Meeting with CVC

Today, our TII and the LocalCircles team met with Chief Vigilance Commissioner of India to discuss this circle in detail.

The CVC is appreciative of the initiative, believes in citizen participation for the cause of fighting corruption and will be reviewing the whitepapers from this circle and forwarding as fit to the various stakeholders in the Government.

In addition, we have also invited the CVC to play a broader role with the initiaitive, esp as it goes from national to state to city circles in the coming year. We will keep you posted.

If you would like to invite friends, family to the corruption circles, you can share the link below:

Transparency International India more  

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can anybody believe that with in a span of time of 20 yr of service,people have become corpati - except in India, where it is possible.. more  
Is it possible to remove corruption in the country till political parties collect donation and elections are influence by money power. Let there be another emergency situation for five years under a dynamic leadership, the corruption will vanish. more  
Honourable President of India/Honourable Prime Minister/Honourable Chief Justice, Supreme Court of India/Honourable Governor of Odisha,Honourable Chief Minister, Odisha,Honourable Chief Justice Odisha High Court/ Cabinet Secretary. Chief Vigilance Commission. Respected Sirs, Sub: How for the misdeed of some IAS Officers: Honest, sincere, dedicated and dutiful officers, who were suitably rewarded by the management, lost their job? How illegally & unconstitutionally the management recruited staff for a Government company: IDCOL CEMENT LTD (A Wholly owned subsidiary of Industrial Development Corporation of Odisha Ltd), when there was ban of recruitment in the year 1997 and without permission and sanction of Government and most importantly some of the recruiters given fake and duplicate certificate and one Debbrat Panda who joined as Senior Deputy Manager, the said post not advertised, when the said scam published in print media and debated in Odisha State assembly, at that time management terminated the recruiters but except D.Panda as he is relation of Mr. Hrushi Kesh Panda,IAS(Retd) Mr.Satya Prakash Nanda,IAS(Retd.) & Mr. Prasanna Kumar Misra, IAS (Retd) not only that as against the corruption of D.Panda CAG, Vigilance Department and Chairman, State Public Sector Undertaking Committee given adverse report and in order to establish him both Mr.H.K.Panda & Mr.S.P.Nanda, illegally, unconstitutionally and as against the service rules of IDCOL & State Government taken away my service as I failed to meet the heinous needs of Mr.H.K.Panda and as I do not belong to higher caste(Khandayat/OBC).It is in record how corrupt one can be in IDCOL if he or she belongs to higher caste may not loose job and that is why all the units declared sick and privatised. Business Standard date: 19.11.2015: titled: Corrupt will not be spared, says Modi: 45: 45 senior Officers have either been removed or face pension cuts for unsatisfactory performance”. Honourable Prime Minister Sri Modi speaking at the sixth Global Focal point conference on Asset Recovery being hosted by the CBI, told focus of his Government was on providing system based and policy driven governance. A Governance structure that is sensitive, transparent and accountable”. Sirs, after 69 years of Independence what we found in the country, the IAS officers are supreme, and above the law and whatever corruption, manipulation, fraud and illegal and unconstitutional work they commit is not an offence and if anybody complaint to you or Hon’ble President of India or any Chief Minister against any IAS officer, the said complaint letter may not or will not reach to you as it routed through the IAS officers and the said IAS officers never suggest your good self to initiate action against their fraternity how corrupt, unruly and indiscipline they may be as a result cores of innocent, honest and sincere officers like me, those who fought against corruption are not getting justice. The best example is my case (I am now 64) since last twelve years I went from pillar to post starting from Hon’ble Chief Minister of Odisha to Honourable Prime Minister, and Hon’ble President of India, as because I am honest,sincere,dutiful,who always fought against corruption, indiscipline and injustice but son of a poor farmer and belongs to OBC(Khandayat) lost the job/service since failed to meet the heinous and unethical needs and requirement of Hrushi Kesh Panda,IAS(Retd.),who was suspended from service by the Hon’ble Chief Minister Sri Naveen Patnaik,on ground of indiscipline, misbehaviour to Tribal Minister and MLA in public on drunken condition and