Omicron and Schools: Parents sending children for in-person school likely to decline

Many of you participated in the recent survey on school reopening post Omicron. Below is the report"

52% parents unwilling to send children for in-person school

You are welcome to share the same with other parents, school management and local officials as LocalCircles shares it with Central Government and all State Government leaders.

At this time, if your district has higher the 0.5% test positivity rate and week over week case growth, schools should not be having in-person classes.

As always do share your inputs on the subject. more  

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The well to do are fine with not sending their children to school. They have alternatives of good quality and personal space for online classes and references, can afford tuitions for their children, the parents themselves are educated and spend time in helping their children cope up. However, this is not the case with the poorer sections of the society, especially those in govt schools. They may have devices, but cannot afford internet charges, live in cramped houses (if one can call them houses) with no privacy, their parents struggle to earn a living, cannot spend time in helping their children or even keeping track of their learning, even one meal a day is something is a privilege for them (schools provide food) Without face to face sessions, these well deserving students are being set up failure by the well to do. more  
Without education, the future that netizens keep harping on safeguarding, by the means they see only for themselves with be nothing! Shutdown, until there can be inclusivity, in terms of digital online classes, means for the beneficiaries, an end! Now with vacxinations and means available, opening up more feasible, indeed, humane. Nobody wants a dole, keeping him or her at the mercy of some benefactor while everyone has a right to earn a living through education. more  
यह " राष्ट्र उद्ध्वस्त " करने की साजीश है ! कृपया इसमे फसों मत !! बचोंका immunity level अच्छा होता है ! इसलीये ये कभिभी मत सोचो की बच्चे स्कूल नही जाएंगे ! ऊनको जाने दिजिये !! थोडासा बच्चोंको भी पुच्छ लिजीये !! ऊनका भी सुनिए !! more  
What about the 100% outside this netizens' bubble advocating protection through conducting classes, whose only means of educating themselves is in-person, while also needing that midday meal because their families are poor. Let them also have a say, and exercise their right to education. Rich have benefited from the online mode schooling, but what about the 25% poor. Our responsibility, getting them educated through schools. Affluent students afford computers 💻 may be taught online, thereby freeing space for their counterparts within classrooms or schools, the beneficiary students partaking in studies physically. more  
Our future generation to be protected. Children to be prevented from exposing them by attending school. more  
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