MLA wealth must be investigated

Uma Shankar Singh is an MLA of BSP. Today he is holding the engagement of his wedding in India’s best hotel and the entire hotel has been booked. He is MLA from balia.

How do MLA’s amass so much wealth is something that CBI must investigate and action must be taken fast.

Also MLAs basically play a role in manipulating Land or acquiring it at throw away prices or arranging them for businesses and taking a cut. Some laws and enforcement is needed to put a serious check on this. more  

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source of income must be defined by them. more  
By getting elected as an councilor, MLA or MP, a person gets licence to resort to
all sorts of illegal acts to amass wealth. There are countless examples like Chhagan
Bhujwal, (NCP), Ram Kirpal Singh Ex-Cong Maharashtra President, both basically
roadside vegetable vendors, Mayawati, Laloo Prasad, Muluyam Singh, DMK, Badals,
and so on. All have created fortunes for next 5 generations. The assets of all
law makers cum law breakers should be investigated. Their pay/perks/pensions
should also be capped as some MLA/MPs are getting a pension of Rs.4-5 lac p.m.
perks liberal perks, security for self and spouse till death whereas millions of
people still do not get 2 times food what to talk about other basic amenities. more  
यदि सभी सांसदो/विधायकों एवं उनके रिश्तेदारों के सम्पत्तियों की वास्तविक जाँच हो जाए और उनके आय का श्रोत की जाँच हो तो जो सामने आएगा वह चौकाने वाला होगा क्यूँकि शायद उनके द्वारा अर्जित सम्पत्ति का मूल्य राजकोषीय घाटा पूरा करने से अधिक होगा एवं यदि सभी VIP/VVIP की सुरक्षा वापस ले लिया जाए तो उससे पूरा रक्षा बजट पूरा हो जाएगा । more  
Sir, I am surprised to learn that MLAs in UP are also settlers in property (mostly land ) deals as that is the main qualification for politicians in Andhra Pradesh. Most, with very rare exceptions, in Andhra Pradesh are criminals with credentials of land grabbing and facilitating land grabbing. I had observed this phenomenon in Pune too where even Corporators (mostly Congress and Sharad Pawar variety) were property settlers. In fact, they are either waiting for disputes or create disputes themselves among citizens over a property and later settle it to get some lucrative benefit out of it. There is another variety which specialises in usurping government lands. They, remaining in positions of power, identify government lands and pay some amount to labour to construct hutments on them. After some time, government confers titles on them, which are transferred back to the leader and they shift to another land shown by him. A gentleman who served as Union labour minister (Congress) specialised in this to such an extent, he was known as "Gudisela (hutment) Venkata Swami. Coming to the issue first, I have no doubt that it will be investigated but the usual trick is that there will be multiple bookings with different persons paying different amounts.Mostly, politicians operate through benamis. more  
As individual salaried tax payer, the IT Dept ask so many proofs and harassed. The IT Dept knows the palatial houses owned by the citizens including all these politicians. Assuming all his salary not even a penny is spent, how come one get so much wealth. High time a law to enact that one cannot own more than say two or max.3 living place and a limit on the size of land and living space. more  
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