The agitation by section of farmers and their associates in Punjab against the recently enacted farm laws in Parliament by Government of India have been now going on for over 45 days, with no sign of ending too soon. Obviously, these protests are carried out by section of farmers ,middle men and their associates in Punjab and Haryana states and millions of farmers in India have not joined the protest.

Government of India has been extremely patient in dealing with this agitation, inspite of the huge economic loss to the country and millions of common men being inconvenienced due to several acts of the protestors such as blocking the highway etc.

Several agriculture economists have justified the farm laws clearly stating that it is the need of the day and it is necessary agriculture reform measure. Government of India has called the protesters for meeting nine times so far and explained the justifiable need for these farm laws and how the interests of the farming community have been protected.

However, the protesters are adamant and are sticking to their stand.

In such situation, very disturbing news are appearing in section of media that the protesters are really egged on by the middle men and traders who are affluent and have the money power and staying power and may be by some motivated anti government elements too.

The protestors, though are sitting on the highway and are exposing themselves to cold conditions, are very well fed and have enough warm clothings with variety of convenient conditions specially created. Many people wonder how these protesters have been sustaining themselves for such long period and what appears to be in nearly comfortable conditions. Obviously, they are being funded by some agencies , which the government should be aware of.

The statement of Canadian Prime Minister and some members of Parliament in UK and some senators in USA supporting the agitation by the protesters make one suspect whether some international agencies are involved in this episode. It is said that members of the Khalistan Movement,who are demanding separate state out of India for Sikhs ,are reported to be participants in this protest and several slogans hailing the Khalistan Movement have been voiced. Some opposition political parties in India too have been supporting the agitation against the enactment of farm laws, though the clause in the farm laws are almost exactly the same as advocated by several political parties in the past.

Now, the scene appears to be that the protest against farm laws look like an anti Modi government agitation.
In a democratic country like India, where freedom for individuals and media appear to have reached ,what some people think as absurd level, the popular view is that any non violent protests should be considered as legitimate.
At the moment, the matter of highest concern is as to whether the protestors would become violent, emulating the rioters in Capitol Hill in USA, where they entered the building which is the official seat of power and caused huge violence and death of a few people..

Some of the protesters in Punjab have said that they would continue the agitation ,even if it has to be prolonged for six months and more and some have said that they would not mind even being killed in the process. Further, they have said that they would disturb the forthcoming Republic Day celebration in Delhi by entering Delhi. Recently, they organized a “tractor procession” and some have said that it was the rehearsal for the protest that would be launched on the Republic Day.

This condition is disturbing and certainly cause concern ,particularly after seeing the unruly behavior of the rioters in Capitol Hill.

Will the protesters in Punjab take the cue from the Capitol Hill protest and model their actions in similar fashion?
So far,Govenrment fo India has given no indication that it would put down the agitation by force, even creating an impression that it would be soft towards the agitators at any cost.

It is very necessary that Government of India should not take a chance and allow the protesters to become violent, which may be the objective of some of the external and separatist forces directly or indirectly associated with the protest .

Government of India should not be caught napping, just as the police force in Capital Hill did.

In recent times, in India as well as in several other countries, mob agitations have been unruly and caused violence and anarchy, Let it not happen in the case of protest against farm laws in India.

Let Government of India remain forewarned and take necessary preventive measures to ensure law and order. Let not the Government of India cry over the spilled milk later on, as it has just happened in USA.

