A submission to the Modi Govt.
Please impose total lockdown throughout the India for 49 days. So far distancing is the only proven medicines for the pandemic. Even otherwise, the virus ailments do not have any medicines. They are self curing. Only the side effects and symptomtomatic malfunctions need to be cured. Unfortunately, covid-19 causes a very serious crippling effect on the lungs, resulting in massive reduction of oxygen intake in the body. It also affects the red cells of the body, thereby reducing the oxygen absorbing power of the cells. In very serious cases, it may cause internal bleeding also.
It is absolutely necessary for prevention of the Covid -19 entering mass communication stage. The countries who were late in taking action are facing mass deaths. They are facing masses pressure on the medical services and even burial of the dead is becoming problem.
The Covid -19 warriors in the form of Medical staff, para medicals, Police force and safai karamcharis need to be given praise and incentives. They are giving wonderful service in the time of crises, even at the risk of their own lives. Their families are also facing social discrimination. more  

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The figures of death rate and infection rate do not warrant such severe measures as lockdown and the subsequent loss of income, jobs, small businesses losses and closure, emotional stress and a virtual police state. I would like to see data collection via testing on the other seasonal flues on a month to month basis to do a comparable study on the actual state of any Corona virus in our country. If this Covid19 ends up being as lethal as any other yearly flu then in hindsight was it worth it? We need to have more data collected in order to make a decision on any future lockdown in our country. more  
So much is still unknown about the disease. Even if you recover, experts warn that you will suffer the health effects because of COVID for years with poorer functioning of lungs, liver and heart. You may not die, but you will suffer for years. Lockdown is not the answer I agree. But we should ramp up the testing tremendously and encourage people to stay at home as much as possible. Especially vulnerable people like people with respiratory diseases, obesity, heart disease, etc. more  
In no country the lock-down was announced with a 3 hours notice, thus creating serious issues for lacs locked outside their states. more  
Imprisonment is a problem by itself! In UK they are levying e-fines. People have to go to the grocery stores. Some amount of repair & maintenance activity such as plumber, electrician must be permitted. Dentist, GP etc must be available, with appropriate PPE. Banking, stock exchange, exports, imports, production, transportation, farming and a thousand other services are essential and part of our daily life. Food, medicine, entertainment must be available and the suppliers of these must be permitted to function. Really boils down to self discipline to maintain physical distance, hygiene and lock down unless really essential. Maybe to hit home the suffering of this Chinese virus, some documentary or ads must be shown, that show how those who flaunt the rules can suffer and how their families suffer too. Like ads for tobacco. more  
While supporting extension of lockdown, I think an effect of the same would only be felt if the government amends the punishment clause by inserting heavy fines apart from prison sentences to those flouting the directives. more  
As a great number of people reside in Building Societies then there should be a policy in place - No one in and no one out. Gates locked. Only open for real medical emergencies. Guards can bring shopping/medical supplies inside for residents. Otherwise our compounds become at risk and as their viral status is unknown. Many Societies are doing this nicely wihout issue. more  
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