on demand of all MLAs of Odisha and more over target of three other senior IAS Officers, namely Prasanna Kumar Mishra,Satya Prakash Nanda(who belongs to higher caste) and wanted to place and established one of their relation Debbrat Panda, who was illegally recruited in the year 1997 by IDCOL/ICL when the present Chief secretary Sri Gokul Chandra Pati was MD/Chairman, when there was ban of recruitment and without sanction of Odisha Government (when issue came to public and print media published the recruitment scam and MLAs debated in the Assembly, at that time management asked dozen of recruiters to resign but surprising to note some were given fake and duplicate certificate but except Debbrat Panda who is still continuing in service, whereas on similar ground Odisha Government initiate action against the authorities of Cuttack Municipality),D.Panda who was not illegible for the post of Zonal Manager even then posted in that post and the post to which he joined not advertised and on corruption ground he was suspended from service on the basis of the report of CAG, STATE VIGILANCE AND CHAIRMAN, STATE PSU COMMITTEE. Sirs, how the Odisha Chief Secretary (CS),Odisha ignored the instruction of Honourable Prime Minister, Chief Minister,Odisha,Industries & Public Enterprise Minister and Cabinet Secretary: I am furnishing some information: Prime Minister’s Office vide letter No. 93175 dtd. 07.10.2013 with necessary enclosures asked the Chief secretary to examine the complaints of Braja Bandhu Behera against Hrushi Kesh Panda, who illegally suspended Sri Behera and Satya Prakash Nanda,In-Charge CMD,IDCOL ignoring Government circular and without consulting ICL on the basis of recommendation of B.K.Jha,Head-Personnel,IDCOL,unconstitutionally & illegally dismissed me from service, which is undemocratic and misuse of power and authority, accordingly Ex-Chief secretary Sri Bijay Kumar Patnaik called me to his office and asked his OSD Sri Dey to examine the papers accordingly,CS spoke to both Secretary: Industries and CMD:IDCOL Mr. Parag Gupta,but every time IDCOL officials namely Arbind Acharya,Head-Law/Company Secretary and Mohant,Head-Personnel given false and fabricated information without mentioning the real charges and whether the charges were established, finally CS spoke to both CMD:IDCOL Sri T.Ramchandru and District Collector:Bargarh to examine the case and give justice to the applicant, in this regard CS sent three letters 01-CSPG- dtd.07.01.2013,90-CSPG dtd.29.01.2013, and 199-CSPG dtd.19.03.2013 addressed to Principal Secretary, Industries & CMD:IDCOL letter no.1511/CS dtd. 27.12.2012 addressed to DM & Collector: Bargarh.In this regard please refers letter No. 1793 dtd.6.4.2013 of Industries department addressed to CMD: IDCOL, IDCOL reply letter no. 353 dtd.25.01.2013, 525 dtd. 7.2.2013 and 1390 dtd.12.04.2013 giving fabricated information to CS without mentioning any where the charges and reply of ACC Ltd. no.266 dtd.04.12.2013 followed by email of Behram Sherdiwala,President-Human Resources of ACC dtd.October,30.That dissatisfied with the reply of both IDCOL & ACC,CS Sri Patnaik asked Sri T.Ramachandru,CMD:IDCOL to examine all the papers in person and give justice to the victim.Sri Ramachandru called me to his office and in presence of Arbind Acharya,Head-HR/Law and Company secretary examined all the action taken reports and my replies thereon as well as Inquiry report of the Directors of IDCOL,it is very surprising and astonishing during the suspension period Subsistence Allowance not given and though inquiry conducted outside Head quarter no TA & DA given and inquiry conducted on republic day and all my witnesses were transferred and the Enquiry Officer R.N.Debta,was a dismissed Accountant of a Cooperative store, finally he told I am not at all guilty rather CMD,IDCOL disabused the authority & power illegally taken away my job, further told though Debta was appointed as inquire Officer to inquiry the charges of dozen of delinquent officer on the basis of High Court Judgement, he was withdrawn but except mine, accordingly CMD dictated a letter, which I gave it then and there on 04.12.2012 and Sri Ramachandru asked Mr.Arbind Acharya,Head-HRD to forward it to ACC,accordingly Mr.Acharya forwarded my application to ACC vide letter No. 5928 dtd.04.12.2012 and for the first time Mr.Acharya given me the copy of the judgement of Odisha High Court dtd. 02.12.2005,(in presence of the CMD), passed in COPET No. 22/2005 allowed the application of amalgamation of Bargarh Cement Ltd(earlier Idcol Cement Ltd) with ACC Ltd. and the said judgement at paragraph 3 & 4 reads:3: and to quote, “All the debts,liabilities,duties and obligation of the said transferor companies may be transferred from the said transfer date