My suggestions!

Corruption is synonymous to price rise and inflation. Products do not reach the end user at the Manufacturers’ price rather it is on MRP which is several times the cost/manufacturing price. The Manufacturer has to take care of the costs in transit as well and fix an MRP. This MRP includes all the unrelated costs that inflate the cost of products and can be contained if cut money and corruption at all levels are contained. To ensure that products reach the Consumer/End user at the best price, it is mandatory to ensure that all middlemen, policemen and others, so-called enforcement agencies are taken out of the system. The System needs COMPLETE overhaul.
We all know that ‘Rakshak hi Bhakshak hota hai’, therefore, all Law Enforcement Agencies should be under Scanner. They are the ones who violate Law to the maxim, as if they are Law unto themselves. It can be believed that by keeping tabs on these Law Enforcement Agencies, incidents of bribes and corruption can be significantly reduced.
It is an Organisation that is neck deep in corruption. It should be Privatised/Corporatised to ensure that fleecing of Passengers/Customers is brought down to the minimum level. A total overhaul of the Systems and Procedures is required to enhance profitability of the Railways. Today, Indian Railways cannot justify the money it charges every passenger. The amenities are horrifying, the trains run inordinately late, they have no basic facilities of proper water and sanitation. Train travel is extremely uncomfortable. Foods served in the trains are unfit for human consumption. The Menu is lousy and provides no choice to travelers. There are trains which take inordinately long hours to reach a small distance. They have long stoppages/halts resulting in such long running hours. Running of all trains including the slowest ones have to be speeded up, running more trains instead can be a good idea. Dilly-dallying by the Railways should be stopped forthwith. Running of more trains would mean carrying more passengers faster to their destinations. This will save time and money, earn more revenue for the Railways. More Revenue can also be generated by optimum utilization of the rail network and the available infrastructure. Everyone in authority should be made accountable, be it the Driver, Guard, Controller or even the Gang Man at the level crossing. Everybody is well paid and they have to be accountable and responsible for the profitability of Railways. Profitability does not mean fleecing the hapless commuter/traveler, it means efficient running of the system. The country needs to move fast and ahead of the time set by the previous incompetent governments. Railway network should be such that people should prefer to travel by them as a matter of choice and NOT under compulsion. They need to offer better amenities and services than the others, be it Road or Air. The following suggestions may come handy for improvement in profitability: -
a. Create dedicated freight corridors on the envisaged Golden quadrilateral.
b. Create barbed wire (high) fencing on the envisaged Golden quadrilateral to prevent intrusion of animals/cattle/humans so that there are no run over’s and accidents to delay free movement of trains.
c. There should be publicity and incentives for using rail for freight.
d. There should be air conditioned/freezer vans with faster delivery of perishables.
e. Door to door delivery can also be an option for future. This will encourage more and more people to use Railways as a preferred mode of transportation.
f. Services should be made Consumer/Customer centric and friendly. Complicated practices and procedures should be done away with. Simplicity should be brought in to make the common man understand everything all by him.
All CMDs and CEOs should be placed under the scanner irrespective of the fact that the Organisation led by them are in profit or are otherwise. Incidents of misuse of power and privileges by CMDs and CEOs have come to light. Air India is a classic example. It is NOT just this organization alone, there are others. The CMDs in many cases have assumed office without the mandatory Vigilance clearances. These cases should be investigated promptly. We all know how corrupt the previous regime has been and we all know their modus operandi. Therefore, all those CMDs and CEOs appointed by the previous Government must be put under the scanner immediately.
The CMDs and CEOs are misusing powers in the Nationalised Banks but when it comes to enhancement of pay and perquisites of the man at the counter, the Bank has no money, their profitability is at stake. The PSUs including Indian Oil Corporation are paying hefty packages to their Executives but when it comes to reducing the cost of fuel, there are market forces at play. This is simply hypocrisy and something must be done to bring in parity in the Public Sector.
To see that the farmer/manufacturer gets his due, Procurement Agencies should be kept under the monitor. All procurements should be transparent and accountability should be fixed at all levels of procurement.
The Bureaucracy has been made idle for the past over a decade. They have forgotten to take decisions. Playing Golf or any other game is NOT a bad idea but they have to be played at a fixed time and NOT during working hours. The Bureaucracy too contains bad elements and these bad elements need to be shown the door. If highly paid educated Bureaucrats indulge in corruption, they must be summarily tried and dismissed from service because corruption is the single BIGGEST evil eating our country like termites. The Bureaucrats must be made accountable for every decision they take. Bona fide errors of judgments can be condoned but the intention should be ascertained.
The Government should establish an Organisation, where necessary to get the Buyers meet Sellers DIRECTLY and without middlemen involved in between. Let there be a Government Portal for online distribution of products and services. All middlemen and Agents found anywhere should be fined and punished.
India is rich in minerals. It has coal reserves that can go on for hundreds of years. Under such circumstances importing of expensive coal from Australia is NOT a good idea. Power generated with such expensive coal will make Power and Energy expensive, thereby making everything expensive. We also produce other minerals like mica, manganese and iron ore. We should therefore ban imports of minerals that are locally available in abundance. It will generate employment and development of backward areas.
