MODI is a Rogue and fake projection unrealistic scenario

Modi has managed the media and press by showing that he is a genius, he has manipulated and stormed the social media with unrealistic figures and claims of Gujarat development.

Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Greater Noida are much better developed than Gujarat.

I want to ask Modi if gujarat is so developed then why are the residents and young generation not wanting to live in Gujarat, why are they flocking foreign embassies and consulates for visas, why are they coming to mumbai????.

The mania created by putting in 20,000 crores to eye wash all that Modi can do it is a shame to all BJP politicians, that they are and were good for nothing till now, therefore RSS endorsed a MAGICIAN called Modi.

I can tell you Modi will never become this country's PM. He is so nervous about Arvind Kejriwal that he has not answered his 16 questions. whewn he cannot answer then he cannot do anytrhing further, he is a joke... I am happy US, UK did not give him a travel Visa. more  

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Uday Deole,Jain,
You should understand that the people of India are already fed up with congress and make their mind to vote against CONG. The people of are going to be trapped with same type people with different mask called BJP.Can you just tell us with corrupt leaders given ticket in this election how BJP & CONG control corruption.
"By not raising voices by all the main parties in the gas price issue whom they are supporting" why they not raised their voices this is the question asked not by Arvind or any supporters of APP, but by the honorable supreme court.
In other issue regarding robert vadra the papers which APP has released to the press are also with Mr.Arun jattelly from one year back,if CONG is their main opposition why he not raised his voice.
If BJP & CONG is against corruption why they have not raised questions in match fixing allegations against Mr.Sreenivasn even after supreme court advised him to step down. IN my view all major political parties are same only the face masks are different.To divide people like us they have done that willingly.
Think if people of this country revolted against the failure of INDIAN cricket team in 2007 world cup ( in no way they performance effect the people of this country in day to day life),Why this politicians ( who's performances effects the people of this country in day to day life) where spared for their bad performances.This what the reason behind it . We the people of INDIA are divided in the name of cast,religion,locality wise so that we can't be united,by these leaders with different parties.
So please wake up.Now we got a platform to fight against all these leaders,Forget about APP & Arvind, at least think about the future of INDIA. more  
Thanks Mr. Deole. Modi claims G is better than ur neighbours. IT IS. AK should have verified the governance of the Water department, Electricity dept, road depts etc. AK is wasting his energy by targeting one Individual. Remember G has progressed because of team work. Lets play football and perception shall change.
AK should definitely talk in terms of topics of governance where any AAM Aadmi can identify the benefit he can achieve by voting for AAP.
The real culprits are the bureaucracy who can be changed by tough governance. The sting operation carried out by AAJ TAK of the Delhi police department and AAP taking action has brought recognition. AK should talk about same.

Today in NDTV 920pm : at Punjab university - PhD students have mentioned that under MNREGA only 15 days of employment has been given in 5 years. RG has been claiming ?? and now AK should mention that.

Thats how Rallys are addressed ............... !!

Thanks Uday you inspired me to bang a few keys. more  
Those members who are simply saying yes to your comments seem to have no idea that they are comparing major cities in states with a state. If you talk about Mumbai, roads are in bad shape. Secondly please enlarge your view to Maharashtra. You will find that several projects are lying unfinished. Road work in Mumbai is never complete because of bad planning. all the time all cities in Maharashtra have traffic congestion. Go to countryside, roads in Gujarat will win hands down. Now coming to deficiencies in Gujarat, Gujarat has not fallen from a heaven. It is like India only. If Mody claims that Gujarat is developed, it means it is scoring better than other states. It does not mean it is absolutely developed. Secondly it does not need any Kejariwal to go and find shortcomings in Gujarat. Anyone can go and Iam sure he will come across some shortcomings. So please think over it. Now if you travel all over Maharashtra, it is saddled with power shortage. Who is in power in Maharashtra. Who should be the biggest enemy. Mrs. Anjali Damania, instead of taking on people like Ashok Chavan (There are ample no. of people in Congress like him) is fighting with Gadkari. This is not to say that Gadkari is clean. But in the quest of becoming hero everyone in AAP is forgetting real culprits and indirectly helping them. more  
Particularly the Hindi news channels .............................which is mejiritily run by senseless BHAIYYA'S more  
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