Is it misleading advertisement or misleading scheme or rather fraudulent practices

I have received a feedback from one of the consumer who seems to have fallen prey to recruitment services called by name Since the feedback reflects fraudulent practices and hence thought of sharing with the community so as to take care if you receive such calls not only from but also from anyother recruitment service companies. The feedback is quoted:
"I got a call ( Telephone no 00911204851850) on 9th of February company name that my CV have been shortlisted by a very reputed company of Dubai, name M/s Al Ghanim International, and for that I have to pay one time registration charge of INR 3,450/ by login to (as advise by Telephone Executive to go to web browser & type the same )- and the company will arrange online or Skype interview within 10-15 days, 80% part of selection will be performed by Jobsdhama Team & only 20% will be a formality, since only 1-2 CV have been forwarded to client. once I finish to make this payment, The Telephone executive (Name Mr. Hemanth) once again ask me to Log in to and select this and that option and make a payment INR 5,400/- further otherwise this will not be process, I was confuse since I have already paid INR 3,450/- (through net banking), I asked him that Mr. Hemanth you told me it will cost only INR 3,450/- , but he keep forcing me that don’t worry all will be recover once you get the job within 10-15 days.
After that he again ask me to Log in and select this & that option subsequently to make the payment of INR 7,600/- & 8,200/- (Total INR 24,650/-) otherwise it will be incomplete & cannot be considered, after that he said you do not have to pay further, in-between several time I objected that it was said that this service costs only INR 3450/- & a huge money I had paid, The Telephone Executive said within a week you will get the Interview Call & within 10-15 days I will get the placement in M/s Al Ghanim International (this was all done in a call duration of 28+56 minutes over telephone # 00911204851850) After that the executive said my senior will call you to verify all these, immediately after keeping the phone I got a call from 00911204915650 & The Telephone Executive told
me that I am Mr. Irfan from Jobsdhamak, I will transfer the line to my senior Miss Rakhi Chauhan, the lady told me that congratulation that you CV have been shortlisted by a very reputed Dubai company name M/s Al Habtoor, when I inquired that Mr. Hemant told me M/s Al Ghanim International & you are saying M/s Al Habtoor, she said yes yes by both companies & even after paying INR 24,650/- I have to pay further to complete this process, when I insist that Mr. Hemant promised me not to pay further why are you asking me to pay more, the lady said Mr. Hemant is just a junior I am superior and you must make the payment, after that she send me a payment link from email id to make a further payment of INR 6,200/- (below screen shot for INR 6,200/-) when I object that this is a personnel email, why should I pay, that lady told me that don’t afraid you may have my number for any assistant i.e. 8510071886 & you are paying to a very reputed company (when I called this number after refusal of INR 6, 200/- from Jobsdhama, this number belongs to Airtel Smart Phone Data Services). Very next day I got a call from Jobsdhama for chosing the service & paying INR 24,650/-, I was shocked to know, just to verify this I asked the executive to please send me the breakdown of the payment I have done since I have not received complete Invoices (attached Invoices what I have received) first the executive refused to do so, when I keep arguing & to refund all my money he agreed to send me that breakdown of payment detail (see below) & as per them they have received only 24,650/-, when I inquired that I have done a payment of INR 30,800/- they refused, after that I send them my Statement of Account for their information (attached statement of account FYI) & to verify they said last payment of INR 6, 200/- have not received by their company & it belong to some other company so they cannot accept this, I told them several time that last call I received from your end only as transferred/advised for your several executive, they refused that they don’t know any person name Miss Rakhi Chauhan.After getting the breakdown of payment detail I request via several email & telephonic call to refund my all money, since I was promised for 110% job assurance not for all the below services, they are saying they are considering only INR 24,650/-, and that also they will not refund (below is the detail of services & charges in green send by Jobsdhammak after request)I have requested several time to refund my money and as I was agree to avail service costing INR 3,450/- from first day, I will still avail, but even after all these they are not ready to refund my money, on 18th
executive name Mr. Shymol called & said only INR 5400/- they can refund, since other documents have already been processed, I insist that without getting my documents how can you do this & I have already requested to refund on 11-02-2015 then how can you process. I am not able to trace the last payment i.e. INR 6,200/- . Since Jobsdhamak have refused for this amount." more  

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You again visit their website, take relevant details like address(s), Telephone nos., mobile nos., if any, name of senior persons, their designations, tel./mob.nos, email.ids. Make a call on those nos, without giving any idea/details of fraud already happened and inform that I took these nos. from their website and that you are looking for a new job. Request them to connect to the persons, whom you have already talked to. See if you are able to locate any persons, whom who have talked earlier. Perhaps none of those persons may be available or in that company. Nevertheless they will show some interest for your new job and may request some formality like registering your details on their website. Then you request them to meet at their office today or tomorrow. They will somehow persuade you that your work will be done without visit by registering your details on their website and they will call you at appropriate time. Irrespective of whether they give you appointment or not, you reach their office in office timing barring lunch time. Chances are there that there will be no office of their co. there. If their, please meet persons available, collect hard ciopies of whatever details they can give you, complete all formalities as per their requirement till no roll of money transaction comes. Take some written proof of the activities done there and ask for further process. If they do not know the real intention/purpose of your coming, they might ask you of some payment. The same story may repeat that your your resume/bio-data has been shortlisted for a lucrative job in a specified company. Then you may insist that you give a hard copy of a letter on their letter pad or on my mail to this effect that my resume has been selected for a post on a designation and salary, place of posting and immediate and subsequent payment and in case of no selection what money will be refunded. They are not likely to give this letter and many persons of that company will try to convince/persuade you of total assurance of job and payments. Now tell about your case/fraud and ask them to refund the money with force. Once they refuse or assure you at later date, be bold to tell them that you are coming with few people and police to collect the money back. Go out and lodge the police complaint giving maximum facts available with you, if their office exists there or other relevant facts if office does not exist there including your bank records of payment and tel. nos/mob. nos you talked. Get a copy of FIR report and pursue your case under fraud. more  
