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ZERO DEATH Covid Care Center - A Model for the world
Ahmednagar Covid Care Centre (CCC) which is a 1100 bed center is treating all the covid positives without even a single death case.
The treatment is yoga and diet.
Even the serious patients are treated without conventional ICU but with an ICU that can be made even at homes for 1200/-. see the video on make your own ICU at home for Rs.1200/- (on
The side effects of the treatment is that those people admitted for covid are also getting good of the other problems they had; viz, heart, BP, sugar, thyroid etc.
In this context the covid protocols of the government has to be THROROUGHLY REVISED.
Sir/Madam, this is not a petition, but only an information to bring to your notice since the mainstream media don't talk about this. Perhaps for the first time the truth is sweeter. All these in 1100 bed open-air-CCC get treated and go away without a single death case. Truth is sweeter and not bitter. Also see this

DEAR SCI, is there a way you can do something beyond law, voluntarily to save lives? more  

Dr Biswaroop Roy Chowdhary's 3-Step Flu Diet is the BEST in the world, closely followed by Dr Paul Marik's protocol of early treatment based on allopathic principles and generic medicines. There are many other Naturopathy, Ayurveda, Siddha, Homeo etc., practitioners in India whose treatment is quite close and similar to Dr BRC's. However, Dr BRC has put together an unbeatable protocol of which the 3-Step Flu Diet is the central pillar, helped by the hand-fan method, prone ventilation and finally his trademark DIP diet not only delivers the final recovery but at the same time reports significant improvements in chronic conditions. Dr. BRC's is the only treatment that cures both the alleged COVID and relieves the much dreaded "comorbidities". Allopathy on the other hand is recording highest mortality in cases with these "comorbidities". Many people get carried away by the Corporate Hospitals infrastructure, technology, the fancy protocols, Oxygen beds, Ventilator beds, etc., but they miss to see what actual medically relevant treatment they are getting there. WHO has rescinded almost every recommendation it made, and is also blocking efforts of sincere allopaths who found benefits with generic drugs when treated early. [In the USA, the situation is much worse, they are not even allowing to prescribe nutritional supplements.] Let us remind ourselves that it was the Nobel Laureate Dr Linus Pauling who suggested coconut water and citrus fruit juice for influenza and many other such simple remedies to many diseases and opposed pharma industry - he was sidelined. Similarly, Luc Montagnier, another Nobel Laureate is being sidelined today because he is against universal vaccination during a pandemic. Dr Robert Malone the architect of mRNA vaccination platform is being threatened and sidelined because he differs on the current strategy. Dr Paul Marik is widely interviewed by media, but nobody asks him HOW he is able to reduce mortality in his clinic compared with others in USA. Similarly, let us NOT expect anybody in the media or Government taking note of the work of Dr. BRC. It is enough if as many people know of him and follow his guidance from the comfort of our homes, without having to spend money!! NOTE: Although NIN recorded Dr BRC's (NICE team's) work on 70 patients and prepared a note with the initial symptoms, tests, treatment and discharge of the patients, but AYUSH has distanced itself because "COVID appropriate behavior" was not followed. They seem to be more worried about this useless and harmful protocol than actual cure for people!! more  
Some local youtube/tv post has no meaning. Why don't you take the responsibility of taking such a great!!!!! achievement to Nobel committee? You for sure will get a parliament seat in 2024 election if proven. Take help from PMO/Apex court to direct health minister to arrange such ZERO DEATH miracles throughout India so that we can achieve such ZERO DEATH !!!!!! in expected 3rd wave. We can also close down all big hospitals this way and save Lacs of crores. Got fade up of many such fake quack babas and social media researches. more  
Why don't you take the responsibility of informing Noble team about this instead of posting it in local circle only. May take help of PMO. Even APEX court could direct government to copy such great!!! achievements instead of spending thousands of crores in other hospitals. Even in India it could get a Bharatratna saving Lacs of lives lost recently. We have seen the claims of many quack babas in recent times and got fed up. more  
Next year's Nobel prize is waiting for the Hospital administrator. For the time being ask CM/Health minister to send some serious patients to that place. I am sure they wont admit those patients. For your knowledge CCC indicates means asymptomatic so we can understand the truth. more  
Yes. He deserves a Nobel; if at all Nobel team gets to know about this, this might happen too.
If you know medical terms, see this sample report. If CCCs are about asy..., then why other CCCs in the country are performing the same way. The other way of seeing your logic is that other CCCs are killing people intentionally.

Here is a sample stats
Also this video might help you

Number of other videos
Have an open mind. Note that World Hellth organization derived protocols and suggestions have killed already millions globally.
Dr. BRC's team has handled 55,000 cases without a single death AND MORE IMPORTANTLY WITHOUT WHITE, BLACK, YELLOW fungi sponsored by who's blind believers. more  
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