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Come Deepawali and the talks of air pollution become rampant across all social media. And the difficulties that people with lung disorders such as bronchial asthma face in these times is well known and advertised. But that is not all. The health risks are not limited to the “cardio-respiratory system”. Air pollution is associated with an increased risk of developing several different types of neurological disorders as well.

Pollution (air, water, soil, chemical, etc) have been responsible for poor health and deaths in approximately 9 million people across the globe, of which air pollution results in a whopping 6.7 million deaths. The risks of air pollution to the human brain and nervous system have been a point of contention in medical conferences and societies in the developed world. It has been recognized as a global health issue. The existing risk and affects of the air pollution in health status and death is expected to double in the coming decades and exponentially compared to that caused by other types of pollution. And the major burden of these adverse effects on human nervous system is expected to be higher in the developing countries compared to the developed world.

There are studies that link air pollution to two of the most common and most severe nervous system disorders - stroke (lakwa/paralysis) and dementia (forgetfulness). And these increase the disability in any given population affecting the economical burden of any nation. Air pollution is different from other causes of pollution like soil pollution etc. Air pollution affects the population at large, irrespective of the social and economical strata. The exposure to the pollutant may be mild, moderate or severe but is invariably present across the entire human society. The components of air pollution include deleterious particulate matter and gases such as nitrogen dioxide and ozone (and yes ozone is a pollutant when it is not in the ozone layer). These cause inflammation and oxidative stress to the vascular system of the nervous system. The longer the duration of exposure to the air pollution, the higher is the risk of developing these neurological disorders.

Pollution control remains the most effective way of avoiding these negative effects of air pollution on the nervous system. Therefore the attention needed to curb these negative effects caused by air pollution is high. Implementation of policies that seek to improve air pollution should be supported and reinforced.

Dr Saumya Mittal. MBBS, MD (Medicine), CC (Diabetes Mellitus), DNB (Neurology) more  

Thank you so much Dr.Mittal for the lethal advices the scary scenario we are slowly and gradually heading to until and unless every individual feels responsible enough to reverse this by understanding the long term deadly impact and the pathetic life we may lead in future things are not going to change much. Mr.Moondra seems little exaggrating the scenario people may have to adopt the simplicity of Gandhiji I personally feel that is not be the case rather we return to "LOH YUG and BELGARHI period and human existance may become the only prospect to look at. more  
Dear Dr. Saumya Mittal, Thanks for the information shared with all. It is definitely a matter of concern to all of us. I personally feel that all restrictive and protective principles can easily be deployed if all these are sincerely and honestly followed in practice bt the concerned civic agencies together with its administrative officials and political leaders in day to day life. Even if some of us have been sincerely following the right practices for long for our self satisfaction it hardly contribute at large. It is similar to that honesty and sincerity extends self-satisfaction but does not change in the family/society/city/country. more  
Air purifier is not useful within rooms. Indoor plants need exposure to sun or heat and air and light. And they are helpful for air purification if we have time to put plants in and out,twice a day,morning and evening Green plants in balcony have failed me to give oxygen and sunlight for vitamin D because velocity of air is @15-'20 kms, like a car in 2nd or 3rd gear The wind takes away oxygen emitted by green plants And we're left with no choice except to remain indoors and consume vitamin D through capsules and sachets Even I can hear crackers being burst at 10 pm, a day after Deepawali and yesterday it went on till midnight and our society is supposed to be learned ! What about incidents of immutable fire reported in NCR during last week,black color reaching the skies? And safai karamcharis burning garbage within heart of city No pubishment or fines are worth fighting for unless people become responsible. more  
There are many preachers and a few implementer. Do the people not now know that crackers are a major cause of pollution. Yet and in spite of a Supreme Court Order there is no reduction seen in the cracker use. I understand that in Delhi the sound of crackers could be heard as late as 4 am the next day. Today in Jodhpur on second day of Diwali I am hearing alt of cracker sound. looks like people have gone crazy. But there are other causes also. We all clamour for more energy use. The population is growing by leaps and bounds. Every additional person wants more energy. More energy means more pollution. How do we combat that, is still a big challenge. The polyester cloth is no lesser pollution that plastic. Plastic is already there. I some times think that the way Gandhi lived is the only way human beings will have to adopt some day if mankind is to survive on this earth. more  
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