Nandini voice For the Deprived
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Please don't compare peaceful protest by farmers with what happened on Capitol Hill. Head the voice of protest. What does the Government lose by withdrawing laws that are thrust upon Public? more  
जब दो दो कौड़ी के आदमी देश के प्रधानमंत्री को गालियां देते हैं, उनकी कब्र खोदने के नारे लगा सकते हैं , जलेबी खिलाने का लालच देकर गांव से महिलाओं को ट्रैक्टर में बिठाकर दिल्ली बार्डर पर मोदी को गालियां दिलवा सकते हैं, तो हम अपने विचार रखने में क्यों हिचकें।देश मेरा भी है। जिन के कारण और जिनको घोर कष्ट हो रहा है वो सब भी हमारे आत्मीयजन हैं। मेरा किसी राजनैतिक पार्टी से कोई लेना देना नहीं। सरकारें आती जाती रहती हैं । एक महिने से सुन सुन कर कान पक गए, किसान, किसान, किसान, देश का अन्नदाता है, पालनहार है। किसान खेती नहीं करेगा तो देश भूखा मर जायेगा। अरे ऐसे तो जो भी जो व्यक्ति कार्य करता है उसकी अबश्यकता होती है, डॉक्टर डाक्टरी ना करे, मास्टर मास्टरी ना करे, टेलर कपड़े ना सिले, सिपाही रक्षा ना करे......... अनगिनत कार्य है । कोई मुझे ईमानदारी से बतायेगा कि यदि किसान खेती नहीं करेगा तो किसान का परिवार बचेगा? उसके परिवार का लालन पालन हो जायेगा? उसके बच्चों की फीस कपड़े दवाई सब कहां से आयेगा ? कपड़े कहाँ से लाएगा, अन्य आवश्यकता की वस्तुएँ कहाँ से लाएगा, मानते हैं वो कड़ी मेहनत करके अन्न उगाता है तो क्या मुफ्त में बांटता है? बदले में उसका मूल्य नहीं लेता क्या? फिर वह दुनिया का पालनहार कैसे माना जाये? दुनिया का हर व्यक्ति रोजगार करके चार पैसे कमा कर अपना परिवार पालता है।और प्रत्येक कार्य का अपनी जगह अपना महत्व है ..। तो किसान का रोजगार है खेती करना। सच्चाई तो ये है उन्हे खेती के अलावा और कुछ आता ही नहीं, और जिन्होंने कुछ सीख लिया कुछ अच्छा कमा लिया उन्होंने खेती करनी ही छोड़ दी।कोई आढत की दुकानदारी करता है, तो कोई प्रोपर्टी का धन्धा करता है, तो कोई हीरो होन्डा आदि की ऐजेन्सी लिये बैठा है, तो कोई रोड़ी बदरपुर सीमेंट ही बेच रहा है। और नहीं तो मुर्गा फार्म खोले बैठा है यानि सबसीडी के चक्कर में जोहड़ में मछली ही पाल रहा है। उन्हें क्या किसान कहेंगे? 36 प्रकार की सबसिडी किसानों को मिल रही है, 6000 वार्षिक खाते में में आ रहे हैं, माता पिता पैन्शन ले रहे हैं, आये गये साल कर्जे माफ करा लेते हैं, फिर कहते हैं मोदी तेरी कब्र खुदेगी। किसी रिक्शा वाले की, किसी ऑटो वाले की, किसी नाई की, किसी दर्जी की, किसी लुहार की, किसी साइकिल पेन्चर लगाने वाले की, किसी रेहड़ी वाले की, ऐसे न जाने कितने छोटे रोजगारों की कोई सबसिडी आई है आज तक? किसी का कर्जा माफ हुआ है आज तक? क्या ये लोग इस देश के वासी नही हैं? कल को ये भी आन्दोलन करके कहेंगे देश के पालनहार हम ही हैं। रही बात MSP की 😀😀 कल हलवाई कहेंगे सरकार हमारे समोसे की एम एस पी 50 रुपये निश्चित करो। चाहे उसमें सड़े हुए आलु भरें। हमारे सब बिकने चाहियें। नहीं बिके तो सरकार खरीदे, चाहे सूअरों को खिलाये। हमें समोसे की कीमत मिलनी चाहिए ।परसों बिरयानी वाले कहेंगे एक प्लेट बिरयानी 90 रुपये एम एस पी रखो चाहे उसमें कुत्ते का मांस डालें या चूहों का सब बिकनी चाहिये। जो नहीं बिके उसे खट्टर और दुष्यंत खरीदें और पैसे सीधे हमारे खाते में जमा हों। ये सब तमाशा नहीं तो क्या हो रहा है। दिल्ली में जो त्राहि त्राहि हो रही है, ना दूध पहुंच रहा है, ना सब्जी पहुंच रही है, ना कर्मचारी समय पर पहुंच पा रहे हैं उनकी ये दशा बनाने का क्या अधिकार है इन तथाकथित किसानों का? सत्य कड़ुवा होता है *पंजाब वाले घेराव करते अपने मन्त्रियों का* और *हरियाणा वाले अपने मन्त्रियों का।* दिल्ली को घेर कर आम आदमी को क्यों परेशान किया जा रहा है more  
In any case, "dharnas" should no longer be allowed to influence a governmental decision which has been reached in the Parliament through majority vote. Giving in to "dharnas" would be a sure sign of weakness of the authorities. Communication can and does lead to solutions. more  
The Bills were passed by a voice vote despite opposition MPs asking for a division, i.e. a recorded vote – and some call it a democratic procedure? Also the same democracy provides the fundamental rights to protest against such bills. Please have courage to read through the alternate media coverage, as the mainstream media is just a puppet show. more  
As a matter of tactics the Government may repeal the Acts in question as no damage may immediately occur and no immediate gain may result from the Acts remaining in force. An App may immediately be created for being available to Farmers, Banks, Godowns and anyone interested. Orders may be placed through the App on Farmers of nearest village by bulk consumers who may be Hostels,Hospitals, Temples serving free meals, Associations of Residents of a Multi-storeyed building or a Colony, Agro-Processing Units like ITC. Supply may be sent directly to such ultimate consumers on Tempo or small truck.Payment may be made to the supplying farmer through the App. A Godown may be brought into being in or near each village by renovating a building lying vacant owing to the owner having relocated to an urban centre. Banks may be directed to provide finance against Warehouse Receipts upto 90% of the value of the warehoused produce. more  
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