1. Governance : Minimum Govt. and Maximum Governance on the pattern of Modi Jee.
2. Bijli (Electricity) : 24 x 7 like CM Shiela Regime
3. Swach Pani (Clean water) : Must for every Home, otherwise will have to be voted out like CM: Shiela Govt.
4. Clean Yamuna : Should be First Priority, but without corruption otherwise there will be no difference between CM Shiela Govt. and AAP Govt.
5. Saaf Suthri Delhi (Neat & clean Delhi) : It is must for good health of People of Delhi. The Dogs menace need to be rooted out as some Unscrupulous Persons breed unwanted dogs to litter before other's house. Licence for each and every dog should be made mandatory and the stray dogs need to be sterilized without any further delay.
6. Shiksha (Education) : Right of Education need to be enforced in letter & spirit and Teacher of Govt. Schools need to be checked / inspected by the RWAs in additions to Admn.
7. Swasthaya (Health) : Health is Wealth and People should be encouraged to do Yoga and morning walks. Corruption in the Dispensaries and Primary Health Centers need to be checked by RWAs and Admn. Hospitals and Nursing Homes also need to be checked at RWAs and Admn.level to weed out corruption and bungling. Life Saving Drugs must be given free of cost to the patients under the supervisions of RWAs and Admn.
8. Mahila Suraksha (Women safety) : It should be First Priority to protect every woman and girl. They must also be educated to respect their mother-in-laws and father-in-laws.
9. Dilli Dehat (Delhi rural) : Cleanliness, Water, Electricity, Education & Health need to be given first prioriity in each and every village of Delhi.
10. Trade : Trade of Delhi Traders should run smoothly as Delhi is the supplier of All India.
11. Jobs and Job Security : Corruption in the Delhi Staff Selection Board is rampant and all the staff of the DSSSB need to be transferred to Andeman & Nicobar Iceland so that new staff could be recruited and the unemployed youth may get job in place of the corrupt staff of DSSSB. All the Officers and Staff of thee DSSSB need to be investigated by CBI and Anti Corruption Branch after raiding their houses, assets, bank accounts and movable / immovable properties.
12. Pollution : Vehicular & industrial pollution need to be controlled without delay. The pollution of Diesel operated vehicles need to be checked on first priority and then of industries.
13. Transport : Public Transport System needs to be strengthened by increasing CNG buses, battery operated mini buses and cycle rickshaws. Separate lane for manual cycles and diesel operated vehicles need to be maintained and checked regularly. Scouts and Students should also check the vehicular pollution.
14. Unauthorised Colonies :: Clean Water & 24x7 electricity as well as pucca streets and roads should be first priority for the residents of unauthorized colonies having 50 % population inhabited and other unauthorised colonies need to be removed to avoid slums.
15. Jhuggi Jhopadi (JJ clusters) : Clean Water, 24&7 electricity and cleanliness / toilets jointed with Sewer connections is the need of the hour for all the 44 JJ Colonies of Delhi.::
16. Mhangai (Price rise) : Price Rise needs to be controlled by checking hoardings.
17. Traffic : All the current traffic staff and officers need to be sent to Police Lines and fresh youth need to be recruited for the job as the present staff is most corrupt.
18. Speedy Justice : A case need to be settled within 6 months from the date of filing of a suit.
19. Mobile Par Sarkar : Mobile App for CM and each MLA Office working needs to be got developed on the pattern of PMO.
20. Wi- Fi and CCTV : Wi-Fi should be fast, safe, but free for all. CCTV Camera need to be installed at each red light, market and strategic points of each Colony of Delhi to catch the culprits. more  
Thanks for the warning we will take care. R B Upadhyay
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Mr. Sunil Gupta is right. it is happening in happening in every sphere of life i.e. Banking, Insurance, telecom etc. Recently, received an advisory from my TSP that please be cautious while returning calls/ SMS from Unknown numbers for technical upgrade on your mobile to avoid fraud & higher call charges. TSP does not call/ SMS customers for any technical upgrade activity. Also be cautious while responding to missed call/ SMS from unknown international numbers to avoid being victim of fraud. Few days back there was an advisory in Newspapers from IRDA for fraud in Insurance products... more  
Dear Mr. Virmani, it is happening in happening in every sphere of life i.e. Banking, Insurance, telecom etc. Recently, received an advisory from my TSP that please be cautious while returning calls/ SMS from Unknown numbers for technical upgrade on your mobile to avoid fraud & higher call charges. TSP does not call/ SMS customers for any technical upgrade activity. Also be cautious while responding to missed call/ SMS from unknown international numbers to avoid being victim of fraud. Few days back there was an advisory in Newspapers from IRDA for fraud in Insurance products... more  
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