How to stop farmers to give up farming ?

How to stop farmers to give up their profession ?
Now we are importing pulses from overseas, one day we have to import maximum commodities from overseas if we do not stop farmers to give up farming.
It is very unfortunate that farmers can produce crop but can not make money out of it in India.
All traders, Mediator,s makes money & avail subsidy from govt. on equipments.
There are subsidies for farmers, but it is very hard to avail subsidy for them.
I was going through all govt. schemes for agriculture, there are very good schemes but out of reach to farmers.
Last month I attended farmer,s exhibition in Gujarat & I saw many good equipment,s for farmers.
But unless farmer makes money out of their crop, can not buy such equipments.
Govt. should try to create agro entrepreneurship(Processing Unit) in every villages, where farmers can get guarantee for their produce to be sold & processed material should reach to retailers directly. In Russia & many other countries farmers are entrepreneur, they makes money out of their produce.
Agriculture is god gift for us, but we are running away from agriculture.
There should be group of farmers in every five villages, who can buy all necessary technology for farming as well as post harvest equipments for processing & youth can get employment also.
Govt. should help group of farmers to buy such equipments. There are subsidy for group of farmers, but your agriculture department staff is not active to encourage such schemes. more  

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Farmers give up farming mainly because it is not profitable. Farming is not profitable mainly because they the farmers are buying inputs from factories and multinational organisations and other seed providing companies. They are using chemicals and unnatural seeds, including GMO seeds. The results are visible everywhere, especially Maharashtra, Punjab, and other 'progressive states'. The soil is dead, dwarf varieties of high grain yielding varieties produce very little fodder. Whatever little is produced, instead of being fed to cows, is being burnt, causing massive air pollution in Delhi and NCR. Grain yield is now far less than in the beginning of the Green Revolution. Result - losses and suicides. Instead, if every farmer has just a couple of cows, he can use the dung and urine with a little jaggery and chana dal besan to make jivamrita, which if he adds to the irrigation water, will revive even dead soils, by rejuvenating favourable microbes in the soil, and our traditional earth worms. These loosen the soil, bring up essential minerals from 15 feet down, and create humus. Grain yields will not be as high as it was in the beginning of the Green Revolution. But fodder yield will be much higher. The fodder feeds cows, and used as mulch, retains moisture in the soil and supports the earthworms. As input cost is only the cost of labour, the lower grain still yields profits. And the grains are much more healthy and command a much higher market price. Inter crops add to the income and very little cost. Using traditional seeds reduces input costs the first time. After the first time, he just stores a portion of the grains, and never needs to buy seeds any more. I have already started using these techniques, and am getting the above results. These methods were revived by Subhas Palekar of Maharashtra. And educated farmer, he did research from 1988 - 1996 to establish these practises. He conducts hundreds of training sessions all over the country. He has a website. His videos are available on YouTube. He has written books in English and other Indian languages. He does not charge anything for his seminars, and has no political ambitions. The BJP should stop supporting corporatisation of agricultural (enabling companies to lease land from farmers to introduce chemical agriculture). It should immediately stop support of GMO's and dissolve the GEAC. This organisation is causing dismay to thousands of staunch BJP supporters like me, because it aims to destroy the traditional Indian farmer, and supply dangerous food to Indians. GM cotton is already causing a huge number of suicides in Maharashtra. Now the GEAC is trying to legalise GM mustard. Instead state level BJP farmer leaders should study natural farming, and encourage all farmers to take to it. It costs nothing, and will make the farmers all over India strong and self sufficient, and pevent youngsters from rural areas flocking to the cities, living miserable lives, and congest them more and more. I know many IT professionals retire from their high tension high paying jobs and take to natural farming and desi cow dairies, especially in Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. Regardless of Government support, we will continue our efforts, but if Modiji meets Palekarji and saves Indian farmers, BJP will never lose elections anywhere for the next twenty years. more  
Builder's should be stopped approaching farmers and bribing them with good rates. Today if observed all villages near Dwarka are empty, land is taken by Builders. Where are these villagers and what are doing for earnings, is a big question mark more  
Thank you for all your comments. We supply machinery to Processors of Dal & Rice. We meet them everyday. Some millers are happy because they made money because they stocked so much of material, some millers who did not stock material are unhappy as they can not buy raw material to process now. This is common practice that miller who is capable to stock material makes money. Last moth we participated in Farmers exhibition as we developed small cleaning machine for farmers which can operate on single phase 1.5kw & can accommodate in small room. We thought farmers can process their material & make money & farmers liked this machine so much. But first question of farmers was whether this machine is approved for subsidy or not. Then we sent email to Agriculture Department of Gujarat, but no response at all. It is very hard to get approved anything from Govt. Department. I surprised that Farmer can not buy machine worth Rs 1.5lakh without subsidy & we finally gave up. But did not loose hope. Our aim is to create entrepreneurship at villages. If any NGO or other agency can help us to support farmers are most welcome. more  
Framers and soldiers of every country should be economically as well as mentally strong and sound because one makes and other protect every one salute them but today indian farmers are not cultivating their land but selling which is not fruitful for BHARAT MAA......... un ki aag nahi buja shakte baki sub buja sakte ha. more  
In my view the following steps will give edge to farmers enjoy their hard labour: 1. Farmers should get right land, right seed ,right fertilizer,right water,right machines & tools,right skill labour,at right price before they sell at right price,at right time, with the help the state at right market. 2. For this Government has to give infrastructure support through public communication and network without middlemen who are making simple profitting without any value addtion of the farm products. 3.Government should provide direct farmers and consumer plate forms at every district,village and tehsil markets. 4. Government should provide Cold storage bank facilities at every district to farmers who could not sell their products to the consumers, and then for the storage purpose so that the next day they could sell their products with better value additions.Time limit to be fixed up for the quick sell of their products without any hoarding business so that the ultimate consumers are not to suffer due to manmani price hike. more  
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