without further Act or deed to said Transferee company and accordingly the same shall pursuant to Sec.391(2) of the Companies Act 1956 be transferred to and become the debt, the liabilities, duties and obligation of the said Transferee company;4;All proceedings and/or suits and/or appeals now pending by or against the said transferor companies be continued by or against the said Transferee company”. Further Acharya advised me to file a in continuation to main writ 2384/2003, but it is surprise to note why Mr.Acharya silent about the said judgement for last 7 years and every time misguided the management as well as Government advocate, the reason being his son was working with ACC and that is why he wanted to help ACC at the cost of my life? That, IDCOL authorities failed to honour the inquiry report of their two eminent and senior most Directors Sri Ajit Mohapatra (nephew of late Sri Biju Patanaik,CM of Odisha and to whom President of India rewarded as a best entrepreneur and about whom Ex President Sri A.P.J Abdul Kalam wrote in his book India Vision 2020) & Dr.M.N.Roy and to quote:”from empirical analysis discussed above pertaining to frequent transfers by P.K.MISRA,EX-CMD,framing of charges through a lawyer as EO,violating canons of Law as per High court Judgement and placing under suspension basing on the faulty report by H.K.Panda,ex-CMD and ending the mellow drama in dismissal order by S.P.Nanda,Ex-CMD.Its is crystal clear that the decisions are arbitrary,illegal,prejudicial and immoral. All CMDs mention above is senior officers of IAS cadre. It is unfortunate to mention that they have treated IDCOL as vassal estate and acted Hobbesean”Leviathan”and Machiavellian prince “taking law based on personal pique and vendetta rather on objective and legal considerations and floating all canons of law.Behera has suffered a lot, a victim of physical, mental and financial worries, smarting under the shadow of fraustration.He should be reinstated forth with, payment of arrear dues will be decided by the Board of Directors’.” Sirs that in response to my appeal to you and Honourable President of India, the cabinet Secretary vide letter no. 501/I/18/2014-VCC dtd. 21.11.2014 addressed to Sri Gukul Chandra Pati, Chief Secretary, Odisha, advised him to initiate action against Hrushi Kesh Panda,IAS (who already retired from service),but matter of great regret and sorrow Sri Pati will retire by end of this month but so far not call me once to his office to discuss the long pending issue and to give justice to my prayer, above all due to his written instruction to supply cement to different parties including his relations and friends I lost my job(scan copy of his hand written letters attached) and the way his predecessor Sri Bijay Kumar Patnaik called me to his office not once or twice but many more times, listen my misery and put pressure on Secretary Industries and CMD:IDCOL to give justice to my legal and genuine claim but unfortunately he retired from service. I am not blaming anybody but blaming my luck, the reason being, as because of him I am suffering till date(please go through the attachments and his hand written letters to supply cement to his relations and friends for that I had been penalised but on humanitarian ground he failed in his duty, earlier also Honourable Chief Minister Sri Naveen Patnaik and Honourable Minister Industries & Public Enterprise asked Sri Pati to examine the case and regularise the issue but except asking for legal opinion he remained silent the reason being the legal report was in my favour, in 2004 the Board of Directors of IDCOL also authorised him to regularise my case but he remained silent except writing a letter to Idcol Cement Ltd.and the reason best known to him).It is the same Sri Pati,who took charge of both IDCOL and ICL and Sri S.B.Misra,Retd.Chief secretary of Odisha was Chairman of IDCOL,at that time ICL was declared sick and they both asked me to follow up for much awaited Orissa sales tax exemption, collection of old outstanding dues both private and Government parties and increase of market share, with a condition I could be given promotion followed by five increament,due to my untiring efforts,sincerety and hard work, within no time ICL got OST exemption for a period of five years,90% outstanding being collected and market share increased from mere 14% to 23% which was all time record, but in return what I got only one increment which subsequently withdrawn by B.B.Ratho,ED,ICL,misery,sorrow and lost the job and later Government withdrew the OST exemption after one year due to corrupt practice and scam of B.B.Rath(to whom Arbind Acharya helped a lot by writing a letter to Government, stating, that Rath is clean as against the Inquiry report of a Senior IAS