.Kneejoint pains

Hello! I am 73yrs old.Kneejoint pains started. Looking for exchange of experiences for relief. more  

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My Reciprocations Mr. Kabir ! more  
Dr. Anand Manocha,Thank you very much for your elaborate and very helpful post.I shall follow your advise.I shall also thank sh.Grover for his reassuring post. more  
Dear Mr. Kabirdas Knee Joint Pain Is Quite Common At This Age. There Is No Permanent Cure In Any Stream Of Medicine ! The Lubricants Necessary For Knee Movement Dry Up From Within The Area Causing Bone Friction Leading To Pain Sensation ! If You Can Stretch Your Leg Straight While Sitting In A Chair There Is No Cause For Alarm ! Massage Your Knee Cap Area With Fresh Alo-Vera Gel And Add Raw Garlic In Your Daily Diet ! Happy Times !............9811944184 more  
IF pain is in the RIGHT knee specifically:
Issues with a significant male in your life: father, brother, uncle and so on. Difficulty moving foward in your career. Limited thinking. Fear of failure. Asking yourself, Where am I inflexible in my life?
IF pain is in the LEFT knee specifically:
Issues with a mother, sister, aunt, or significant female in your life. Holding onto sadness, hurt and loss from the past. Feeling like a victim. Constant critisicm. Holding yourself back.
Stand. Ask yourself: (and be brutally honest…)
Am I willing to let go of controlling, blaming, and judging myself and others? Can I give myself permission to move forward with trust, love and certainty?
If the answer is yes, visualize releasing all the fear, blame and inflexibility. You may imagine cutting yourself free from heavy ropes of control, or taking rocks of fear out of various parts of your body and throwing them into the ocean.
Say: “Divine healing intelligence, I ask you to release all blame, judgment, fear, anger, confusion, hurt, loss, sadness, and inflexibility from my knees, as well as all points of view, all patterns and the positive and negative charges that contribute to this condition.” Repeat the word “CLEAR” until you feel a shift occur.
Ask youself what possibilities are now available to you. Imagine a life of infinite options, flexibility, flow and satisfaction. Allow yourself to really live this experience of freedom, empowerment and flow in the moment. Breathe deeply and savor the experience of expansion.
Now, sit down and rub your hands together feeling the heat and tingling sensation in your hands, and then visualize a powerful green ray of light emanating from them. Place your hands on your knees and sense this green ray as it moves through your knees, releasing all their stuckness and density, and regenerating them. Keep your hands on your knees until you feel the process has concluded.
Say “Divine Healing Intelligence, please heal and regenerate my knees to their maximum strength, flexibility and well-being.”
It IS safe for you to move forward!!
ok, read it, understand,
you will feel empowered to take control of it, and do it as suggested. more  
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