.

The experiment did not go far. The AAP won power but it got distracted by other developments and lost focus in Delhi. Some of the AAP legislators were a big let down in their public conduct and the leaders found no conflict in being in power and continuing with their agitationist ways. Soon, they were antagonizing all. The media, carrier of middle class sensibilities, found them a nuisance. The upper middle class found solace in Narendra Modi. The punishment came in the parliamentary elections. The party, flying high only a few months earlier, failed to win a single seat.

The party believes now that it has been punished enough and people cannot hold their missteps, including quitting power in 49 days, against it for long. It can make a fresh beginning and retrieve the lost ground. The change in approach to issues and attitude reflects some introspection. Delhi Dialogue is aimed at the electorate in 25 urban middle class constituencies of Delhi. The population here comprises among others salaried employees and students. The party has been active in jhuggi-jhopdis too where the voters remain equally confused about the party.

The BJP has captured the space ceded by the AAP. Will the latter be able to wrest it back? Right now there are no clear answers. Not many gave the party more than 10 seats before the assembly elections last year. It surprised all by capturing 28. It might shrink from 28 to 10 too. But one hopes it makes a comeback.

The experiment of the middle class with power is only half-done. It needs one more chance. more  

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Dear All, pl correct the name Adani instead of Ambani in ref to doling out a loan of Rs6200 crore in coal extraction at Australia, sorry 4 d mistake(In my comments 4 Vivek Aggarwalji.
Subrata Guha more  
This is no second chance. The first chance was not given. It was only a first attempt In learning (F.A.I.L. as Dr Abdulkalaam sir narrates") more  
Subrata Guha ji, I appreciate clarity of thoughts in your above blog. Further to your blog, Adani's group is already having Rs.65,000 Crores loans from various financial institutions. After coming to power in the Centre, BJP has not uttered a single word to bring necessary correction in power tarrif by verifying pricing method/ cost by CAG. It is more interested to benefit DISCOMS by meeting their demands. Modi ji has alloted Rs.2275 crores to develop his adopted village. Will he sanction same funds to each of all 543 MPs for development of respective adopted villages? Adani accompanied our PM during his visit to Australia and Ambani accopanied him during his visit to America. I don't know which official post they hold to qualify such visits. more  
Dear Vivek Aggarwalji,
Sir everybody witnessed what BJP did at Maharashtra was totally unconstitutional, but u find nothing wrong in it.
Then u r also comfortable with corrupt MCD(BJP) now more than 7 yrs, with full of corruption & looting Delhities freely even for getting a small work done.
U r ready to live with Tanker mafia(DJB), get work done through broker at transport authority, comfortable with police taking haaftas from poor hawkers regularly, police not lodging if someone's daughter in law burnt by in-laws. Circle rate of Delhi raised by 20% in all categories in one go violating all norms( when there is no elected Govt in Delhi-an ideal case to go to Court for this gross violation.)
U r happy with BJP when SC of India orders to BJP in black money case " GIVE US THE LIST GIVEN BY GERMANY & SWITZERLAND & NOT BJP's LIST, BJP NEED NOT WORRY.....". BJP also making to bring down prices of essential commodities down if voted to power......instead prices of essential commodities has risen sky high and the poor man have stared paying EMIs of Rs 50,000 crore spent by BJP/Modiji in LS election borrowed from Adanis/Ambanis and free helicopter at Modiji's disposal.
Adani given Rs6200 crore loan by Modiji/BJP from SBI for extracting coal at Australia, when all foreign banks refused.(as shown in the news channel, they were referring to one profit ratio, which should be above 1.5 to qualify for such loan from banks, but in Ambani's case this ratio is 1.2 only, & Ambani does not qualify for the loan.
Sir, U r comfortable with Modiji/BJP stalwarts woe voters(LS poll) & make false promise, to credit Rs3/Rs15 lack from black money parked in Swiss Banks in within 100 days if voted to power. Sir do u mean to say u will only b comfortable with a Govt who make can make such false promises in Delhi too.
Sir, U r happy with BJP continuing/defending Ranjit Sinha, CBI director, when SC of India has kicked him out of 2G scam investigation.

Coming back to Delhi:
New Delhi: The ruling BJP has distanced itself from embarrassing photographs published in newspapers this morning that show garbage being dumped on a Delhi side walk, allegedly some time before the party's state unit chief Satish Upadhyay took a broom to it as part of the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan or Clean India mission on Wednesday.

Subrata Guha more  
Dear Mr. S. D. Aggarwal, Maharashtra experience was different than Delhi, I hop you know that. In Maharashtra they had got outside support of NCP along with other smaller groups, while in Delhi they didnt had that.
In Delhi, neither BJP not AAP got the chance to form the govt again.

Delhites cant taking chance everytime. Not having a proper/stable govt impacts the growth of the state.

Do agree that BJP is the party with no morals!!!!!
BUT, Everyone has seen that AAP is no different
They too are hungry for power, which they proved it.
They wasted the chance given to them. more  
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