officer Sri S.N.Tripathy)Since I failed to assist B.B.Rath in his corruption and scam, he asked ex-CMD:Mr.Prasanna Misra to transfer me from Bargarh to Ranchi(having no Zonal Office with a monthly sales target of 10000 tonnes per month written on transfer order, it is world record).Similarly during second term of Sri Pati, as CMD of IDCOL most of the units of IDCOL declared sick and privatised and thousands of employees were jobless and State Exchequer suffered heavily but today IDCOL the sick corporation is rehabilitation centre of some high caste advocates to whom fees being paid rupees lakhs to fight the case in High Court against the honest and sincere officers, it is because of one Head-Legal/HR and Secretarial, who always misguides the CMDs against the honest and sincere officers, without a single transfer continuing in Head office for the welfare of self and his family. That, we are living in such a democracy, where after 69 year of Independence our judges failed to pass the judgement on merit of the case and law of the land but on face value of the Senior Advocate of the opposite party, that’s what Ex Chief Justice, Mumbai High Court Sri Mohit Shah told to CNBC TV 18. My case came up for hearing in more than eight Division Benches of the Orissa High Court, and senior judges admitted my case and made party to State Government and in one division bench the Honourable Justice given more than 50% open judgement but later kept it part heard, in another bench the argument was over and before passing the award he was transferred to another High Court but unfortunately after 12 year when the case came up in single bench, the honourable Justice Sri B.R.Sarangi ignoring his own judicial note, Government affidavit, my, Section 619 & 619A (new Section 394) of the Companies Act: above all noting of his senior judges dismissed the writ (W.P.(C) 2384/2003) stating Idcol Cement a private company from the inception and the writ is not maintainable under Article 12,226 & 227 but he forgot one thing IDCOL is the first Odisha Government undertaking established in the year 1962 and Idcol Cement Ltd in the year 1968 and the owners of ICL was Government of Odisha & India and whose senior was advocate of IDCOL, but the justice forgot the remedy left for the Petitioner as I am not coming under Labour Act as I was a Manager, but surprisingly two months after the said judgement another judge of Odisha High Court JUST.SRI S.N.PRASAD PASSED THE AWARD IN FAVOUR OF THE PETITIONER SRI S.R.MOHAPATRA OF IDCOL CEMENT LTD(W.P.(C) 10879 OF 2004) STATING CASE COME UNDER ARTICLE 226.It is very surprising to notice how the two Judges of same High Court passed given two different judgement about one company that is IDCOL CEMENT LTD.?The question arises how then the judges claim they are next to God? From the above I pray your honour, kindly give justice to my prayer since I am 64 and do not know I long will live and failed to arrange marriage of grown up children Son 31 and daughter 29 due to my bad name due to illegal & unconstitutional dismissal from service, and if your good selves fail to give justice then ask me to commit suicide as the country fails to give justice to its honest & sincere citizen, and for the misdeed of the above IAS Officers me and my family members are now life time poverty and street beggar. Sirs, awaiting for the positive reply with solutions. With Warm Regards, Yours faithfully, Braja Bandhu Behera Date: 21.11.2015 VI-M-413, SAILASHREEVIHAR, BHUBANESWAR-751021, MOBILE 9437004660. Enclosures: Scan copy of the hand written letters of Sri GC.Pati, IAS more  
CVC is receiving several cases of corruption under PIDPI (Public Interest Disclosure and Protection of Informer) Resolution and as per this resolution after necessary confirmation from the complainant, send the complaint to the CVO of the concerned organisation for investigation and submission of the report. CVO's are required to submit their report within one month. But it is observed that this stipulation is not being strictly followed. Along with this there are many other lapses in between CVC and CVOs. Meaning to say thereby that even in the existing OMs, there are lot of scope to reduce level of corruption. Let this be strictly followed. more  
This CVC is just another useless, good for nothing organization. Can it tell during the 25 years how many top level politicians/Ministers, Babus, etc., etc., it has succeeded in sending behind the bars for minimum of 30 years. All corrupt Ministers are having a gala time. Even PM begs for support from crooks like Mulayam, Lulu, Nitish, Amma, Sharad Powar - well the list is long. Not a single person. Better to stop this hogwash in the name of CVC. more  
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