Maharashtra continues Covid-19 rise

Mumbai also not improving. Full details below:

Total: 584,754
New: 408

New: 66,429
Total: 3,111,514


408,286 (6844 new)

New: 1254
Total: 127,716
DEATHS: 7086 (48 new) more  

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It is very unfortunate that we have among ourselves people who are advocating things that have no basis to be spoken - it would seem as they are saying things for the sake of saying or under influence of statements and explanations given by others.

TB, and others referred to, as well as whatever existed before the current pandemic, have not decreased or vanished, friends. All other diseases have just gone into the background because of the present ... (ask those who are afflicted with TB, or cancer or diabetes, or appendix, or depression, or any ailments that existed) - they are all consulting their doctors just as before...

Corona viruses have existed longer than humans, but have modified genetically through mutation... these are the ones that cause our common colds and many animal. Virology is a vast topic, and is studied by scientists who specialize in this. Even microbiology doctors become super-specialists in virology... there are also bio-technologists who study genetic matters of Life (reference, genetically modifications or GM that most people are aware of), including virology...
The corona virus causing Covid19 is real, please... pictures of corona viruses taken with electron microscopy should be available in textbooks and literature (frankly, I've not had need to search), and perhaps also of this rogue new corona virus...

Kindly do not waste energy, though, time and other important resources in being misled by ill-informed statements, and avoid wasting readers of Local Circles members, or other social media or private circles, please. instead, please pay attention to sane advice coming from those who are capable of giving such advice... whether through being specialists, or through being authorized to do so... Please save self, and loved ones, and friends, and neighbors, and those in contact, even strangers - by saving others, we will end up reducing the National (also International) burden of the virus, may be also assist in eliminating it from Earth (???)!!!

God watches us, and our thoughts and our understanding and our intentions and our actions and the benefit or harm that comes to others due to us when these are honorable or otherwise or ignorant but foolhardy due to our egos or our desire to be recognized or appreciated... lets keep quiet if we cannot give our strength to incorrect or harming line of thinking... please, please...!!! more  
(PS: there are some grammatical errors in above piece - please pardon me, ignore, or else ask and I'll elaborate... I missed reading the post a second time before submitting, and am now noticing some errors!!
The general thought trend, though is as I have intended...) more  
To stop the death Govt. should Closed the City forever. Provide free electricity , food , water to every citizen with 30,000 /00 as a compensation for sitting in home. It is the better option. AND If the CORONA is not controlled take a stay from indian court for not to spread anywhere , elsewise punished . CORONA is the fake disease spread by CHINA , WHO & fake Media. Even the father of CORONA has not put its country under lockdown. Only wuhan city kept under lockdown. CORONA Not spread in any city in china even in Beijing which is 200 KMs from its place. but spread all over the world by making fake videos. There is no proof with any country that CORONA virus has found in body with its shape & size. No any photos. no proof. Truth that CORONA has not affect to any beggars who are not following any guidances of WHO. Have you noted that. It is One of the Big trials to control peoples mind & strength. Pl. see this Videos of foreigns. Media is not showing any news from Pakistan, Bangladesh , Nepal, Bhutan, vietnam , cambodia. Who are Poor Like Bharat. Only focussing on western Part USA etc. more  
This is just Fake, Where is patient die Due to TB, cancer, High BP & Other disease. All dises vanished & all Doctors say corona. Do you think this is possible ? more  
Finally government should gearup for Vaxin otherwise it will not improve as expected though government is doing well. more  
Uddhavji is doing a lot, but a lot more is needed to be done in Maharashtra and Mumbai. Gyms must open, malls must open, local trains must start, and even metro may start with lots of social distancing. However, schools/colleges must remain closed. Can't risk the lives of children. If one child get infected, the whole class will get infected, maybe even the school. Children play and do not worry about social distancing. The risk is too high. more  
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