The Golden Quadrilateral of Shri Atal Behari Vajpayee was a great idea but the successive Congress Governments ruined everything. The roads are in shambles and they need to be streamlined. The under noted suggestions may come handy: -
a. Abolish Toll Plazas/Taxes to ensure free and fast movement across states.
b. Contractors/Vendors should NOT only construct the roads but should be responsible for repair and upkeep for a period of five years.
Stress should be made on quality of work. Employees who dispose of tasks assigned to them in a time bound manner should be considered for rewards while those unable to deliver should be shown the door. There should be no room for delinquency; efficiency has to be the watch word.
Government Departments must be citizen/people friendly. They must have a Customer Care which really cares for the people seeking assistance. They need to be more sensitive to human issues and compassion should be their guiding factor.
Red tape needs to be abolished. All files in the Government Offices should be disposed off in a time bound manner. more  

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Suggestions, good or bad will remain as it is unless the good ones are indeed implemented. Thank you for your compliments otherwise! more  
Very good suggestion.. more  
The list is the magnum and less Government & more Governance,
Less Police & More Security, Low defense Exp. for highest security. Intelligence in Governance in all sectors & sections is essential. We have more enemies and less friends as of now.
Our menu is greater than our hunger. Money matters to material achievement . Let us see how things work out in 2014-15 and await for the report card. Hari and all of us are anxiously looking for this to succeed. more  
What Hari says is true and practicable. I hope that some one from the top is hearing to implement if we really interested to help our Indians more  
A NEW VISION & STRATEGY TO MAKE OUR INDIA THE RICHEST, MOST POWERFUL & BEST WELFARE NATION: INDIA NEEDS NOW AN IMMEDIATE LEADERSHIP, SYSTEM & PARADIGM CHANGES BY AN ALLIANCE OF THE GOOD AGAINST EVIL. It must result in a 100% democratic, credible, dynamic, proactive & interactive ruling group asap. We need a new moral rearmament, thorough metamorhosis & complete makeover to bid goodbye to the murky JOKEPAL past & present & welcome a glorious future. Only an entirely new breed of good, honest, enlightened, modern & progressive politicians, totally committed to the nation & its citizens & equipped with an adequate agenda, can give our Grand Indian Dreams an entirely different & good direction, dimension, quality, content & impetus & also lead us firmly into the 21st century. So, all good Indians must enter politics & unseat the criminal ones in it today. A national & international talent hunt is needed. The new leaders must change the present primitive, anachronistic, completely hollow & hero-based JOKEPAL politics to a serious, modern, ideology, objective, value, principle & agenda-based one. A clear premium must be placed on all real merits, honesty, integrity & patriotism to engineer a reverse brain & resource drain & signal a necessary, complete & thorough changes.The present manipulated,100% unHindu & anti-Hindu caste system created by our JOKEPAL politicians 1947-2014, must be abolished forthwith. A holistic & scientific national agenda for progress & welfare based on the superb Swedish model ought to be worked out & made our sole guiding star. INDIA FIRST ALWAYS, WELFARE TO ALL & PRIVILEGES TO NONE, FROM ALL ACCORDING TO ABILITY & TO ALL ACCORDING TO NECESSITY MUST BECOME OUR NEW NATIONAL MOTTOES. By rewriting the outdated Indian Constitution,100% accountability & transparency must be ensured & power decentralized. All our corrupted & destroyed systems, incl the 4 pillars of our democracy, must be saved & put in foolproof working condition. All main problems must be identified & solved. We need a new foreign policy, join NATO - our natural allies - procure new, good & powerful friends & a permanent seat in UNSC. We must engineer a polarization between the good & evil & annihilate the latter. It must undo all the harm done by our totally corrupt, criminal, completely useless, anti-Indian & anti-India politicians 1947-2014. FOR THAT VITAL MISSION, IT MUST CAPTURE FULL POWER AT THE CENTRE & IN THE STATES ASAP. IT MUST START BY JAILING ALL THE CORRUPT & RETRIEVING THE TRILLIONS THEY'VE LOOTED & STASHED AWAY AT HOME & ABROAD. IT MUST BE INVESTED INSTANTLY IN POVERTY & ILLITERACY ELIMINATION, EMPLOYMENT, WELFARE, INFRASTRUCTURE INCL IT IN GENERAL & ELECTRICITY, CLEAN WATER & OTHER ESSENTIAL SERVICES TO ALL IN PARTICULAR. LET'S THUS SAVE INDIA & INDIANS GIVE EACH & EVERY CITIZEN A BRAND NEW FAIR DEAL BLESSED WITH 100% SAFETY, SECURITY, WELFARE, ENDLESS OPPORTUNITIES & A DECENT & HUMAN-WORTHY LIFE! AFTER THAT V MUST SAVE THE REST OF THE WORLD, TOO! more  
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